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Quayson Writes : Interlocutory Injunction On NDC Presidential Primaries By An Accra Based High Court


Yesterday we read in the news this very unfortunate development but I personally think this is very unhealthy for Ghanaian politics. Why do people want to adopt every strategy to make sure that ex-president Mahama does not contest in this year’s NDC presidential primaries?

This attempt by any group of people be it those in NDC party itself and those of the opposition is very immatured and a step backwards in our political landscape. I say it without fear or favour that it is obvious Mahama is the people’s choice as we Ghanaians have tasted the difference between different administrations and we realise this government has nothing to offer Ghanaians.

Its very sad that government led by people we consider to be economic gurus don’t understand the meaning of the word priorities. It seems every decision by this government is not properly rehearsed and it comes back backfiring. From medical drones to national cathedral, sky trains, Ghana card, TIN, double tracking for free SHS etc everything this government does comes with inherent problems.

It’s as if Ghana is being taken as a laboratory for experiments. If after 61 years of independence we are still experimenting with Ghana when China moved from an improvrished country to world super power within the last 40 years then you realise that we have a very big problem both as a people and a nation.

There is great leadership crisis in this country and when people who have the capabilities like ex-president Mahama want to help the nation, we want to slap their faces with this sort of court injunctions to frustrate them from contesting as presidential aspirants.

You might say it affects all the candidates but it is a lie the target is Mahama. Some presidents have stood out in Ghana such as Dr. Nkrumah, JJ Rawlings, Prof. Mills, J.A Kuffour and Mahama. Apart from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah I believe Mr. Mahama ranks second in terms of infrastructural development. I call him the infrasturactural king. Kuffour will rank first when it comes to social policy interventions and third on infrastructural development after Nkrumah and Mahama. Papa Jay will lead with maintenance of peace, fight against corruption and economic stability. Professor Mills will rank third on policy interventions and first with a stable economy and first on handling public sector development per my own view and analysis.

Clearly this is enemies of ex- president Mahama at work but it won’t fly. President Mahama has not served two terms but only one. He acted ex-defacto for dead president Prof. Mills for less than 2 years in 2011 to 2012. He only served as president after being voted for in 2012 to 2016.

Look some of these haters should stop playing this silly games, it won’t work. If Akuffo-Addo leaves Ghana and his vice acts or speaker of Parliament is sworn in to act in the absence of the president for a week or even a year, has he served full term for it to be accounted for as four years?

From 2008 to 2012 is not Mahama’s term of government but Prof. Mills, he only came in to serve when the man died so cannot be counted as part of his term. This is pure common sense devoid of what any court in this country will come out with. That said I believe we have able Judges that will judge rightly on this matter.

A presidential term is 4 years and constitution says you can’t serve more than two terms but I even interpret that, it should be continuous without a break. Mahama had a defeat in his first term, therefore he begins the journey for another two terms straight up to my estimation.

If Mahama wins in 2020 it wouldn’t be fair to say he can’t contest in 2024 because he was president between 2012 to 2016. I believe the two terms must be continuous and if the Constitution is silent on that, this is the rightful position per application of common home logic and sense.

Buhari was in hospital for 3 months and his vice acted in Nigeria does it mean his vice has served a term so in case he decides to contest as president he can only do 4 years not 8 years? Let’s apply common sense here and stop wasting the time of the courts. There are so many piled up cases there that need to be heard.

Honestly I don’t see the difference between Chairman Wontumi and Akua Donkor- they are both political jokers and I wonder why our highly esteemed courts should entertain this frivolous suit from him? If need be NDC must proceed to Supreme Court but I have even judged here already, it won’t fly anyway.

This is just a storm in a tea cup and by the way the other candidates contesting JM which I know some are behind, in support or instigating this move behind the NPP government because we know Politicians are enemies publicly but friends privately (we know all that gimmick), which of them is worthy to fit into the shoes of President Mahama?

Any choice candidate is a liability to the NDC party and cannot win election for NDC in 2020 no matter what so the NDC elders must fight to retain Ex-President Mahama. Presidency is not a pitty party and it’s not a zone for weak ribs to come and cry foul.

Transforming IPS into UPSA does not make you a change agent for the whole of Ghana (Prof. Joshua Alabi). Being in parliament for all your adult life does not mean you can run a country (Hon. Alban Bagbi). Dr. Goosie Tandoh abandoned the NDC party to form his own party so why is he back now to do what? That is greed and thirst for power by any means necessary. He thought Ghanaians will be taken by his stylish and eloquent speeches on TV. Goosie Tandoh performed abysmally on his own and can’t do good for NDC either. As for Dr. Spio Gabrah, he has been rejected so many times by his own party faithfuls to be taken serious as a presidential candidate. Someone like Agbemava the lawyer and Atubiga took the right decision to step down and throw their weight behind Mahama that is if they even have weight at all. Atubiga has done the right thing especially otherwise he would have wasted the monies of the onion sellers for nothing and would have realised that all the soothsayers and mallams were just deceiving him that this is his time.

People should leave JM alone, he is a great achiever and a development agent. He is the best candidate for NDC now, anyday, anytime and anywhere.

My take.

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