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Quayson Writes : Kidnapping of kids in Ghana


It saddens my heart that our media waves have been rocked by news of little kids from their various homes kidnapped in these recent times. Just recently a Nigerian was caught and almost lynched at Kotobabi for attempting to kidnap a 4 year old boy. Just yesterday a 10 year old boy has also been kidnapped from school and only God knows where he is now.

The love for money these days and the high life they want to live is just too much they would do anything to get money including sacrificing people’s children. Ghana Police really needs to clamp down on them and our justice system must be ruthless to put these criminals behind bars forever.

I believe this is something the government through the security agencies need to look at critically. I mean someone cannot take care of their children for so many years hoping to reap from them one day for you to just come and kidnap them one day for rituals or child trafficking.

I mean if it is rituals you want to do with children, why don’t you give birth to your own children and slaughter them for that purpose only if you are not caught but why will you want to use somebody’s child for that?

In our communities we should have watch dog committees that should deal with this menace. The government must deploy the services of CCTV cameras in all nooks and crannies of the city especially as these things happen more in city centres as it is in UK.

School authorities must ensure the safety of children in our schools and do regular roll call to ensure every child is in class at all times. Especially for those in Montessori, Creche, Kingdergatten and Primary Schools, school authorities should ensure they are properly discharged from school once school closes. CCTV cameras must be deployed in schools if it has to be a GES requirements.

Any strange parking vehicles around schools should be investigated and the police informed. Any stranger loitering about our neighbourhoods playing with children should be questioned and reported to the police. Security posts at schools should take vehicle numbers that come for Children at our various schools.

Seeing foreigners especially Nigerians around your vicinity should awaken our curiosity to investigate them. Most of these people before they strike do a feasibility study of the catchment area and how they can strike so it is necessary we investigate strange faces and question their mission around our areas.

Life is already difficult and the economy hard and for us to be greeted with this social menace is uncalled for and need to be fought against vehemently by everybody in soceity not just security agencies. Today it is someone’s child, tomorrow it may be yours.

These criminals don’t just do it once and stop, they always go and come back for more innocent kids. Children are not fowls in a poultry farm to be caught and slaughtered or used for the purposes these criminals intend to use them for.

Already the 3 Takoradi girls have not yet been found and whether they are alive or dead only God knows. We don’t need more of such in this country, we need to address this issue. The issue of child trafficking has become a global phenomenon and Ghana must put in place all strategies to fight this canker. We must not allow ourselves to be left out for our innocent children to suffer unnecessarily at the hand of these murderers and traffickers.

The only way we can fight this is to be each other’s keeper and be security conscious. Security agencies should regularly educate the populace on the signs to look out for in our media landscape.

Our children are our future and we need to preserve their lives for them to fulfil their destinies on earth. We need to also talk to our kids about the dangers of accepting favours from strangers or they should resist any stranger that comes close to them bearing gifts.

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