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Quayson Writes : Jeff Bezos And Amazon – Richest Man In The World


Richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon worth $153.72 billion in 2019. Among some of the things you should know about him is he is a divorcee and he is rich because white people read alot. Find out what Amazon website does. Some of us writers too should be billionaires by now but it’s just a matter of time, exposure and environment. Black people don’t like reading. Technology is ruling the world now, among the first five richest you find technology and communication Giants, gadgets etc.

No politician made it to the list, even the first richest thousand people in the world you won’t find a politician in it. You can’t be a thief and be counted among the richest in the world. My fellow youth Politics is good but the mentality is to go and serve not to be rich. Never see Politics as a safe haven for wealth. Politics will give you and it will take all from you eventually.

The cries of the head potter, driver and commoner whose monies and taxes are amassed for you to use politics to steal them reaches out to God and you can’t have true success with that kind of money because it almost looks as if it is cursed. Fear public money, government money because they belong to the people and God is for the people so you can’t steal it and go scot free like that, your other generation will come and pay for that great evil.

Politics money and church money, beware of them if you want your generations coming to have peace. Do good business and be rich, that’s the way to go and God blesses you not tax payers money. No true politician can be a rich man because the problems of the people are always more than resources available.

To us the married people too, using Jeff Bezos as the denominator to the wealth equation, we have alot of explanations to do to those who are single and those divorced if indeed it is marriage that makes you a person rich as being peddled everywhere even by our elites in soceity and religious men. Who said you should be married before you can make it in life?

The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God. It didn’t say your wealth as a rich person is guaranteed because of marriage. Take all your time in life to make it before you marry. But if you can’t contain yourself please marry but it does not guarantee wealth. If in the right marriage you definitely experience God’s blessings but let’s not peg prosperity to marriage. Even some fools and worldly people do prosper.

Diligence, wisdom, knowledge and understanding and exercising your gifts and talents, being creative and innovative and technology inclined are the keys to prosperity not necessarily Mama and Dada. Infact there are more married poor people than married rich people so how does marriage solve the problem of poverty? It helps in procreation which is a divine commandment and promotes chastity but for wealth creation especially in this day and age wisdom is needed. Wisdom has always been the source of wealth.

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