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Quayson Writes : Life’s Precious Time


I want to use this opportunity to open our eyes on the time that life gives us and whether we are putting it to good use or not. The biblical expected average life of a man is 70 years so I am going to use that as the basis of my calculations. All things being equal, in a day we have :

8 hours Working
8 hours sleeping
8 hours doing nothing
Making a total of 24 hours

This amounts to 613,200 hours for an entire average life of 70 years on Earth. A life of 70 years is made up of 146,160 hours working, 204,400 hours sleeping and 262,240 hours doing nothing making up a total of 613,200 hours.

How did I come by these figures? Very simple, let me prove it to you. The background is we have :

24 hours in a day
365 days in a year
52 weeks in a year
2 days weekend in every week

Hours spent working in an Average life of 70 years will be :

Hours Working/ day
= 8 hours
Days in a year
=365 days
Weekends in a year
= 52 weeks x 2 = 104 days
Working days in a year
= 365 days – 104 days
=261 days
Working days in 70 years
= 70 years x 261 days
= 18,270 days
Hours Worked in 70 years
= 18,720 days x 8 hours
=146,160 hours

Hours spent sleeping in a 70 year life will be :

We sleep all 7 days in the week
Sleep hours
= 8 hours
Days in 70 years
= 365 days x 70 years
= 25,550 days
Total hours in 70 years
= 25,550 days x 8 hours
= 204,400 hours

Hours spent doing nothing in a 70 year life will be :

Weekend Leisure time becomes
= 8 hours no work + 8 hours leisure
= 16 hours
In 70 years total weekend Leisure
= 70 years x 104 days x 16 hours
= 116, 480 hours
8 hours of leisure on week days will give us the same result as working day which is 146,160 hours

Therefore Total Hours of Leisure in a 70 year lifespan will be
= 116,480 hours (weekend) + 146,160 hours (week day)
=262,240 hours

Summary of hours in 70 years
Working Hours = 146,160 hours
Sleep Hours. = 204,400 hours
Leisure Hours. = 262,240 hours
Total. . = 613,200 hours

This can be accounted for simply by
70 years x 365 days x 24 hours
= 613,200 hours

I thought these calculations about life precious time will interest you. You can be taking your own decisions with these calculations I have made for you to awaken your senses.

Remember we have not considered time spent in school and pension period. In Ghana people retire at the age of 60 years meaning we need to knock off 10 years from the working life.

Again the average Ghanaian may spend about say 20 years in school. That must also reduce the working hours in the 70 years period. Meaning an average Ghanaian will spend 30 years working.

Which will mean the actual time spent working will be :

= 30 years x 261 days x 8 hours

= 62,240 hours working

If you are 35 years by now, it means you have already spent half of this hours working leaving you with the other half which will be 31,320 hours.

If we want to reduce it to days then we divide this figure by 24 hours, meaning you have 1,320 days to work. If we further divide by 365 days, it means you have 3.5 years, that is 3 and half years.

It means if you should work continuously day and night without sleep or leisure time for 3 and half years, you should have reached retirement age.

So the time at your disposal now is not the difference between your age now and your retirement age of 60 years but if you are say 35 years you have only 3 and half years to work. You might probably be older than 35 years as you are reading this article. This means you have less than 3.5 years. Some are left with 3 years, 2 years, others months.

With this knowledge of the time we have left to work, what are we doing with it now to ensure both us and those who depend on us will have a sustainable life and a better future whereby we will not be stranded in our retirement age?

I throw this question to us all. Time is not on our side people, we must do something to preserve our lives and the next generation to come.

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