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Quayson Writes : Fulfilling Childhood Dreams Or Campaign Promises?


Member of Parliament for North Tongu constituency, Mawuli Okujeto Ablakwah has come out to say that our president Nana Addo is merely fulfilling his childhood dreams and not promises and I couldn’t agree with him more on that assertion.

This is exactly what I have being saying. Me, you can hate me, bash me but I say the truth nothing but the truth. Nana Addo is in for the name nothing else. He will do nothing for Ghana. I have said it before and now Ablakwah too is saying the same thing. It is very very true. We didn’t suffer like this under Kuffour. This is not about NPP, the man is not suppose to be where he is. Period!

Well I must say that the constitutional provision is very clear on who qualifies to be a president yet the Constitution is not able to discern motive once the provisions are met. It is up to you and I to be discerning enough to see whether a person qualifies or not based on works or you may call it track record.

I keep on emphasising that there is no school for presidency so everyone is inexperienced when it comes to being president. Voting for a president is just like staking a game of lotto or undertaking an investment. You are not too sure of the outcome but you must take the risk, ofcourse “calculated” risk.

A president must be a great achiever in life not just intelligence or fluency. Somebody like Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum is a very great example of who a president must be. The person must relate with the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian, a unifier, a true democrat, someone who is not just in for fame or legacy or someone who thinks because his Dad was once President he also has to be one. Someone who fulfils promises and does not always revert on decisions and claims he was misled.

Look at what happened at Energy Ministry and KNUST impasse. You dissolve KNUST governing Council and sack the Vice Chancellor and in less than a week you reinstate them. What is this sort of governance? A government that cannot stand firm and always reverts on it’s decisions. Can we trust this kind of government to take us to the promise land? Well, it would appear not on only the President makes mistakes but the people of Ghana who by mistake also voted him to power.

Clearly the President is confused about his decisions. Why does he want to rewrite the history of University of Ghana claiming it was his uncle Dr. Danquah who established it? Everything Mr. President is doing is just to maintain family legacy nothing more nothing less.

The fact that a person claims he is not corrupt does not mean he should be president. There are millions of people who are not corrupt in Ghana so that is not so much of something to rely on.

I believe apart from all that which I have mentioned and more leaders comes from God Almighty and not always the case of majority carries the vote.

It is possible for a whole country to be misled to vote for the wrong person. For someone like Akuffo Addo he really worked his way to the top by not giving up though he failed thrice. Ghanaians honoured him by giving him the nod and it could also be “any election can be rigged” even by opposition but I don’t think he is chosen by God to lead this country.

Again if I did say nation’s leader must be a great achiever, I meant an originator, someone who has carved his own future, built businesses, affected people’s life positively and is down to earth to relate with his followers.

Now let’s take Nana Addo, he inherited his father’s law firm and lives even in his father’s house even now. Yes, on his own he has achieved alot as he has homes in UK and great investment in major companies in Ghana. His law firm is doing great and has not disappointed as a son who inherited so much from the father.

I must say given everybody the setting Nana had as a child, alot will succeed as he has done now. Not to say there is anything wrong if you have inherited from your parents, not at all. But this is someone who has not tasted suffering in his life, how does he relate to the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian? He was born with silver spoon in his mouth.

Kuffour too had an equally privileged background but he delivered. Do you know why? Because he came to serve the people not to make a name or continue the legacy of any family member.

We all saw the genuineness of his leadership and did not propagate any Danquah-Busia tradition in the face of all Ghanaians. He came to over throw NDC and give Ghanaians an alternative taste of power, freedom and development.

Kuffour came to empower the private sector, practiced property owning democracy, introduced all inclusive government, advocated for a positive change etc and was not found to be bias to his party faithfuls and the opposition as well.

He did not come closing down businesses and firing public CEOs by heart, neither did he come collapsing banks and creating unemployment when it should have been the other way round.

Just like Mahama we saw massive infrastructural development under Kuffour and he even established the reconcilation committee to bring rest and relief to ailing hearts suffered under PNDC/NDC regime and etc. Kuffour was a true leader and his policies of NYEP, NHIS, HIPC etc were all on point.

God wanting Jesus to feel the suffering of man made him to become man, tasted suffering and died for us making him an able mediator. Forgive my bias Christian argument but that is what I can relate to. It is important for a leader to have experienced what the masses have so he can relate with their plight. In that regard our president does not understand poverty or hardship and cannot help us.

The old leadership and autocratic style of “hire and fire” is what he is practicing now. You fire people any how and you do not guage or possibly manage the spilling effect of some of your interventions but you just go ahead and do it.

You collapse banks with no remedy for those who will become unemployed. You introduce free SHS without recourse to space and infrastructure and now you want to double track? You said Ghana beyond aid and come back and tell us Ghana beyond aid does not mean Ghana without aid? You said your government will not borrow because we have money here and now turn back and say borrowing is different from aid and that even America borrows?

You want to take a China loan of $50billion for 100 years meanwhile you are 70 years? Who should come and pay for that loan. You gave too many promises because you are desperate to come to power and now you want to plunge the whole destiny of the country into debt for a period of 100 years? This is very unfair to Ghanaians who have to toil day and night to pay that loan when he will be smiling with his fathers in the grave, that Oh me too I came to rule Ghana. Who forced him to promise one village one damn and one district one factory.

China has taken over the power grid and airport of Zambia over default loan. No government in Ghana has borrowed to that tune and for that long.

Unfortunately the ordinary Ghanaian will be deceived if they see what the $50 billion does but no right thinking Ghanaian will support this man and give him another term as a president in Ghana.

He has nothing to offer. His vice is merely copying European and American standards by trying to digitize everything and suppress economic figures but I don’t think it will amount really to anything.

Look those systems he is forcefully trying to put in place, the private sector can do it for Ghana if empowered. There are strong IT firms that can digitize Ghana if given the chance, you don’t need government to do that.

His vice himself has said if the fundamentals are weak it will expose you. That is why you have been voted for to correct the fundamentals. Being an Economist in Oxford University is different from practical work. In that regard the Veep has lost it. Cedi is out of control and fuel prices are increasing by the day.

Compare number of jobs and companies destroyed to the ones they are offering under so called NABCO or planting for food or whatever. Quality jobs are being destroyed to introduce NABCO that pays Ghs700. What will one do with that money in today’s Ghana?

From Ghana Card to digital address system to interoperability, brother everything is confusing. Everything seems to make sense but everything is useless like I once said.

Look at the size of government machinery and cost even at the presidency. I think it’s even the highest so far.

Taxes, taxes, taxes even the Abossey Okai spare parts dealers are annoyed with him now. Importers are complaining of high tarrifs and cost of living these days is too high. What about infrastructure development? What provisions have been made for private SHS schools since the free SHS has been introduced? Don’t you see they are out of business, worsening the economic unemployment situation.

Dear reader alot need to be said but this government has lost it under the leadership of Akuffo Addo and I doubt if they will get a second term. Their own Kennedy Agyapong is lambasting them everyday all because one man thinks presidency is his family legacy that he needs to continue though he does not have what it takes to rule the country.

The Mahamas, Paa Kwesi Ndoums, JJ Rawlings, they came from humble background and they came to serve the people not for the name.

Take a look at how Trump is messing up the American economy with bad, insensitive and inhumane governance because he also has not tasted poverty so all his decisions are without human heart and research has shown he is worst president America has had.

Obama on the other hand is voted the best president America has had so far. What is his background? An African, a Kenyan who has seen suffering and lack so he governs better. This is what I mean by an achiever, an African poor boy rising to become United States President.

Take a look at Gadafi too, a Shepherd boy in the desert and what he did in Lybia in his reign. That is an achiever, from a poor Shepherd boy he rose to highest military ranking and took presidency and for 42 years gave Lybia a spectacular economy, one of the world’s best economies and highest per capita income and GDP in his time. Now war has plunged Lybia and it is suffering. Gadafi gave Lybia the best standard of living as compared to any country in the world in my view.

I will urge all Ghanaian voters to be very careful the kind of leaders we choose to lead us as a country. Ghana is for all of us and not a family property. No one has more rights than another in this country, from the presidency to the commoner in this country.

We can’t choose leaders that will cause us to suffer untold hardships whiles they enjoy all their incentives in government. Let us vote any president out that seem to be making our lives difficult.

The Turkish President has started giving free houses to aged above 65 years. In addition, a $300 monthly stipend and an opportunity to travel on a Hajj once. This a true example of a president that thinks about his people and not those who come and collapse businesses, introduce taxes that importers cannot pay and businesses are closing down by the day.

The economy is so tight and the only people enjoying are the politicians. Creating massive unemployment in the system, who will feed the unemployed and their families? Are those in government more Ghanaian than some of us?

Come 2020 let’s kick this government out of power if this is the way things will continue in this country. We are tired of suffering in this country. We cannot always be moving backwards and not get the basic things right.

Below are some eight corruption scandals that has hit this current government that promised us a corruption free country :

1. $2.25 Billion bonds Saga

In 2017, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, led the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia administration to issue a Bond worth 2.25 Billion Dollars, but this deal was caught up in a web and fraught with allegations of insider trading and alleged accusations of conflict of interest, among others.

2. Cash for seats

News went viral that expatriates had to pay $100,000 just to sit by the president Nana Addo Dankwa. That the fees charged at the Ghana Expatriates Business Awards were not the kind of fees approved by parliament. Even though the allegations were debunked, many Ghanaians still feel it happened only that the president was not in the know.

3. Kelni GVG Deal

The company Kelni GVG won a contract with the ministry of communication to install monitors on various telcos networks to ensure government receives to monitor usage for tax purposes. The company at the center of a $179 million Ministry of Communication deal that has sparked controversy and calls for abrogation of the contract has been revealed to be a company not registered in the Telecoms Services sector, but instead into the importation of goods like cement, utensils, building and electrical materials as was reported by IMANI Ghana, a think tank.

4. Website saga

In 2017, a budget report released by The Ministry for Special Development and Initiatives purported it intended to use GH¢800,000 of tax payers’ money merely to build a new website. This was met with a public uproar of discontent causing the Minister to come out to say it the figure was wrong and that the actual figure was GHC 80,000. The explanation didn’t sit well with many as they say the move as an attempt to steal from the tax payer. The 80k amount was still seen as overly expensive.

5. Clothing allowance Saga

A total amount of GhC93,300 was splashed on six senior officials of GEPA including the fired CEO in May 2017 as clothing allowances plus GhC40,000 to take care of their furnishing in the same month. Also, the former MP of Lower West Akim directed the finance department of the state export promoter to pay her and her deputy a whopping $132,000 equivalent to GhC580,800 as a two-year advanced rent in total violation of the public service rules.

6. Ghana Maritime over expense issue

The Director General of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), Mr Kwame Owusu has been accused of overspending imregarding the use of 1 million Ghana cedis to renovate a 2 bedroom house into a four-bedroom house. He has also been accused of spending over GHc 10,000 on lunch for 8 people at a hotel he chairs. The accusations also include the spending of GHC 135,000 on an end of year party for 100 staff which he claims 500 staff instead.

7. Bost contaminated fuel scandal

The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) was in the news over the disappearance of about 600,000 litres of its contaminated fuel. A five-member committee set up by the Managing Director of BOST, George Mensah Oakley to take stock of five million litres of the off-spec product found out some contaminated fuel had disappeared.

8. $2.5 million Ghana Post GPS app

A free app on the was already available on the market was rebranded as Ghana Post GPS and bought for a whopping $2.5 million. This led to a public bashing with allegations of corruption and waste of taxpayer’s money.

Why do we have sit down as a country and allow these things to happen whiles we watch? We the youth of this country must rise up and speak for ourselves. We have to vote wisely next time.

Neither is the Mahama administration free of corruption but at least we saw alot of infrasturactural development in his reign as president and the economy was not this hard.

Trying to prevent a politician from stealing or being corrupt is like forcing a day old baby boy to grow beard. It’s just impossible but we will vote for those who even in their theft will develop the country than those who claim to be holy and causing the masses to suffer whiles they themselves are guilty of corruption too.

As for me it’s Mahama back again in power or Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum but given the track record of Mahama, I choose him to lead this country once again. May be Dr. Ndoum will take his turn in 2024. I really don’t care about which party is in power so long as the person leading the party is an agent of development.

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