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Quayson Writes : Ghana Is Suffering Under NPP Government This Time Around


Why will you go and withdraw the license of a bank and enjoin it to Consolidated Bank Ghana and give all the staff there 3 months contract? What is wrong with this government? When they have gone through all the interview process, being selected, have fulfilled their probation and comfirmation already and then you do this to them? How do you think the staff are feeling right now? Did they employ themselves in these banks?

Can’t you leave the bank staff out of your politics, I mean for all the banks you have collapsed including Heritage Bank? Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with this government, did you come to repair or you came to spoil things for this nation? Any policy that a government will pursue that will cause unemployment of the masses, every wise government will find another way around it but not Akuffo-Addo’s government. They will go ahead and implement the straight jacket policy without considering the consequences of what the policy will bring to the nation hence the general hardship in the economy.

Sometimes in life you might be doing the right thing but if its consequences are generally adverse, you don’t implement what is right outrightly but in phases and do the needed damage control also in phases appropriately so the impact is not so greatly felt by so many people at once so you don’t become unpopular among the masses.

There is no explanation you can ever give to a man to accept his suffering because you are doing the right thing. I mean God can decide to destroy the world and sinners including Satan at once but he is doing it gradually in the world not to destroy both the righteous and sinners alike. He has allowed the tares and the wheat to grow same time but will sift the good from the bad during the harvest time. That is what this government should be doing. Their harsh decisions will cause them in 2020 elections I predict.

That man calling himself governor of Bank of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Addison, “chopping” Ghs120, 000 plus a month and you are doing this to people’s family in this country and you think God is happy with you?This is pure wickedness, witch-hunt and vindictiveness. In the history of Ghana I have never seen a governor so much in the public eye like that, such an esteem position. What is the purpose of the PR office of BoG?

All the staff members that have lost their jobs as a result of consolidation, mergers and takeovers in the banking sector, what alternative job has this government created for them? Or they should go and work under NABCO initiative for Ghs700 a month like fresh graduates? Or they should go and work under Planting For Food and Jobs Initiative? This move is just unheard of and this sort of unemployment was created by the government when it rather suppose to create jobs and not caused by factors like “dumsor”but deliberate attempt to introduce policies that does not favour Ghanaians.

This government wants the ordinary Ghanaian to suffer but when it comes to a policy that will affect the politicians, they quickly revise it. We were here in this country when income tax of 35% was introduced by MoF on salary scale above Ghs10,000 and because of the parliamentarians fell within this bracket and affected them adversely the government went back to the drawing board and changed the bracket to Ghs20,000 and above but because policies of this government does not affect most politicians but low class people in society, they just go ahead and implement it like closing down many banks to create massive unemployment and charging massive import duties to affect businessmen at the ports.

This government has no heart for Ghanaians and using “mafia” strategies to rule the people of Ghana by force but God will not sit down and watch this wickedness continue in this nation. The prayer of one man or group of people alone is enough, God looks for intercessors for any nation and we the believers in this country will fast and pray this government out and campaign against it too physically.

Let the president go and serve all his family members he has given them position in his government up to 3 months contracts. Wicked government. You know what? God is a righteous judge and all you people are doing in this land he has seen it all and will judge you all and your families. Wicked people that have rendered a lot unemployed and made this country too hard for everybody yet you people are enjoying without mercy, marrying and organising big parties on our heads. 2020 we shall all see “borborleborbor”.

When Mahama was in power there was an air of freedom and business excitement in the economy now you have come to mess everything up by lying to the people of Ghana that you will do this and that. Now it is sky drones you want for medical services, sky trains, national cathedral when you cannot provide the basic needs of schools for Ghanaian SHS students now they have to double track. What a shame thinking you can deceive us this time around with fancy projects like these.

I don’t belong to NDC but what you people are doing is not good and God Almighty will judge you all. No wonder your trusted prophets are giving fat cows for prophetic lies. Its just too much. The president should tell us one foreign investment he has brought to Ghana, zero yet you are collapsing people’s businesses left and right.

You say Mahama is incompetent but you people are the most incompetent group of people Ghanaians have trusted this country to. What at all have you done for Ghana since you came to power? You mean the free SHS which is wobbling on its legs? Every where I pass in Ghana I see traces of what Mahama has done but you people are taking this country no where, spending forever correcting fundamentals yet taking fat salaries and incentives.

Your special prosecutor cannot prosecute anybody even with all the huge budget allocation in 2019 now and then that fake prophet called Owusu Bempah comes to say people will go to prison in 2019. What a shame! A highly educated lawyer and President that understands the rule of law and democracy trusting an illeterate prophet and a swindler like Owusu Bempah as his spiritual father. How can this country move forward if the people we give power to will subject themselves to conmen? What good has Owusu Bempah done for Ghana or can he ever do? Show me your friend and I will show you your chatacter they say, I say show me your prophet and I will show you the destiny of your country.

You are rather busy commissioning Mahama projects. I am fed up with you people and I think Ghanaians too are fed up of this government. Nothing is happening in Ghana, absolutely nothing just busy bodies. I am totally disgusted by this government.

You pride yourself in exporting maize, go and check in all the countries all over the world, which country has developed with maize export? Absolutely zero. How have you improved export earning comodities like cocoa, timber, gold, bauxite, crude oil etc and you are happy exporting maize? How many people are involved in maize farming in Ghana? Is it the lawyers, doctors or teachers etc?

All your initiatives as a government has grown cold with no interest in them anymore. Where is the TIN, Ghana Card, digital address system, paperless system? What is the impact of the mobile money interoperability Bawumia introduced? Zero. People don’t have time to send money from Tigo to MTN or to Vodafone or vice versa yet almost $50 million was spent to set up the structure.

Where is Ghana going now? Promises upon promises. Your one village one damn has grown cold, your one district one factory has grown cold. Nothing is happening in this government just group of people acting as if they are working with press conferences here and there but impact in the Ghanaian economy is absolutely zero.

Everything seem to be working but nothing seem to make sense, there is no impact anywhere. The country is stagnant just because one man wanted to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a president and messing up the lives of people in this nation. He does not have the know how or expertise yet interupted a young budding man like Mahama from taking Ghana forward. This government has become like “konongo kaya”, they will not move forward neither will they allow Ghanaians to move forward too.

IMF and World bank don’t live here in Ghana so don’t trust their praises because there is no country in the world IMF or world bank has helped to develop, just mention one country? Ghanaians don’t live on economic figures like GDP and inflation, we live on food, water, electricity, transport, schools, clothing, money etc so your bunch of economic “know it all” yet no impact should not come and disturb us with economic figures.

You inherited 35 banks now the banks in Ghana now are 23. Is this a government that needs to stay in power? This government is getting very insensitive and will collapse all our destinies if we allow it to remain in power for long. God will not even allow it because this government will spoil everything in Ghana. No wonder God kept this President in opposition for a very long time because he knows when this government comes Ghanaians will suffer.

I don’t necessarily consider NPP to be bad but I think their choice of candidate in the person of Akuffo-Addo is not good at all for themselves and Ghana in anyway. We don’t need him. I think Ghanaians voted for the party because of Kuffour’s record and not in particular for the love they have for Akuffo Addo because I feel nothing for him but disdain for his rulership. You can attest to the fact that the “kalypo” craze caught on quite well but the “happy delight” fruit juice didn’t catch up with Ghanaians. I think the people are begining to see that “shwii ni kotreh yem” meaning nothing in the stomach of the lizard.

Introducing holidays that does not make sense like Constitution day for what? When you very much know its the 7th January we usually innaugrate a new president in Ghana. You just want to change things so people will say Akuffo Addo did this in his time but to what extent?

I am very sure you were surprised when you won the election and it is that same surprise that will greet you when you loose in 2020. Mahama was a better president than Akuffo Addo in every sense of the word. Bawumia thinks he is smart but smartness doesn’t work in Ghana, it is home sense and training that is what works and Mahama has it.

Why do you raise minimum capital and close down banks yourself? I mean what kind of dictatorship is that and what is the reason for lifting the minimum capital of banks so high like that? What point at all do you want to prove as a government? Honourable men like Paa Kwesi Ndoum too you are running them down in this country. God is a righteous judge and he will take you off that seat before you know and that name and legacy you want to leave, Ghanaians will never even remember you for it just like we don’t remember your father, J.B Danquah and Paa Grant even now.

I don’t think most Ghanaians actually remember what any of these people did just those in your small NPP circles that is why you are fighting tooth and nail to cement their legacy and yours by building a by force national cathedral. Now you have the lying prophet Owusu Bempah by your side that has lied again to you that if you don’t build it you will die so just go ahead and build it. All this autocracy and dictatorship rule will not work. One man alone cannot control the destnies of almost 30million people. It will not happen here in Ghana and the next Ghana to come, ever.

The property owning democracy, the private sector initiative and the all inclusive government introduced applausibly by the government of Kuffour has seen a shadow of itself rather in this same party but different government. I think every party has general tenets that it champions that irrespective of the flagbearer that agenda is churned but what happened with Akuffo-Addo that he has decided to drift from party principles to his own doctrines and philosophies of governance that embraces general hardship and economic strangulation for everyone?

May be he needs to go back to the drawing board and correct all his mistakes so Ghanaians can vote for him again in 2020 because he does not have much time to redeem himself. If he thinks its automatic that NPP will have a second term then he is joking. He should ask Mahama for that experience. Never trust the Ghanaian voter to retain you in power especially when everybody is complaining bitterly about the state of the economy.

A word to the wise is enough.

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