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Quayson Writes : I am also a “Mosquinahama” and I stand for peace and unity in Ghana.


It’s amazing how the coronation or enskinment of the new Ya-Naa of the Dagbon land has brought many people from the political divides together. Such beauty to see brothers and sisters from opposing political front converge at one stage to usher in a new Ya-Naa for the people of Abudu and Adanis.

The age long war which led to the beheading of the previous Ya-Naa and his kingsmen have finally received a great closure by the enskinment of this new one. If there is something that the people of the North will forever remember Akuffo-Addo’s government for, it will be this one.

Although other government have tried in their own way to resolve the impasse yet it is Akuffo-Addo’s government that cemented the deal with the help of Asantehene and other peace settlers who all came on board to achieve this great feat.

There is no need now to politicise who brought the peace and unity eventually in Dagbon that has led to enskinment of the new Ya-Naa, the most important thing is there is a new one and there is peace at last. We the people of Nsemwoha News cannot wish the people and Dagbon and the Northern Region nothing but peace, prosperity and progress.

May they continue in this same spirit of unity that has been fought for by both government and their forefathers. They must indeed be aware that no community can properly develop without peace and we pray they maintain it and not allow the efforts of government and all the people involved in bringing Dagbon this far to go waste. To the departed Ya-Naa who has finally received a befitting burial, we thank the Almighty God for bringing closure to this matter at least all ailing hearts can be laid to rest now.

This reminds of a post somewhere where someone was asking, “so have they “installed” a new Ya-Naa” and I really laughed my head off in the use of the word “installed” and answered him, “No, they have rather updated a new Ya-Naa”. That is the beauty of this whole ceremony, enthusiasm, suprise, overwhelming joy, curiosity, astonishment etc all missed together and being displayed in one place, Dagbon.

That is charm this particular ceremony brings to the people of Ghana. For once in a ceremony in Ghana almost all our politicians from every divide gathered in one place wearing the attire of the North. I also saw politicians gather this way and in the same colour when Kofi Annan was being buried but it is such a wonderful spectacle.

I in particular was very impressed on how traditionally all the 24 wives of the previous Ya-Naa passed the faithfulness test after 17 years of the husband’s death. I know most our young girls of today will not be able to wait faithfully for even 17 minutes if their husbands and boyfriends should pass away.

This is also another serious problem we have in our society, the rate of hapazard by the youth but clearly this great example demonstrated by the 24 widows of the late Ya-Naa has one or two lessons to be picked on by the youth of this country.

Again in this light, tradition has really affirmed itself to be stronger than religion because these are not church women that have been found faithful but women out of respect for tradition have not desecrated themselves and kept themselves for 17 good years after their husband, the Ya-Naa died.

I suggest that this women should be made national crusaders to preach purity, faithfulness and morality among the youth of Ghana. This is something I implore the government of Ghana to do. I will write more on this later.

However the main focus of the article today is the display of unity not only among the Dagbons but among political faithfuls. Seeing the picture of John Dramani Mahama, Asiedu Nketia (Mosquitoe) and current president, Nana Addo Akuffo-Addo exchanging pleasantries is a wonderful spectacle and gives me hope for Ghana. The intelligent photographer who was able to capture this scene needs to be awarded for this marvelous job.

This photograph represent a symbol of peace and hope for the people of Ghana that after all we are all one irrespective of our political affiliation. It tells us that those leading us although will mount platforms to campaign against each other yet are one.

The president is quoted saying “I am Abudani, a person who stands for unity, reconciliation and progress in Dagbon”. I think this is the statement of the century as Dagbon in it’s rich culture plays a very significant role in the country’s development. I wonder the kind of magic wand the president waved to be able to achieve this? But it goes without saying that “Ayekoo” to Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo.

I also say that that looking at Asiedu Nketia (Mosqui), Nana Addo (Na) and Mahama (Hama) , I am a “MosquiNaHama” a person who stands for peace and unity in Ghana.

Infact, if I listen to some of the foul words and accussations the political opponents use for each other, I never expected them to display such showmanship of unity. Mahama did not say that because in the era of Akuffo-Addo this was achieved he will not attend the coronation, neither did the whole of NDC but they all converged at Dagbon and gave the event a spectacular view.

My advice to us all Ghanaians is that let us emulate this wonderful precedence our political leaders have set and let’s stop fighting against each other in politics. Nation’s destinies have been torn apart because of politics and we wouldn’t want that to happen in Ghana. Let’s us agree to disagree in our political discourse. Let us see beyond party colours and let us accept that what unites which is Ghana is greater than what separates us which is politics. I am a “Mosquinahama” be one too for the sake of peace and unity in mother Ghana.

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