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Quayson Writes : “I can’t think far” Nana


Is the Ghanaian economy on auto reverse? “I can’t think far”. Nana thanks for your stem fight against corruption, free SHS and fighting “galamsey” but what else? We cannot feel the economy in our pockets, rather we are seeing unemployment in the banking sector and all over the place. Recently one of your ministers said they have created a 1,000 jobs and I laughed till my stomach caught fire. This is something Zoom lion has achieved long time ago.

Nana we know you to be show man but why is the dollar dancing “kpanlogo” and the fuel prices “agbaja”? Nana please do something. 370,000 families are at the risk of suffering as a result of various consolidation of banks and take overs, others have have died already and some are contemplating suicide. Workers package at these banks have not been paid and workers at Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG) are promised only 60 days of employment after which the fate will be determined based on merit.

What is happening Nana? With the free SHS too, we now have to run shift or double track it. I fear for our daughters who will come and stay home for 3 months in turn, pregnancy may be the order of the day and I pray our sons don’t start smoking weed and thug life as a result of 3 months of break. Oh! Nana you should have included it in your manifesto that the free SHS will be run like KVIP, one go another come then we can decide properly but this one, we are at sea just that we have no nets to fish and we are not experienced fishermen too.

Oh! Nana you signed Ameri deal just to tell us you were misled so you fired your Energy Minister and now Mr. Amewu is acting in that capacity? But Nana solving “galamsey” problems is different from Energy issues in Ghana . Please when it comes to Health and Energy Ministry, Nana kindly give it to experts in the field not people with no knowledge in that field. I don’t want Ghanaians to start shouting “me wuooo” ( I am dead) as Mr. Amewu is now acting as Energy minister.

Nana please we believe in you that is why we voted for you to come to power so please do something new in our lives for the economy is not treating most Ghanaians fairly. We have seen how “fresh” you have become these days, we have even noticed your new shades and nice ring on your little finger. I applaud Maame Rebecca Akuffo Addo (H.E), please continue to take care of our president for us. Nana we are happy for your “freshness” but the economy is not “fresh” at all, things are dwindling, please help us create more jobs and empower the youth and the private sector.

Nana kindly arrest the dollar and the fuel prices for us by hook or crook because businessmen, drivers and passengers are suffering. I mean, Economics “gurus” like the Bawumias are there to perform the magic so what is happening? Or it is a case of reality different from theory? Well, 2020 is around the corner and one thing I know Ghanaians for is our enduring spirit yet we always vote for change when things are not going well, kindly ask Ex-President Mahama, he will be the best person to tell you much about Ghanaian. I mean, if for anything at all, let Kofi Boakye and his boys arrest the dollar and fuel prices for us. Talking of Kofi Boakye long time I heard of his exploits ever since he was transferred from Kumasi as regional commander to Accra. Is it the armed robbers in Kumasi that transferred him or Ghana Police Service? Nana, I don’t want to sing ” I told you so” to you in 2020 so please do something new in the lives of Ghanaians for we are suffering.

Anyway, let’s box on, we thank you for the office of the special prosecutor but up till now the special prosecutor has prosecuted nothing special. Please Nana kindly remove the word “special” from there and leave the word “prosecutor” for us. It is as if the man was appointed to do nothing special, it has taken him almost 2 years to arrange his office. Lately, he came to tell us that MP Ayariga is sending people to beg him over investigating him on 3 V8s he imported. Nana, honestly I don’t think this your prosecutor is serious about his job. Corruption and scandals that has marred the NDC government to millions of dollars and he is there investigating only 3 V8s. Please if anything, let him resign and put Woyome there instead.

Nana please 2020 is around the corner so do something for us to see your abilities otherwise we will not spare our votes (kokromoti power). People are accusing you of large convoy with so many V8s and you chose STC bus for your entourage, we say congrats, you have demonstrated that you are a listening president but have you thought of security risks or accident if it should occur and how your entourage will be endangered? If anything at all cut down on the number of entourage and V8s that follow you to events and tours. By that you save fuel costs and depreciation of government vehicles. 45 different Toyota V8s followed you on your lasts visit to the Northern Region of Ghana recently. What waste of this same public purse you claim to protect?

Anyway why are your reshuffled Ministers resigning from their new designation? And why do we see you firing public office CEOs here and there? Please create jobs for us not firing, the people you are firing have families to take care of, Nana have you thought of that? So far none of your officers accused of corruption have been charged, right from the office of the president to the Trade Ministry etc.

We thank you for the peace effort we are seeing you trying to restore between the Asantes and Akyims by uniting them in the 75th anniversary of Okyeman recently but I beg to say that Ghana is not all about these two Kingdoms. What about the Dagbon crisis and the case of the murdered Ya Na? The Chieftancy dispute between the Awudus and Adanis has not fully seen the light of day yet we quickly see you try to bring unity between Okyeman and Ashanti Kingdom, two Kingdoms that have no problems with peace. Is it a case of selective peace settlement or what? Freddie Blay recently insulted Togbui Afede of Anlogah to keep quite with his “palm wine” talks. As we speak now he has been declared persona non grata in the Volta Region but we haven’t seen your effort in trying to settle peace between the Anlo Chief and your own party Chairman. What is happening Nana?

Nana Ghanaians and Ghana are counting on you to help save Ghana from economic hardship and strangulation, foster peace and unity accross the length and breadth of this country devoid of favouritism. Do something now for things are going in a slow motion in this country from the way I see it. No political party, President or government is the sole custodian of political power in Ghana so Nana please watch it.

May God help and bless you Mr. President and the people of Ghana. Amen.

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