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Quayson Writes : Kelvin Prince Boateng – Reject Your Country If Your Country Rejects You.

I don’t understand us Ghanaians at all. So Barcelona buys Kelvin Prince Boateng and all of a sudden he is a hot cake and we want him now in our national team, Black Stars. What is wrong with us at all? So a foreign club must buy your player first before you accept he is good?

Ghanaians, we need to examine our heads and our level of thinking because God hates unwise people. So a good player in say Kotoko or Hearts must be bought by a big club before we know he is relevant? Meaning, we accept we are blind, whites must see for us. We cannot think, whites must think for us. Its a pitty!

If I was a football player playing in Europe, I will never accept to play for the national team, Black Stars, Never! Unless the team has invested in me. Its just like the article I wrote today on experience requirement for job seekers. I mean who do you want to train a fresh graduate for you to come and poach when you don’t want to spend as an organisation in training job seekers who don’t have experience?

Who do you want to invest and train a football player in Europe for you so you come and take them to play for your national team? I think FIFA must even place a ban on that thing because club players stress themselves so much in coming to play for their national teams after a long football season in Europe.

You have your local clubs here, so choose your national team players from it and let them play for you at the world cup stage not the already big names playing in big teams in other continents. We like that thing too much, invest in your players and don’t follow them with “eye” red anytime we see them shining and quickly we want them to come and join our team.

If your country rejects you, you must also reject your country. Kelvin Prince Boateng should never ever accept to play for Black Stars again. He has not even started training yet in Barcelona nor played his first match and there are already mountain pressures by Ghanaians to call him into the national team. What a cheap group of people some Ghanaians are that we lack moral and psychological rectitude!

Infact, it is times like this that I sometimes hate being a Ghanaian because I hate such things with perfect hatred, it just tears my soul apart. How can we be so shameless and heartless, hypocrital, and greedy as a people? Oh! I hate this our attitude as Ghanaians and we need to change from it quickly.

That is what is dragging the nation behind in the league of nations and development. We are backward people. Supposing KPB accepts to play for Ghana, Ghanaians will kill his career with their mouths. He shouldn’t come at all, that is my advice to him. He should stay there in Barcelona, play and make money to come and take care of his family, wife and children, parents and all those he can help and leave this football people in Ghana to their miserable selves.

This is the very reason we are not developing. Very bad attitude we have as a people, its not good at all and it is every where in every nooks and crannies in this nation. This filthy attitudes is in our offices, families, communities, villages, environments, everywhere. Its just too bad and we must change to move forward as a nation.

So by virtue of his lineage coming from Ghana, he should come and play for Black Stars? What has Ghana done for him? This is why I like the boxer, Floyd Mayweather so much. People say he is proud and insolent but I believe and love him to the heavens because he is real to the bone.

I remember a journalist asked him what he has done for Africa or will he do for Africa with all the money he has made in boxing? I fell in love with him for his response. He said “what has Africa done for me?”. And, he is more than 100% right and this will have been my exact answer in his shoes. The cheek of it!

No wonder he remains undefeated in the world after 50 international boxing bouts, a record that no boxer has been able to set and I doubt can ever be broken. Floyd Mayweather will go down boxing history as the best boxer of our time and it is because he believes in himself. Others condemn him but he will not allow himself to be condemned and has developed a defense mechanism that no boxer has been able to break. He is my role model and super heroe.

In Ghana Kelvin Prince Boateng and Sule Muntari are also considered to be insolent and proud because they will not allow themselves to be cheated by GFA and Nyantakyi. Now see the whereabout of Nyantakyi and see where God has taken Kelvin Prince Boateng to now.

Now you people want him to come and join Black Stars even though he has not played his first match for Barcelona. You see our evil and hypocritical attitudes as Ghanaians that we destroy our ” prophets” and “saviours” and we tag them to be evil and bad when we ourselves are direct descendants of Satan.

I know very well that some find my writings to be harsh but I write out of my natural sentiments and feelings, I don’t pamper lies, I say the truth as it is so you can like my articles or reject it but I will always write the truth. I am what you call an opinion writer. I write my solid opinion and I stand by it. If articles must be written in lies for your enjoyment then write yourself and live in your world of lies and hypocrisy.

Most Ghanaians are too wicked and destroy our stars with our hands. We are a group of envious and jealous people, crabs put together in a bucket pulling each other down when one wants to rise up. We have killed and buried those who will save this nation and we turn around to blame God. God punish us.

The richest place in Ghana is our cemetries because good people whose gifts and talents could have helped transform this nation have been eaten by termites as dead carcases. Wicked generation of vipers and a brood of Satan’s own adorable offsprings.

Now, Kwesi Appiah says he should come and apologise before he takes him back to Black Stars. To hell with that, what does he need the Black Stars “coins” for? What exposure can Black Stars give Kelvin Prince Boateng that he does not already have?

He is the first Ghanaian to ever play in Barcelona alongside football greatest, Lionel Messi. This is my own estimation makes him the greatest Ghanaian footballer ever because if you play among the greatest then you are great yourself.

My advice to KPB is that, Ghana has rejected him so he should also reject Ghana. He should not even think twice about rejecting any offer from Ghana, he should just reject it. He should never apologise to anybody. Infact, if he sleeps and dreams he is apologising to GFA or Black Stars or Ghanains, he should wake up and rebuke the dream in Jesus name. He should pray and fast that day that, that the dream should never come to pass.

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