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Quayson Writes : “I stand with Otabil”-Mixing religious sentiments with economic justice


Some Ghanaians can be very funny at times. What is this craze about “I stand with Otabil” ? Look, God even punishes his children when they go wrong and allow some to burn in hell if they don’t repent at the judgement day as we are made to believe.

Excuse me, the other banks don’t they also have Chairmen and directors? Let’s stop mixing religiou sentiments with economic justice. If indeed the man of God has chaired an organisation that has erred businesswise, the laws of the state must take its full course regardless of his office. Jesus was even crucified based on the Mosaic law for blasphemy because he said he was the son of God and the priests by then thought it wise to execute him. At that time, that is what the law by Moses recommend against blasphemers. Caiaphas led other congregants as they crucified the Messiah with the inscription “King of the Jews” on his cross.

If going through the banking rules and regulations none of these 5 banks have erred in their dealings, then fine but if findings show that any of the directors of these banks have erred on the side of the law, whoever the culprit is must face justice. Its people’s hard earned money we are talking about here. So let’s stop this insane slogan of “I stand with Otabil” as if he is the only one Bank of Ghana is after even if that is the case. This has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus and church persecution.

For God sake there are other directors of the other four banks who have family, friends and loved ones too. If all their loved ones come out with placards saying “I stand with this, I stand with that” then where are we going as a country? When the various boards were taking financial decisions about people’s deposit was any of us there? If you want to stand with Dr. Mensah Otabil, give your life to Christ and go to his church but not in the case of Capital bank. Nobody is being victimised here, we are all equal before the law.

In business, to err is human but only God forgives not the law. If anything at all International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) or the Christianity community if they indeed want to sympathise with the plight of Dr. Otabil should make monetary contributions to defray liabilities he has incurred in his tenure of office as Chairman of Capital Bank and not be singing hollow slogans. I thought it is said that faith evident by works so let his supporters display their faith by their works by contributing a bail out for the man of God. Yet, if he has breached any financial or banking law it becomes more of a criminal case of financial embezzlement or misappropriation in which case the law must take its full course.

Personally, I have a bit of a problem with men of God that don’t concentrate on their core business as priest but intermeddle in the world of business. Jesus himself retriated that the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. With thus few labourers in the vineyard why should a man of God be found doing any other business apart from God’s business? There are souls perishing out there that needs the gospel of Christ and a General Overseer is attending a business board meeting of a bank. God does not call preachers for dual purposes but for His kingdom only. I have great admiration for Dag-Heward Mills who only concentrates on the work of God and urges his pastor to do same although he has some lay pastors too. He was once quoted saying, cursed is any man that attempts to introduce any other courses apart from theology in the Anagkazo Bible College even after he dies. The church or the men of God must not change the object of the christian calling which is soul winning into commercial ventures like banking, insurance, education etc. That is not the object of God’s calling for his church. Dr. Otabil should have known this truth and focused his gifts and calling on the body of Christ. This “temptation” has the tendency to lead some believers into the world if not properly managed because if you the General Overseer is entangled in such a bad business practice, then what moral justification do you have over the body of Christ to advice them otherwise.

Let God alone be the judge of Dr. Mensa Otabil but let the Christian community not also paint a picture as though the man of God is being victimised. He is not the only person entangled in all these, there are other directors and chairmen of the other banks that have been consolidated.

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