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Quayson Writes : Ghana’s development will come from the 3 Northern Regions


If you ask me, I think the Northern part of Ghana holds the key to Ghana’s development. All the other regions almost seem to have had their fair share in an attempt to develop this country. I have carefully observed that there is a trend of quality human resource that has emerged from the three Northern Regions of Ghana that are steering the affairs of this nation.

There is alot I personally admire about the people from the North aside their very rich cultures and traditions. I find them to be very consistent and dutiful, they have a sense of passion and drive, very resilient and possess a mark of excellence in whatever trade or profession they find themselves doing. Most of them are selfless, dedicated, ambitious and confident. My heart goes out to the Northern Region and I predict today that Ghana’s total economic freedom and indepence will emerge from the Northern Region of Ghana.

I reckon that the very harsh economic conditions that pertains in this three Morthern Regions has moulded them to become a very fine gem for economic development. Everything that comes from the north is pure, quality, durable and dependable. These are my personal observations over the years. I am not saying this to flatter them but it is the truth. Every Northner I have come into contact with is a complete solid person regardless of the person’s low estate in life. Their qualities are unadulterated and there is no sense of cheat or thievery in them, of course it cannot be for all but I am speaking from my own personal experiences.

Even their ladies are the best a man can have for a wife. They are very industrious, understand their roles as women, they respect alot, do not abandon their culture and are not adulterous. You hardly hear any bad news about the marriage of couples from the north because their women especially are very well brought up. I always say a home is maintained by women so if you don’t find a good woman, your house will always be on fire and you will have no rest. In the north several rivals can stay in the same compound in complete peace and harmony, each wife understands her role to her husband. This is not my endorsement of polygamy but my personal observation. I see Northners as a very quality people and a very important ingredient for the development of Ghana. Northners take everything serious in life and are very compassionate. They know how to control wealth and manage people. They have a sense of togetherness and unity. All the ingredient I look for in a leader that will take Ghana to the promise Land, I see it coming from the north.

I am neither an NDC or NPP, let me be very clear on that, if anything at all I should be CPP as Nkrumah is my country man from Nzema in the Western Region and I solidly believe in the idles of Nkrumahism. For now I only objectively comment about social and political issues. I as a person is not so currently interested in politics or even voting and that is the solid truth God as my witness. That said, just take a look at what Mahama did in Ghana just within 4 years, the massive infrastructural development is unprecedented. I am talking of a person not a party, apart from Nkrumah I personally think there has never been a greater leader in Ghana than H.E John Dramani Mahama. You can beat me or insult me but this is my solid opinion and I stand by it to any length and consequence. Yes his government was soiled with a lot corruption and scandals but it’s neither an argument you can raise in favour of any political party in Ghana, I think when it comes to corruption, no party in Ghana is innocent.

Nkrumah was a wise leader, he envisaged the great potential that lies in the north as I am also seeing today and decided to give them free education and truly so, our brothers and sisters from the north have not disappointed at all. In our political scene we can see how many have conducted themselves well in parliament and other field of endeavours, the likes of Hon. Alban Gbagbin, Mahama Ayariga, Mahama Iddrisu, our former vice president Alhaji Alidu Mahama (late), our current vice president, Dr. Mahamadou Bawumia, our former head of State Dr. Hilla Liman, Ecowas former Chair, Dr. Ibn Chambas, late Hon. Hawa Yacobou, Supreme Court Judge, Betty Mould Iddrisu etc just to mention but a few.

Personally I will vote for a Northner any day, any time, any where regardless of the party the person belongs to because I believe they hold the key to Ghana’s development.

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