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Quayson Writes : Moving Forward Into 2020 Elections – Mahama Vs. Akuffo-Addo (Objective and non-partisan political analysis)


Ghanaian Political Flexibility

I think for look of things Ghana is getting to understand democracy and accountability well and drifting towards one term for every president that comes to power. That two terms of eight years being given to every government or candidate is being broken this time around from the way I see things. Someone may ask what have you seen? I see a ruling government being deposed in one term and another taken over in 2020. Mark this day and quote me anywhere.


Once Ghanaians begin to complain about you, perform all the magic in the world you won’t survive. What didn’t Mahama do in the last minutes getting to the election time yet he was voted out. With all the plenty projects he cut sod for and all the Shatta Wale concert, when Ghana decided that was it. If NPP government have something to do they should do it now and overturn the wrath of most Ghanaians because if they are waiting for the last minutes to call the shot, I am afraid what happened to Mahama in 2016 will yet again happen to them.

Profressor J. E. A Mills

In the first term of Prof. Mills did you hear Ghanaian complain this way? No, that is why they gave the nod to Mahama not for his sake but for Prof. Mills sake. Mahama walked in the shadow of Prof. Mills into power. The true test of Mahama’s government is not the term he won against NPP amidst the court case which wasted most of Mahama’s government time but a win this time around in 2020.

Why Mahama May Win :

1. Economic hardship and Dumsor

I predict a win for Mahama and NDC in 2020 hands down from the way most Ghanaians are complaining about severe economic hardship under this government. The same way they complained about “dumsor” under Mahama and the expected happened to NDC. Yes! I agree that “dumsor” and corruption caused Mahama’s defeat in 2016. He however fixed “dumsor” at the time Ghanaians had already given up on the government but could not fix corruption allegations in his government. Ghanaian voters made Mahama pay the price at the polls eventually. Now that it seems the ugly head of “dumsor” is rearing up again this government must do something to stop it or pay the price by loosing power just like Mahama did in 2016.


2. Galamsey

The same thing will happen to NPP if care is not taken. Akuffo-Addo has done well by clamping down on “Galamsey” but trust me with the number of people employed in that industry and how this government has wrecked their businesses, they won’t forgive NPP in 2020. However if the government is effectively able to manage the activities of small scale miners to compensate for their previous losses then perhaps they can scoop some vote from these miners but I have a general feeling that no intervention again in the mining sector will please their already made up minds about this government.

3. Menzgold Case

Even what has happened in the Menzgold case has the propensity of causing this government some votes because the Finance Minister has come out to say that no one will be compensated like the DKM saga because people invested out of share greed. To him investors should have known better that this was a Ponzi scheme. I must say BoG did well by warning Ghanaians about this Menzgold issue but let me tell you how I think it can affect this government some votes. This is because many youth see this government to stifle youthful initiatives as they believe Menzgold has been able to operate and was meeting it’s dividends targets to customers every month without default for 5 solid years until the government through SEC came in to “worry” Menzgold over licensure issues. So to many investors if the government had not stepped in to distablise Menzgold, they will be enjoying their monthly cash dividend with no problem so they blame the government for the loss of dividend and the probable effects of losing their principal too. I am talking about ex service men, lawyers, doctors, businessmen and women, pensioners etc that have invested in Menzgold huge monies. The number of people that may lose their jobs if Menzgold collapses. This is something many people will not forgive this government for although it is not entirely the government’s fault yet because of meddling they will punish this government at the polls in 2020. Alot of people are of the view that this government is stifling youth initiatives something they will not allow to continue beyond 2020.

4. Banking Sector

Again with what has happened in the banking sector which per say is not particularly the fault of NPP because they claim they were cleaning or rather properly structuring the banking sector, believe you me, with the number of job losses which has come as a result of this banking fiasco, Ghanaians will also not forgive NPP in 2020. I mean it’s quite understable from the elite point of view that it was necessary for the government to do what it did but the question is will the ordinary not so educated Ghanaian understand this decisions?

5. Double Tracking For Free SHS

The government has also done well by implementing the free SHS which it promised but what Ghanaians did not expect is the double tracking system. This is something most Ghanaians were not expecting but the thing is we are already in it and people have to live with the idea of having their wards run shift in school every term or 3 months. This is something majority of Ghanaians or parents are struggling to accept amidst the risk of SHS students being idle for 3 months before going to school again. If Mahama will promise Ghanaians a single track system and still offer free SHS, he will win hands down again.

6. Government Size

About the size of government machinery at the presidency to reach 119 people which many people have complained to be too high if this government does not reduce the size as Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has said by 69 in 2019, this is something Ghanaians will also not forgive NPP in 2020. They will vote against this government for blotted size of government. To many Ghanaians they feel the government is spending too much of tax payer’s money on the remuneration of presidential staffers.

7. Cedi Performance And Fuel Prices

Looking at how in the last few months the fuel prices have risen about two times since this government took over and how the cedi has also performed badly against the dollar and other trading currencies, if the government is not able to control or stabilise fuel prices and the depreciation of the Cedi up to 2020, the Ghanaian voter will take his revenge by voting this government out. Many business people have complained about how expensive the wares they import have become and the many tax issues they have to deal with at the port. This is something the government need to tackle headlong else the Ghanaian voter will not forgive in 2020.

8. National Cathedral

When the government was criticised with the over 40 government V8 Entourage it took to the Northern Region, it listened to the populace and started introducing buses for it’s ministers and entourage on regional visits. This is something most Ghanaians applauded because we have a president that is a listening president but now the same government is defiant about the construction of a national cathedral although many Ghanaians have complained that it is not a priority now because we have schools deficit and other projects which are more important. The president has come out to say nothing will stop him from building the cathedral and has sacked judges from their bungalows and pulling down their buildings and using that place to construct the cathedral. Having defied Ghanaians to go ahead with this project, I am sure this is something Ghanaians will also punish the NPP government for in 2020. I am personally of the view that when it comes to a place of worship, God does not lack a place in Ghana so a national cathedral is not a priority in Ghana now.

9. 100 years $50 billion China Loan Bond

The government wants to go for a $50 billion loan bond from Chinese government for 100 years which many have criticized that in the long term it will bring untold harsdship to Ghanaians or takeover of some of our national assets like it is happening in Zambia now that their power grid and National airport has been taken over by the Chinese as a result of loan default. If the government doesn’t listen to Ghanaians and go for this loan, Ghanaians will not forgive in 2020 elections. The government imbibed in the people the slogan of Ghana beyond aid and now turns it to say Ghana beyond aid doesn’t mean Ghana without aid meaning the government is taking us for a ride. Later the president came to tell us that Ghana cannot do without borrowing because America even borrows. When during previous elections they campaigned that there is money here and there is no need for government to borrow. This is something voters will also not forgive NPP in 2020.

10. Electoral Commission Chair

Many have also considered the removal of EC chair Charlotte Osei as unfair though the president has come out to say he acted based on the recommendation of a committee, yet many are embittered about it and they think the president has brought his own to EC to rig elections for him. Though this assertion cannot be well substantiated, Ghanaians will certainly want to prove a point to the president in 2020 that no matter who you put there we will still vote against you as a revenge for removing Charlotte Osei especially those NDC sympathisers.

11. Ameri Deal – Misled President

NPP proved to us that Ameri deal was bad under NDC so they came to renegotiate it and even signed a worse contract for Ghana. When there was a public outcry about the deal, the president then rescinds it and fires the Energy Minister with the excuse that he was misled into signing the deal. This is something Ghanaians will also not overlook in 2020 election.

12. Massive Nepotism

Nepotism is another issue that has bedeviled this government. A government of family and friends where we see the relatives of the president occupy so many government positions in this country yet the people are complaining of hardship, this is something also that if this current government doesn’t check, Ghanaians will not forgive them in 2020.

Here are the list of people made up of close relatives and acquaintances that this government has employed :

1. President’s daughter Gyan Nkrumah Akufo Addo, Creative Arts Board

2. Dr. Bawumia’s Brother in-law, Abu Ramadan Deputy NADMOM Director

3. Bawumia’s brother in-law Abu Ramadan Ambassador to United Arab Emirates

4. Speaker of Parliament, Prof Mike Oquaye’s Son Mike Oquaye Jnr.India High Commissioner

5. Chairman Freddie Blay, his Wife Gina Blay Ambassador to Germany

6. Senior Minister Osafo Marfo, Two of his sons, Kofi Busumpim Osafo Marfo Deputy Director of SSNIT, Kofi Gyamfi Osafo Marfo Deputy Director of NCA

7. Finance Minister President Akufo Addo Biological mother Jnr Brother, Ken Ofori Atta

8. Minister of roads and highways, President Akufo Addo mother Jnr sister son Kwasi Amoako Atta

9. Akufo Addo Jnr. Sister Gloria Akufo is the – Attorney General

10. Akufo Addo mother Jnr. Sister son Atta Akyia is the Minister of housing

11. President Akufo Addo family member and an Akyim is the Chief Justice, Sofaya Akufo

12. Fair wages and salaries commission is headed by Akufo Addo half brother by name Edward Akufo Addo

13. Advisor to the president, Duke Ofori Atta Jnr. brother to the finance minister

14. Executive secretary to the president, Asanti Bediatuo, A direct half-brother to Akufo Addo

15. GNP board is headed by Nana Adwoa Agyeman, Akufo Addo’s uncle Gabby Okyrie’s Darko wife

16. Akufo Addo biological sister Rodalin Barfuo Gyama is heading Goil board

17.Tema development corporation is headed by Akufo Addo biological sister Alice Akufo Addo

18. SICE is headed by Akufo Addo only surviving wife jnr. Sister Eno Ofori Atta

19. Fisheries minister appointed her own biological brother to head the premix fuel because the president has appointed his brothers and sisters

20. Virginia Hysy is the mother of Akufo-Addo’s first biological child born out of wedlock (Baby Momee). She has been appointed as the ambassador to Czech republic.

I have already written an article on this one. You can go to www.nsemwoha.com or Quayson Writes on Google to read the article on nepotism in government today.

13. Forceful Attempts To Imbibe Busia-Danquah Regime Today

Many Ghanaians are of the view that the president is trying to revive the Busia-Danquah culture in our society today. They see the president trying to rewrite history because he wants to recognise the works of his previous family members that before were in government. The president is known to have two of his family relatives among the big 6 being his father who was a president of Ghana and Uncle J.B Danquah who many believed coined even the name Ghana. The president or even the NPP government don’t fully recognise Nkrumah to be the one that brought independence to Ghana but believes his family members did. Recently we heard the speaker of Parliament, Prof. Mike Ocquaye, make such remarks about Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Attempts have been made to rename University of Ghana after Dr. J.B Danquah because according to NPP history he brought the University of Ghana. Recently an ICT center has been built in Kyebi and named after J.B Danquah. To some Ghanaians they feel the president is trying to rewrite the history of his family on Ghana and they will make him pay in 2020. According to some , we didn’t send you to Flagstaff House to go and be rewriting your family history and establish your family legacy on Ghanaians, after all we all have families too and we are all Ghanaians as well.

14. Taxes On Churches

The Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Emmanuel Kofi Nti, has served notice about plans by his outfit to start prosecuting pastors who refuse to pay tax on sales from anointing oil and holy water. You can imagine if a pastor tells his congregants not to vote for your party, what do you think will be the effect on NPP’s votes by this action of theirs. Churches claim they pay taxes alreadyyet this government want to extend it to the sale of annointing oil and merchamdise in the church. God has said make not my father’s house a plave of merchandise. In that the churches have committed on the side of God, and this government want to join them in charging taxes. Two wrongs don’t a write. I as a person I am not against charging of taxes by the government to churches as most pastors are doing business in God’s house and enriching themselves. Taking it out of religious context and how wrong both the church and government it, yet the pastors control the crowd and if they poison the minds of members as a revenge for charhing them taxes, it will definitely cost NPP some votes.

Test Of Mahama

Now if Mahama wins it will not be because of sympathy votes cast because of Prof. Mills but it will be because within the 4 years he was in power Ghanaians would have seen the difference between his administration and that of Akuffo-Addo. That said NDC must learn a lesson or two and do something about corruption if they should ever get a chance again to Flagstaff House.

Corruption Allegations Against Mahama

The allegations of corruption was just too much under Mahama’s government which contributed to his defeat in 2016. Yet NPP has not been able to prove a single case against any of Mahama’s appointees but rather that of Prof. Mills in the GEEDA case which has seen some people behind bars. We cannot easily forget the various V8 saga, the bus branding, the Ford explorer gift, the SADA issues, GEEDA, the arrangement to print Ghs1.2 billion Ghana cedi for 2016 election in collaborations with a Nigerian business for which deputy governor of Ghana resigned which backfired, the over invoicing of government procurement etc and many more corruption issues that bedeviled the Mahama led administration. The special prosecutor has virtually been functionless in this last 2 years. We wait to see what will happen in the remaining two years to 2020 now that they are adequately resourced in the 2019 budget.

Mahama – Infrastructure King

For infrastructure I call Mahama the development king aside Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. I mean the man is good when it comes to infrastructure and creating opportunity for the youth in government and in the country. If Mahama should win in 2020 I predict a very huge transformation especially in our infrastructural development as a country and that is what we all want. We want to see ongoing projects and construction and expenditure in the economy so people will have money in their pockets.

Mills “Unprecedented” Economic Achievements

It is not only this government that helped achieved a single digits inflation but Prof. Mills also did same around the same 9.5% figure as it is now and the economic figures were quite good. This compelled the honourable Professor to boast about his economic figures, policies and infrastructure that they were unprecedented in the history of Ghana. This is something the opposition did not take likely to at all but honestly the economy was very good under Prof. Mills.

Let’s not forget how he affected the salaries of the public sector workers with his single spine structure, MASLOC and his one time premium payment for NHIS which he was spearheading. This and more won the hearts of Ghanaians that even after he died people still voted for Mahama to remain in power for a second term. As fate will have it Mahama did not disappoint at all but with alot of corruption scandals hitting his government.

Corruption Vs Projects – Mahama

Honestly as much as that is a big deal in itself as an educated person I will rely on the court’s judgement on that issue but I would say so long as nobody has been implicated yet I conclude the allegations of corruptions in Mahama’s government were mere accusations for now unless the special prosecutor can prove to us otherwise. But you know Ghanaians don’t rely on court verdicts but hearsay and rumour so they did not forgive Mahama at all and they voted him out although he developed the country. The opposition was able to convince Ghanaians that NDC was corrupt and truly so we saw many evidences in the public light to suggest so and that is the people of Ghana voted against Mahama’s government.

I think Mahama thought he could win the heart of the people with only development but not checking the allegations of corruption in his government which has really caused him. Now that Ghanaians are getting fed up with Nana- Bawumia economy, it is an opportunity for Mahama with a repentant heart preach to Ghanaians that he will do something about corruption because we already trust him to deliver on infrastructural development.

Writings On The Wall

Now NDC party has announced the amount involved in filing for presidential aspirants which is Ghs420,000 and within 2 days one businessman from Kumasi NPP stronghold have offered to pay half the figure for Mahama and the Abossey Okai spare parts dealers have also offered to pay the other half. Abossey Okai we know was the darling of NPP government during 2016 elections and if they should offer to pay for your opponent in NDC and a businessman from NPP’s stronghold in Ashanti Region though he is known to be a former NDC chairman there should also offer to pay for Mahama, then no one should tell you that the writings are on the wall. It tells you that by these God himself has rejected another term for this government and the nod will certainly go to Mahama because the God we all serve is a God of signs and wonders. These are vivid signs God himself has given.

False Prophets

Where is that prophet called Owusu Bempah saying Mahama will never become president again in Ghana? He is a liar, he should come with his prophesies, I will challenge him with common sense and facts. Can’t you see that these days that prophet is quite and not in the news. He claims Mahama has contacted demons to bring hardship in Ghana and has sacrificed Amissah Arthur for the sake of power. Such crap from a man of God.

If he can say this and go scot free with Christian council not rebuking him or withdrawing his license to practice as a prophet in this nation then some of us should also be allowed to freely express our minds. When professionals like lawyers and doctors misbehave their licenses are taken from them but when prophet like Owusu Bempah spews trash like this he is allowed to walk free because he is the only one in the spirit and can see things then nobody will tell you how bias Ghana is.

He should go and do this in Rwanda or open his church branch there. There it is required for all pastors to have degrees so they can talk common sense when they mount the pulpit not prophesy doom and lies in the name of God all the time. I was personally in his church when he prophesied that Akuffo Addo will win the court case against Mahama and it never happened. May be what he saw was the win in 2016 for NPP yet I even think NPP won because the corruption allegation against NDC was just too much and it sunk into the heads of Ghanaians. There is no spiritual gymnastics or explanation to that just the fact, Ghanaians voted out a government they thought was corrupt and brought in a new one which they think is not corrupt yet we face economic strangulation and hardship.

By this same common sense analysis we also know that this government will be deposed in 2020. If Mahama too comes and he doesn’t perform we vote him out. If I were every Ghanaian I will maintain a liberal stands when it comes to voting people into power. You must merit my vote irrespective of the party you belong to. You don’t do well I vote you out. I am a liberal or what you may call a floating voter and I prefer to vote around personality lines not party lines so technically I don’t belong to any party. I am neither NPP or NDC, you must prove yourself to win my vote every four years, I repeat every four years so no one should label me yet. May be one day I will belong if given a role to play in any party I believe in their ideals but for now we are floating so my comments are as objective as you can think.

Call A Spade A Spade

When something is bad say it is bad don’t flatter yourself and say it will get better. NPP government has failed Ghana and must be removed at all cost. We want JM back on that seat. When JM too comes and things are not going well we remove him. That is how politics is suppose to be. Period!

America has had more than 40 presidents and they keep on recruiting new ones at least every four to eight years. Let’s not see it as if Ghana belongs to any political party, let’s give other parties the chance to govern this nation and let’s see. A typical example is what happened in France where all the big parties were set aside to allow the small ones to compete which Macron won. I suggest we even do same for Ghana. This NPP-NDC craze is killing us we need a different injection or blood from somewhere say APC, PPP, GCPP, CPP or even independent candidate JOY etc to come and rule this nation.

Keep this article well and refer me in 2020 on it. May be after that I will start my own church for having correctly prophesied NDC into power again. I hope all of you readers will become my church members by then? That said I will be very suprised to see NPP government make it pass the year 2020 but I wish them Godspeed and greater grace in the two years ahead of us into 2020.