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Quayson Writes : Letter to Manasseh Azure on Dr. Otabil’s Capital Bank fiasco

Mr. Manasseh Azure honestly I have not read your article before but I think you are missing the point here. Dr. Otabil is being attacked because he is a religious leader and many feel disappointed because he is entangled in this mess. My question always remains the same, what is a man of God doing chairing a bank when there are alot of lost souls out there? The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few so I think a man of God must focus on ministry nothing else because that alone is a handful.


Again whatever ICGC has done as philanthropy is church’s money, tithes and offerings and not personal monies of Dr. Otabil so don’t be citing those examples. You seem more to defend the man than being objective with your comment and you seem not to have dealt with the issue that plaques the banking sector. We are not asking you to rescind your decision as being an ICGC member but all Ghanaians are asking is if you could come out to ruthlessly attack and expose people’s evil dealings in the country, you should do the same for Dr. Otabil.

The Ghs 610 million did not develop legs and walk out of capital bank but some variously bad decisions led to the misappropriation of that fund. You cannot preach virtue and practice vice. Have you considered the response of the man of God? That he is not involved in the day to day running of the bank so should be excused? What kind of Chairman says that? Is being a Chairman a ceremonial role? Is just like Akuffo Addo telling us he is not involved in day to day running of Ghana so he should be excused.

Man! Come again, citing Dr. Duffour and other directors of other banks is needless, most of them are not so much in the public eye like Dr. Otabil so it is only normal for Ghanaians to place a call on him. What has happened has the potential of rocking people’s faith who have believed and followed the man of God for years. Alot of people seem very disappointed in the twist and turns of events. And all the Christian community gets is “God is good”, even the devil knows God is good, who doesn’t know that? This is not a statement you give to comfort a bank where your irresponsibility have caused people to loose their jobs. You are killing employees and shattering families and you are telling them God is good, what kind of comfort is that?

Judgement belongs to God and no one is judging the dear General Overseer but it is unfair to also mix economic issues with religious sentiments. His responses so far has been very unimpressive and deepens the hurt of the silent Christian community. I will not call for anybody’s head but I call for justice to previal in this. If by your actions and inactions 370,000 families must suffer unemployment, don’t tell me about credibility and integrity here. How many people did even Jesus feed on the mountain? And you are wasting the lives of thousands of people and telling them, God is good.


Leaders like Dr. Otabil have with their decision caused such great number to suffer, is that what the gospel of Christ propagates? If he had concentrated on his ministry would someone have attacked him? You don’t play in the mud and expect your hands to be clean. In this issue of banking fiasco we are dealing with Dr. Otabil as a Chairman of a bank not a man of God. To those who stand with him, give your life to Christ and attend his church not in this escapade. We know all his pastors on his payroll and members of his church will stand with him but we don’t care, all we want is justice for the several employees who have lost their jobs and can no more pay their tithes to their respective churches and pastors.

Let him learn from Bishop Dag Heward Mills who only concentrates on the ministry nothing else, he is even quoted saying that, cursed is any man who even after his death will dare introduce circular courses into Anagkazo Bible College. When you must be out there saving souls as a “man of God” you don’t go attending board meetings of a bank. That is wrong, a man of God must do only God’s business so please allow Ghanaians to get at him.

Citing people like Nkrumah, Martin Luther King and Plato etc is neither here nor there. Did they endanger tax payer’s money? Where do you think the MoF is going to get the money from to bail out all these banks. Will ICGC provide alternative jobs for all those who have lost their employment? All the donations made by the church so far does it amount to Ghs610 million. Kindly understand what plaques the banks, one is corporate governance issues and another is risk management issues. Has any reference been made to the Christian faith here? No one is attacking Dr. Otabil’s faith but how his Chairmanship with bad decisions have led to the collapse of a bank and people loosing their job and tax payer’s money being used as a bail out.

You can’t have all the colours in the world on one flag of a Nation. Dr. Otabil is a flag and an icon in this banking fiasco and that is why people are throwing shots at him. And truly so justice must prevail, whoever is not innocent must not go scot free, not at all. We owe it to all Ghanaians and there is always a back story to what is being peddled, we all don’t know the truth but absolutely no one is innocent here. Ghanaians need to know the truth and to punish those who have been corrupt in their dealings. This issue must never be allowed to rest. Never!