Home Editorial Quayson Writes : Ghana Needs A ‘David’ – ‘Dumsorisation’

Quayson Writes : Ghana Needs A ‘David’ – ‘Dumsorisation’


‘Dumsorisation’ welcome back to Ghana. ‘Ghanafuor’, when JM fixed your 1957 ‘dumsor’ problem for us, we voted him out and gave him only 44% of our votes. He solved a problem permanently he did not create but we said he wasn’t good enough for us and that he was corrupt amidst all the infrasturactural development he brought to Ghana.

Some are arguing that alot of businesses that faced dumsor under Mahama went through tough times as many employees had to be laid off and many businesses had to be closed down. Revenues were affected and the country was desperate for power supply.

The thing is our main power grid which is Akosombo dam built in the 1950s could not meet the growing population in the year 2000s and that is why we were facing dumsor. Ghana’s population had grown from 5 million to 25 million to 30 million from 1957 to 2016.

Kuffour did his part by adding some to our power grid by creating the Bui dam buy could not permanently solve the power crisis. Mahama comes to the picture and introduces the Ameri deal which was able to solve our power issues and add our requisite power requirements to the national grid which made us to enjoy power until now.

Ghanaians however could not forgive Mahama for what they went through during ‘dumsor’ something that Mahama did not create but helped to solve but we voted him out. Now the Ameri deal which was holding our power supply was cancelled amidst all the political issues involved. Now it looks like the dumsor have returned again as we have experienced several light out in just one week sometimes through out the night.

In all our many complains about Mahama’s ‘corrupt’ government and what ‘dumsor’ had done, God harkened to our voices and gave us Akuffo-Addo. Now we have an upright government but we sleep in darkness over ‘dumsorisation’. Our galamsey ‘Tarzan’ Mr. Amewu does not seem to find his feet in the Energy Ministry.

How are we going to light up the newly created six regions and National Cathedral? The SHS students who are on 3 months vacation cannot study because there is no light. What is happening with the ‘corrupt’ Ameri deal now?

The children of Israel rejected Prophet Samuel and asked for a King instead like other nations that may lead them to battle. God warned them of the kind of King they would have but they still insisted they don’t care but wanted a King. God then anointed King Saul for Israel and what Israel went through infact they regretted having Saul as their King and even God himself regretted making Saul a King.

The fact that Prophet Samuel was rejected does not mean he was not a prophet of God and the fact that anointed King Saul maltreated Israel and disobeyed God does not also mean he was not anointed or that he did not come from God but God only harkened to the voice of the people.

The fact that Mahama lost an election does not mean he didn’t come from God and the fact that Ghana is suffering under Akuffo-Addo now does not also mean he did not come from God but God harkens to the voice of the people in many cases.

Both Mahama and Akuffo-Addo comes from God but the way things are going now I think most Ghanaians have a different cry now. Let’s see what God will do. Per the Samuel, Saul and David story, it means a David is needed to do something about mother Ghana but who will that David be?

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