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Quayson Writes : Rumoured Forced Retirement Of Public CEOs-Unfair And Disgraceful To The CEOs

I don’t think it’s really necessary to make the retirement of 8 public CEOs public. Between now and March 2019, how do you expect the subordinates or their detractors to react to them? Again if the President can work at 70 years and above I don’t see why all these public CEOs cannot continue in office themselves?

I am totally against anybody working in Ghana who is above 60 years regardless of office but I think if the president can be allowed to work in his office above 70 years, then neither is it fair for the same president to ask them to retire by force and to make it public too.

You can serve them a private letter if you may and they in turn put the organisation on notice. But the way it has been done looks autocratic to me. It’s as if there is display of government power and the presidency wants to prove a point but to what extent? We have heard now that it is just a rumour and that no public CEO has been asked to retire.

This is too typical with the NPP government, everything is being done in a haste and with exhibition of too much power over everyone. The same thing happened in the banking sector, Menzgold, the Galamsey and mining sector. Initially, alot of public CEOs have been dismissed in the first year of this president office. Government started targeting public CEOs sack within it’s first year in office so I doubt if this is just a rumour although Information Minister has now refuted claims, I only believe it’s just a quick U turn yet we will talk about it. News do not prepare themselves if there is no iota of truth in it.

Not too long we heard the CEO of Ghana Airport Company and some management team has also been sacked, the deputy governor of Bank of Ghana was also forced into resignation, the former Energy Minister was also sacked. What is all this happening in one government, something we didn’t hear in the past yet development was ongoing?

I think this government focuses on issues that are not so important to the neglect of what is more important to the people of Ghana. What the people of Ghana need is their poverty alleviation and not practice of personnel management of hiring and firing people in public office any how, this will benefit no one. We don’t want a government that Major’s the Minor and Minor’s the Major. The firing and collapsing does not practically benefit the ordinary Ghanaian in anyway, it rather worsens the hardship situation in the economy.

I mean plenty of these sacks, retirement, collapse, mergers etc but to what extent, my question is? I wish this government will implement policies in this fast manner that will favour the ordinary Ghanaian as fast as it does some of these things. The government is trying to cause fear and panic among public CEOs and private businessmen who may have affiliations with NDC and this is not fair. This can be seen in how the government withdrew the license of Heritage bank.

There are good and positive sides to this government and when we talk about the negative sides no one should see us that we are against any political party, we are only saying the truth, nothing but the truth. The level of nepotism in this government is alarming, government of family and friends, yet this same government is sacking people’s fathers and mothers from public offices and collapsing people’s businesses who also have families to take care of.

Is this fair at all to Ghanaians and is this the real change Ghanaians voted for that a man who pleaded for our votes, fell on campaign stage, and drank kalyppo which made all of us drink some in support of him should come into power and become a tyrant to our economic situation?

I read somewhere that Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information, said government is trying to look at opinion Journalism in Ghana. I laughed my head off because they know what they are doing is not good and trying to suppress the public from talking about it. They should just try it and see the effect in this country. As a hungry Journalist and morning show presenter in Joy Fm if someone had suppressed him there would he have gotten to where he is now ranting as a Minister of State?

We applaud the government for free SHS which even have crippling problems, NABCO (within the same NABCO government want to sack over 2,000 people) etc but we want the government to focus more on building infrastructure and developing the country rather than these things it is doing. It is not fair at all to Ghanaians.

You can see I was trying to list government achievement but only two came to my mind readily which is free SHS and NABCO so I had to say etc. But today if you ask me to list what NDC did I can list about 10 with speed without thinking hard. The government should focus on development and stop these things. Economic liberation and development is what we need not these political games.

People like Yaw Osafo Marfo, Hackman Owusu Agyemang are very old. I am sure they are even older than the president as it is obvious but one is a Senior Minister, has even put two of his sons in top government positions, and another chairman of Cocobod but you allow these people to work and you are asking those below 70 years who are public CEOs to resign. Is this fair?

I have used Mr. Yaw Osafo Marfo’s picture as the featured image for this article for a reason though he is not among the alleged public CEOs being asked to retire. Those who have understanding will get the picture I am trying to paint. No one should come and condemn us that we do not respect our elders, far from that but we are dealing with issues objectively.

I don’t know who is advising the president but some of his decisions are too bad. Later they will come and tell us he was misled. Why do you even bring their retirement in public, do you want to disgrace them or what? There is an Akan proverb that says “the person creating a path does not know his back is crooked” so may be the president does know what he is doing is wrong but someone must tell him. Now they are saying it is false news, we live to see whether they will occupy their posts forever.

May be with their ages now coming to public I am just sure they will be called one after the other and rather asked to resign honourably instead of forced retirement so it doesn’t become a bad precedence and a public debate, this is highly predictable.

The thing is it is very obvious the president is under influence of some people in the party which is very bad. Most of this people were already above 60 years before they were given appointment by the president so at what point did the president change his mind about them. Someone like Kofi Jumah is reported to be 68 years so he was appointed at age 65 years above retirement age so why will the president now turn back and ask them to resign? Does this makes sense?

Kindly review the ages of the affected CEOs and deduct 3 years from their age when NPP came to power, you will realise that they were all employed at their retirement age so why will the president just wake up one day and say they should retire? Mr Eugene Ofosuhene, 67 years, Controller and Accountant General, Mr. Kofi Jumah, 68 years, CEO of Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation (GIHOC); Mr. Isaac Osei, 67 years, CEO of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR); Mr. Kwame Owusu, 67 years, CEO of Ghana Maritime Authority and Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, 65 years, CEO of Forestry Commission.

The rest are Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare, 65 years, Director General of Ghana Health Service, Dr. Samuel Annor, 64 years, CEO of National Health Insurance Authority and Mr. K. K Sarpong, 65 years, CEO of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).

This directive they claim is as a result of the provision in the Public Service Act which enjoins public officers to retire from the public service on attaining the age of sixty (60) years and getting a possible extension of five (5) extra years. My question is, was the Public Service Act instituted just this January 2019? The president is a lawyer and should know this provisions before giving them their positions in the first place, now you want to make them a public ridicule and cause them to exit disgracefully like this?

It just doesn’t make sense and the government is rushing too much into things and causing the masses to suffer in this country. It’s as if the presidency doesn’t have it’s own mind and is being controlled by the powers that be. The double mindedness and instability in government is too risky and a threat to any society.

The government makes it look as if a position given to a person is a privilege more than service to the country so you are made to fear of being sacked at anytime at the slightest offense. I think in Human Resources we don’t handle workers that way to get the best out of them. You nurture and train workers and make room for some mistakes as you help them to develop their career. You don’t hire and fire them any how like it was done in personnel management and that is what the government is doing.

That said if this will be the precedence then it must firmly be established accross board not that it should favour some people and others should be forced to retire and the presidency itself should not exceed the age of 60 years. This must be enshrined in our constitution.

Anyone who reads my article knows I have always maintained this position before this issue came up. This will allow the youth to also take power and control the affairs of this nation. There is no scientific evidence to prove that age comes with wisdom and proper governance.

With the state of unemployment in Ghana, we cannot afford to have old men and women occupy positions as the youth of the nation sits home not working. This is an economic and social injustice. What is good for the goods is good for the gander, we want accross board policies not policies of favouritism and promotion of nepotism in governance.

The president himself should retire and cause parliament to pass a bill that bars anyone contesting for a public office in Ghana above the age of 60 years, then we can take him serious and see him as a fair president. You don’t maintain power at age of 70 years plus and ask people you are older than to retire. Ghanaians does this make sense to anyone? Let’s just be fair. This is complete abuse of power.

After this article was “cooked” and I was having technical challenges posting it, I saw another news item on adomfmonline.com where the Minister of Information,Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, was debunking claims that government has not asked public CEOs to retire.

I realise its just a quick U turn being done by the government because of public outcry about the whole situation. But the thing is I believe that was the intention of the government. Again if they are now saying the news item was false, does it mean all those public CEOs have not exceeded the 60 years and 5 years additional period which government by the public service act can contract them to work? This is why I have still gone ahead to post this article.

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