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Quayson Writes : Minister Of National Security Must Resign Honourably ASAP

When a Nation has the man in charge of its Security sleeping with ‘small small’ girls, is the country safe at all? I mean ‘small small’ girls playing with his testicles and you say what we shouldn’t talk? Minister in charge of National security, licking the vagina of a small girl and she too sucking his penis. Big man, no sense.

Don’t ask me if I was there, we know some of our big men and some pastors like licking vaginas and they like their penis to be sucked alot. Old men taking viagra and competing with young men in the bedroom and wasting state money to buy houses and cars for these ‘small small’ girls and they come on Instagram to snap pictures to show us that they are slay queens. God will blow your cover one after the other.

Using the taxpayers money, the money of the ‘kayayei’, drivers, truck pushers and civil servants to sponsor prostitutes in the country. Minister of State banging somebody’s future wife and spoiling her with money, have made these girls not to respect the young men. Minister of State promoting social vice among the youth because if the young man can’t keep up with you, he will be forced to do ‘sakawa’ or enter into crime.

We will not keep quite over this, we have to talk as the youth of this country. Some of our leaders are not setting good examples for us. What a shame! And your only defence is that the tape was doctored. Ah! If it’s NDC we will talk and if it is NPP too we will also talk. Ghana belongs to all of us. NDC decided to maintain their National Chairman after a leaked tape but that one is their own cup of tea if it goes against them during elections but their National Chairman doesn’t hold any government position so they can decide to maintain him or not but for a Minister of National Security not to be secured enough and have his romantic conversation with a ‘side chick’ leak to the public is completely unacceptable.

How do we know if our National information and security matters have not already leaked into enemy’s hands because clearly our Minister has displayed how irresponsible he is and must be made to resign honourably. Pastor Kofi Oduro, I beg please come and give me five over your sharp rebuke of some of our charlatan pastors and prophets who don’t prophesy about these things but rather election victory for Ministerial womaniers and manisers.

Our so called Prophets could not prophesy about these secret immoralities by our political leaders but are rather prophesying about the party to win power? Liars and betrayers of God. Let me be very frank with you, prophecies and miracles are not for sinners, they are for the children of God. If it was America or other developed countries the minister will be forced to resign because the security of the country is at risk but as usual politics will cover up. How do we know our enemies will send ‘small small’ girls to come and take State secrets and put the country at risk like Delilah did to Samson?


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