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Quayson Writes : Mahama Loves Ghana And He Is A Patriotic Statesman


If Mahama did not love Ghana and he isn’t patriotic enough, he would not have conceded defeat easily in the 2016 elections and relinquished power to the elephant party whiles others were all over court in their loss in 2012. Court issues did not deter Mahama from giving us a massive transformational infrastructural development which are there for all to see accross the length and breadth of Ghana.

I think in the history of Ghana no one has quickly conceded election defeat in the manner Mahama did because he wanted to prevent bloodshed. The international community and diplomats respect him alot for that move that is why they gave him so many missions after his presidency and have even followed him to Ghana to pay a courtesy call on him.

As a wise ex-president who doesn’t want to see his people suffer he decides to show them the inhuman treatment suffered by voters just in a by-elections. What wrong did he do in potraying such because he is protecting the interest of the ordinary Ghanaian who have no where to go if there should be civil unrest. I am happy about that and every wise Ghanaian need to rather applaud Mahama for this move by exposing the suppressive and oppressive nature of the ruling government in organising a simple election.

All the commissions of inquiry can do their independent work but it doesn’t block Mahama from letting the International Community know what is happening in Ghana. In doing this, he is not painting Ghana black in anyway.

Senior Minister has come out to condemn what Ex-President Mahama did by showing footage of what happened in Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections to be unpatriotic and that he is painting Ghana black.

Let me start by saying that although the Senior Minister is older than the Ex-President by age, yet in terms of office, the Ex-President was and is higher than him so although he is entitled to his opinion, I personally don’t feel it carries any weight that Ghanaians need to be concerned so much about. Infact many have even questioned the necessity of that office in the first place. The view of the president or former heads of state could mean something but even that Mahama is also still entitled to his stands.

This is an Ex-President who feels an election was not conducted well and he wants the world to see it in his perspective. Did anything stop President Akuffo-Addo from going to court when he was not happy about the outcome of the 2012 election results?

Mr. John Dramani Mahama reserves every right to show what happened to anybody at all accross the globe. When Mahama travels outside does the government follow him to know what he does outside? He can choose to show the world the election violence any where he wants and no one can stop him.

May be government is looking at the package they are giving him to come out and say he is ungrateful, unpatriotic and all sorts of words. Whatever package is being giving to Mahama is not from the personal pocket of any government official but from the taxpayer’s money and he is entitled to those benefits so no one should paint a picture as if government is doing him a favour with his retirement package so he should shut up.

No taxpayer has come out to complain about him showing the footage to the diplomats why should government be concerned? He is not painting the country black but showing diplomats what happened. Why couldn’t government stop the diplomats from paying him a visit or they want to regulate the people that JM interacts with in his daily affairs too? They should not only criticize Mahama but they should also take up issues with the diplomats who had ‘nothing important’ to do but sat down and watched the videos if government is angry about the whole episode.

Mahama has as much right to display any footage of anything as much as anyone has the right to criticize or condemn him. I have heard government is saying they will write to the diplomats about what was shown to them. The question is, who cares? If the government has nothing to hide or it feels what it did was right , why are they trying so hard to defend themselves and condemn Mahama? What has Mahama done?

What happened in the by-elections is on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, everywhere so the International Community is already aware but may not have spoken about it. Mahama simply shared more light on the whole thing so please let’s leave him alone.

Some of us are actually in support of what he did because we have our families and loved ones in this country and if anything should happen, where do we go to? We need the international community to place their eyes on our election processes for us and so I applaud Mahama for such move.

Counter argument of what happened in Tsroponi and Talensi are raised at times, nothing at that time stopped NPP from blowing it to the international community. You don’t say because you did nothing about an incident, Mahama should also not do anything about it. You don’t guage or predetermine someone’s reaction based on how you reacted to the whole situation.

What is unpatriotic is making your two sons deputy directors in two government organisation because your government is in power and accepting to be a Senior Minister when you know already so much is being spent by the state on ministers. What do we need a Senior Minister for?

When NPP is able to control and condemn the things which Hon. Kennedy Agyapong showed on his TV station which led to the death of a Journalist in this country then they have the moral right to condemn what Ex-President Mahama showed to the foreign diplomats about the election violence. I ask myself, which one is weightier and condemnable, the footage that led to Ahmed Suale’s death or the true picture of what happened in Ayawaso West Wuogon shown by Ex-President Mahama to foreign diplomats?

Personally I am very grateful to Mahama because some of us our voice cannot reach too far in the international community but his can so that he can with his influence stop the bloodshed in this country. Election 2020 is just around the corner, if we don’t let the International community become aware of what has happened with a common by-election then it might be too late if we may want to involve them in anything that may excalate in 2020.

Now that the government is aware that foreign dignitaries are aware it will be cautious in organising 2020 elections.

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