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Quayson Writes : Misplaced Priorities In Government – Sky Trains And National Cathedral


The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of NDC – Ade Coker has called the project of sky trains in Ghana which the MoU has already been signed on November 8, 2018 by Ghana and Sky Train Company laughable and I agree perfectly with him on that note.

Very laughable indeed the idea to construct sky trains in Ghana. Leaving the classroom deficit for free SHS that you now have to double track to construct sky trains and national cathedral when we don’t lack means of transportation or a place of worship in Ghana is a comic relief.

I was in support for the National Cathedral until you double tracked free SHS. If you can’t give the people good and quality education, don’t give them God. Everyone will find his or her God in his or her own way. God does not dwell in temples so set the priorities right. God does not lack churches or mosques in Ghana. People will serve God with or without a national cathedral. Get the fundamentals right NPP.

No one is against the idea of easing traffic congestion in Ghana by introducing alternative means of transportation but the question is, is it a priority or necessary in this time of Ghana’s struggle and hardship?

When a country finds itself in hardship, the best way to come out of it is trade and industry. Significant effort should be made in that area so we can have more local produce, export more and import less. This will correct our balance of payment deficit, cause money to circulate in the economy and give government much revenue by way of taxes. The citizens will also be empowered financially as they get jobs to do, produce, buy and sell in the country.

I mean does it makes sense to organise a birthday party for your son when he hasn’t paid his school fees and has been sacked by school authorities? This is exactly what this government is doing with some of it’s projects when there are very important pressing needs of Ghanaians.

Like I keep on emphasising my views are devoid of political affiliation and why do I keep on talking about issues in this NPP governmet is because it is the government in power and the spotlight is on them. I will do same for any political party that isn’t doing the right thing.

I have also read somewhere the argument of Archbishop Duncan Williams that Christians against the building of National Cathedral don’t love God because there is a National Mosque why not a Cathedral? Well, the great man of God I believe was speaking his own mind not the mind of God because the God I know is a God of priority.

You don’t leave the pressing needs of Ghanaians and attend to a place of worship for the whole nation when there are millions and millions of churches already in Ghana. What will that building of National Cathedral do for Ghana? Is it going to bring food on the tables of Ghanaians or put monies into our pockets. Is it going to bring us foreign exchange or it is a tourist attraction? Has God commissioned Akuffo Addo as he did King Solomon to build him a temple?

These political gimmick projects are things that should have been included in the manifestos before people vote wisely. Things like, national cathedral, sky trains and double tracking system for free SHS should all have been included in the NPP manifestos before voting. People don’t finish voting for you and then you come and pull these stunts. It is is not fair to Ghanaians and the government is playing on our intelligence.

If churches are desperate for a National Cathedral, they should contribute money themselves and build it. Just one church in Ghana like Action Chapel or Lighthouse can build us a National Cathedral, you don’t need government to do that. We know you collect so much money by way of tithes and offerings and you open universities, hospitals and lots of church branches.

Why do you the church or Christian Council sit down and want the government that has so many responsibilities to build a national cathedral for you? That Christian Council is very useless, a dummy group and must be disbanded. I have never seen the council demonstrated any maturity or responsibility when it comes to issue of national interest.

I think all the big churches in Ghana should rather be ashamed to sit down and allow our president to even conceive the idea of building a national cathedral. So Archbishop Duncan Williams don’t say Christians who oppose national cathedral don’t love God, your church is big enough, let’s use it as national cathedral so the government can use the propose grounds to rather build more free SHS schools and the money for the project for that same purpose. Archbishop, you, the other churches and the Christian Council have rather displayed that you don’t love God, unpatriotic and very selfish looking at all the monies in church coffers which you don’t even pay tax on.

Someone would say is Transport and Railway Ministry same as Education Ministry as each of the ministry must carry out it’s projects? I got this rebuttal somewhere when I raised this argument. As much as there is genuine element of wisdom in this submission, it tells you there is something wrong with our budget allocation. Whatever money Transport Ministry will be using for this “Hollywood Movie” projects should be shifted to Education ministry so they can build more schools and employ more teachers for the free SHS programme to run successfully instead of double tracking. Already we have not even covered the ground railways system, it’s maintenance and whether Ghanaians even patronise it properly or not and you are thinking of a sky one.

Government must learn to prioritize it’s goals and come out with fair budget allocations for all sectors of the economy. Nothing should prevent government from diverting funds from one sector or ministry to the other if there is an emergency, crisis or an urgent need.

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