Quayson Writes : It Is A Gift Of God To Believe In God

John 6:65 And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

This happens to be one of my favourite scriptures in the Bible. I have had friends who always come up with stories about why Jesus is not real and the like. This scripture is what I always pull to them to prove them wrong.

I just make them realise probably God has not found it wise to introduce Jesus to them yet. The thing is you cannot believe in God if he has not made it possible for you to believe in him. If he has not revealed himself to you or given you a gift of knowing him, you are going to doubt his exitence.

After some of the disciple of Jesus left him and walked with him no more, our master and saviour Jesus made this profound statement to prove why it is hard for some people to follow him. Jesus was quoted again somewhere saying my sheep know my voice and the follow me. God is the God that makes different vessels, one to honour him and another to dishonour yet from that same God. The devil called Lucifer was created as a vessel of honour but he himself out of greed and rebellion turned himself and other angels into a vessel of dishonour. God knows you in your mother’s womb before you even turned into a blood clot as he told Jeremiah therefore he knows you. Not everybody can enter the kingdom of God, to some it is given to enter but others are barnished and those are the devil’s kind.

Don’t be surprised when you see someone in gross darkness or sin or when someone believes in another God or deity so much but neglects Jesus Christ by saying he does not exist. It is because they have not received the gift of believing in Jesus. No matter what you say or do they cannot change their mind about what they believe in unless God himself reveals himself to such people.

Therefore your prayer would be that God himself should reveal himself to such people and cause them to believe in him. That God should let them see and know the truth which is in Christ Jesus.

There are so many evidences in the Bible that Jesus once walked on the face of the Earth. There are many verses in the Qur’an that supports the story of Jesus just as Abraham and Moses. In the same vein Budhist and the Hindu also believe the story of Jesus and it is documented.

I met one Indian man that told me it was their demi-god that Jesus consulted on the sea with his disciples to make the stormy waters calm. There are countless evidence of the story of Jesus and it was never invented by mankind or group of Romans or any era to try to control the Jews in any way.

There are a thousand and one stories in the Bible from the new testament to the old testament. No one has come out to disprove any of them but only the story of Jesus because they know it is the truest of all the true stories in the Bible. Jesus represents salvation to the Jews and everyone in the world that accepts him. Surely this truth will weaken the devil’s kingdom so all sorts of stories and philosophies have been cooked that the story is not true because the devil wants to still see people in darkness and go to hell. Surely all the Apostles cannot be lying on the several accounts in the Bible neither all the prophecies given by various prophets in the Bible about Jesus. The evidence of the existence of Jesus is overwhelming I refuse to accept any other doctrine to the contrary.

Any other doctrine that refutes the story of Jesus Christ is that of Antichrist. Antichrist will not come in a mask or a gown for you to see but works in people by his spirit just as God by his spirit works in us. That friend, brother, neighbour, uncle, auntie etc may be projecting the doctrine of Antichrist to you but you may not know. This is why the Bible says, know no man by the flesh but by the spirit. Jesus walked with Peter but at a point rebuked himas a devil. Spirits work in people and you must be discerning enough to know which spirit a person is speaking or teaching with. Even your pastor or prophet can be an Antichrist.

Above all I am a living testimony of the power, might and presence of Jesus. Let’s not make our sins weightier with so much doubts about the saviour of the world. One thing I know for sure that God works with time and allows both the good and the bad to flourish or grow alike but the time of separation will surely come. To the good heaven is promised and to the evil, hell is your sure bet.

Never equate economic or social well being to ones faith. Infact I have said several times that most unbelievers with all the great asset don’t even believe there is God. The Bible says Satan rules the world and those who are obedient to him he makes rich. So don’t see rich worldly people as a standard to measure what the right faith is. They are benefiting from their master the devil.

True riches and wealth comes from God and he adds no sorrows to it. Most rich people in the world will not tell you the truth but they are the most unhappiest people you can ever imagine to be. God’s wealth adds no sorrows to the riches. Anytime you see a rich man with so many sorrows or troubles his wealth does not come from God because the word of God says so. A rich man who is a happy man has his riches from God. When you see a poor man content and happy with no troubles or sorrows, God has given him his portion and sufficient grace.

Mark Zukerberg does not believe in God so does Bill Gates I think. Warren Buffets and many rich men in the world, with all their motivational talks and business tips, you never hear them talk about Jesus. For me no matter what a man has, if he denies Jesus or I do not hear him talk about Jesus then he belongs to another fraternity because every man will openly want to declare Jesus if indeed he is the source of their wealth but what do we see in the speeches and talks of the world affluent people in our society. They say nothing about Jesus Christ.

Preaching moral uprightness and principles or giving great business ideas, scientific discoveries is no excuse not to talk about Jesus, they don’t talk about him because they don’t believe in him. Period! Any rich man that believes in Jesus and knows his wealth comes from him will flaunt Jesus openly like some of us will do.

We can’t hide Jesus in the background and take all the glory. Jesus will himself most at times flaunt his father because he believes and knows him. Not every wealth comes from God so don’t think a rich man is a godly man so you are poor because you are a sinner. Sometimes it’s rather the opposite, because you don’t belong to their fraternity they will make life difficult for you to be poor. The main person behind the scene is the devil himself but God is true he will make you rich in due season and add no sorrows. In this world the most sorrowful people are rich people but they won’t tell or show you the truth and come to public smiling as if everything is fine. It is a lie don’t be deceived. Wait patiently for God’s wealth that comes with no sorrows.

Always also put in your mind that the world’s system today will favour the devil’s children before you because you don’t belong here but with God. Yet God will keep you here unharmed, preserve you, make you rich and bring you to himself in the end where you will enjoy peace and everlasting glory to the end.

Recently the Sultan of Brunei – Hasna Bolkiah has banned Christmas celebrations in his country. China and India are burning down churches and killing Christians in numbers. Saudi Arabia has also waged war against Christianity. Russia has labelled Jehovah’s witness to be occult group and has banned their activities. Other nations like Romania and Ukraine have opened their doors to Christianity.

All this is good is a fulfilment of prophesy. Let this not shake your faith in anyway in believing otherwise. The Bible says many are called but few will be chosen. It also said many of you will be persecuted, killed for my name sake. There will be wars, famine and pestilence. Fathers will give in their sons and mothers their daughters to be killed for the sake of Christ. But be not dismayed or discouraged. Hold on to the end for these are the end times. Those who will endure will receive the crown of glory, the everlasting life.

These are hard times for the Christian faith but the truth is it is even going to get harder than this. Let’s brace ourselves for what is ahead of us for the narrow road we have chosen is not an easy one but we must ourselves take hold of the kingdom by violence.

Many wolves have also entered the church and are causing havoc but like the sons of Eli their sins will not be purged with prayer or sacrifice. Leave the false prophets and liars for God but concentrate on your calling knowing that you are a pilgrim, a sojourner and a stranger on this Earth. Our ultimate calling is the throne of heaven to stand before the father and be judged. I pitty many false prophets because no one will use the name of God in vain or for extortion and go scot free. God broke his convenant with the levitical priesthood because of the sins of the sons of Eli which he did not check them. The same God yesterday is the same today and they will never escape eternal damnation.

Hold on to your calling. A great man of God called Billy Graham said I have never seen a man receive Christ and has ever regretted it. David also said I have been young young and now I am old, I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread.

Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour, confess your sins and forsake them and allow him to take control of your life. Ask for the holy spirit, he will come and dwell with you and make you understand your calling and the kingdom of God. No one knows God but by his spirit and God knows no one but by his spirit.

God bless you as you receive Christ Jesus. Amen.

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