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Quayson Writes : Marry An Intelligent Woman Instead Of A Beautiful One


If you want to succeed and make an impact in life, who you marry is very important. There is an old adage that says, “behind every successful man is a woman” but I want to say, “behind every successful man is an intelligent woman” not just any woman. The opposite is very true. Meaning behind every failed man is a foolish woman. Am I the one just saying it or the Bible says the same? The Bible says a man that finds a wife has found a good thing and obtains favour from God.

Some women are wives and others are occupants in your life. They only occupy space in your life. Favour from God is what makes you rich and prosperous and a good woman brings you that. A good wife can send you to heaven and a bad one will prepare a place in hell for you. To be safe in your marriage go in for intelligent women. They are visionary and they can help you to achieve all that you need in life. An Intelligent woman will make life so easy for you and success becomes like a walk in a park for you. If you are not succeeding in life, check your marriage and do something about it. It is very possible you are with the wrong person.

God bless you if you find an intelligent woman who is beautiful as well. Most intelligent women are beautiful too from my own observation. There is something about intelligence that makes you glow and beautiful. But in choosing a wife, beauty should not be the main concern but intelligence. It is however sad that most men feel intimidated by intelligent women.

It would seem most men rather prefer the foolish ones so they can suppress and control them any how but it won’t go well with your future if you marry a woman who is daft but beautiful unless she is prepared to learn and change. I know a friend who told me he will never marry a university graduate because they are ‘too known’ (self-conceited). I told him he has a personality deficiency and his level of IQ is very low. He got offended but I told him anyway.

Men should not be afraid of intelligent women. Infact, men should marry intelligent women so that the others will aspire to reach that level. So that all women will know that womanhood is not all about beauty, and child bearing but men need vision supporters. When men begin to shun the less intelligent ones in marriage, the rest will be compelled to add value to themselves. An intelligent woman represents development and progress in a family and nation.

A foolish woman pulls down her own house with her own hands and can’t think beyond her stomach, her ornaments, clothes being a mother of children, a housewife and her beauty, that is if she is even beautiful. An intelligent woman does not only seek the total development of her household but gives her husband peace at home and is able to encourage her husband in downtimes, speak positive words into his life and believes in her husband.

She supports her husband in every way possible and is not given to idle gossip. She does not send her marrital issues to her friends and families and respects her husband above everything else. She is ready to give her husband good suggestions for life. She is decent, cultured, respectful, neat, down to earth and treats her husband’s friends and family with respect. An intelligent woman is always thinking about the future of her family and things she can do to make it better.

An intelligent woman cooks at home and does business or works to support her husband. An intelligent woman thinks of her education and advancing her career course. An intelligent woman is neither greedy nor selfish, she is kind and lends, she is not coveteous but seeks the interest of others. She does not hide her proceeds from her husband and discusses what worries her with her husband. She easily forgives and is strong. She teaches her children to respect the ederly and be kind to everyone.

She does not starve her husband of  and does not demand favours before she offers at home. The Bible says beauty fades away but intelligence does not. You cannot guarantee a foolish woman will become wise after marriage therefore settle for the intelligent one above all else. It is better to marry a cripple who is intelligent than a whole beautiful woman who is foolish.

If you want to know who a foolish woman is, consider the opposite of all that I have said about intelligent women. An intelligent woman is God fearing and dresses all her children to church and prays for them always. What her husband wears is her concern and she shares in her husband’s respect. She ensures that her husband is not disgraced but covers her husband’s weaknesses with her own glory.

An intelligent woman is not swayed by advice and suggestions of friends and families though she may listen but considers the interest of her husband first in everything. An intelligent woman does not follow material wealth but the spiritual being of herself and family. She knows prosperity and wealth is good but she prefers spiritualilty and eternity. She knows God adds such things to her once she is right on her course and faithful to her husband.

An intelligent woman does not raise her voice against her husband and ready to apologise if she is at fault. She knows how to say thank you and appreciate whatever her husband gives her. She does not make her house a gossip center and invites friends over when her husband is not around. She does not compete with her husband in anyway and does not fight for equal rights in anything.

She has heard about feminism but doesn’t believe in such worldly theories but conducts herself in every submission as Sarah did to Abraham and followed him everywhere in God’s vision for man. An intelligent woman will never sideline her husband in any decision she takes and keep no secret from her husband. She does not think of how to take advantage of her husband or how she can covet her husband’s property.

She always prays for her husband and humbly tells him his fault. An intelligent woman is very open to her husband and discusses things she doesn’t understand or needs clarity. An intelligent woman trains her children well and ensures that they fear their father with love. An intelligent woman does not fight her husband over the love of her children and does not spoil her husband whiles he is away to her children. She goes her way to apologise on behalf of her husband even if the man has committed an offense.

She does not sell her husband to her family and her own husband’s family. An intelligent woman is matured and thinks about tomorrow. She will prefer the fees of the children paid than have new clothes or hair dos. She is fit, healthy and industrious because she knows how to take care of herself and family. Her house is always clean and hardly argues with her husband on anything. She is submissive, beautiful inside out and respects everybody.

In her old age young women look up to her and she is ready to advice everyone. Her grandchildren are happy to visit her and teaches them the right rudiments of life. She does not compare her husband with other men and stays close to her husband no matter what.

A foolish woman will vacate her home to her family house at the least provocation at home and sell her husband to her family members. She is a thief, she came for children and properties. She doesn’t want to give birth out of wedlock so she schemes and disguises herself into marriage.

Now that she can be called Mrs and has children, she begins to show her true colours and finds ways and means to vacate her post as a wife or fall back into her old lifestyle. She is lazy and knows that she does not belong into that marriage but because of societal pressure, to cover her shame and to have some level of security, she sees marriage as a safe haven for her not entering into it with a good attitude though but one that starts with pretence to lure the innocent undiscerning man into the marriage after which her real character begins to show.

As a man you need the guidance of God in choosing who to marry. Good marriage can only be achieved with heavenly wisdom. She is not wise and can’t see tomorrow. The foolish woman’s idea of bettering herself education wise or business wise is so she can have some stands for her future so that if the marriage doesn’t go well she can perhaps move on with her life or get for herself another victim. With that mentality too the marriage will never go well and she herself will achieve nothing significant in life in the end.

You don’t marry so you continue to think about yourself alone, your marriage will fail and you might not recover if you don’t learn. An intelligent woman makes sure her home is always happy and as the years move forward so do they all develop and progress as a family. If your state as a man or woman is worse before your marriage, it connotes you are with the wrong person. Marriage is not a death sentence and my solid advice is if you have tried severally and its not working both physically and spiritually and it’s not working, I recommend a divorce.

It is better to stay unmarried than to be married in an unhappy home where couples don’t understand each other and are always fighting. A bad marriage can ruin your destiny and you might not be able to fulfil your destiny. Two things that can kill you before original death arrives in your life is a bad marriage and poverty. When you see these two any where quickly escape from them.

Even if your wife is barren and she is good stay with her and adopt children from outside, never succumb to family or soceital pressure of letting her go. But if she can give you a thousand children but is not good for you you must escape from such early death because you will surely die before your time.

The book of proverbs says it is better to stay on the house top than with a brawling woman. It means leave your house than stay with a woman who will not give you peace of mind. I know very well that some readers might not agree with some of my philosophies but it is all good and welcomed yet I still maintain my stands until proven otherwise. My philosophy in life is there is no religion which is above common sense and at times you must approach life in a practical way.

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