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Quayson Writes : Words of Fire and Hammer (weapons of war)


Jeremiah 23:29 Is not my word like fire? Saith the Lord and like hammer that breaketh rock in pieces.

For those that doubt the efficacy and power that the word of God carries, this is a classic revelation of the enormous power the word of God wields. The word is proven to be FIRE and HAMMER. I am tempted to quiz, what at all is fire and hammer used for? Well, they both have many uses including, FIRE : cooking, warming, smithing, lightening, transforming etc. HAMMER : carpentary and building especially. Suffice this to say, we are however considering these two as instruments of war against the kingdom of darkness.


God was asking Jeremiah is not my word like fire and like hammer that breaks rocks? God realised that his words was not revered by pastors and prophets who in those times were prophesying falsely and chapter 23 of Jeremiah, God was cautioning them that you cannot joke with my word like that because it is fire and hammer that breaks rocks into pieces. Is just like using hammer for cooking and fire for building, the prophets and pastors were found to be misapplying the word of God.

Now let’s come to spiritual battles and why when we pray the word of God, the Kingdom of darkness have no choice than to surrender to the power and authority that is in the name of Jesus. Fire and hammer used during war can cause an unimaginable destruction in the kingdom of darkness. Bombs, intercontinental balistic missiles, grenades, dynamites, gun bullets etc blasts and unleashes fire for attacks during war. Many countries, territories and several continents have felt the sting of what fire does. Fire has rendered a lot orphans, widows, fatherless, mamed a lot, blown away factories and companies etc. Fire causes a lot of havoc even physically as is evident in most of these war torn countries such Liberia, Senegal, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

When God tells you that his word is fire you can liken it to the damage that fire causes during a physical war. The same word has the potency to cause extreme damage in the kingdom of darkness. This is why you must have the word residing in you, you must pray the word always so you can unleash the fire it carries into the kingdom of darkness. Satan fears God’s word as it carries destructive power to scatter the kingdom of darkness, witches and wizards, principalities and powers of darkness.

The word is also described by God as hammer that breaks rocks into pieces. This word in your mouth flattens every situation in your life no matter how gangantuan it may seem. The enemy is after your destiny and you can use the word of God to flatten that enemy. All you need to do is pray the word.

Praying the word means having the word embedded in your spirit by daily devotion and reading so you can utter the word out in prayer to send fire and hammer into the kingdom of darkness. Infact the word you ordinarily speak is sending fire to the foundation of every problem in your life. The word is crushing all your enemies on their head. The word has been turned to hammer and destroying things spiritually in your life for you to gain your freedom.

There is testimony of lady who was haunted in her life by satanic forces. She approached a man of God who gave her some very wild prayer points, one which included, rock of ages crush the head of my enemies in the name of Jesus. As she prayed this prayer for sometime one day she dreamt and saw a big stone from heaven hitting the head of a cow that was pursuing her in her dreams. Within weeks the person who was tormenting her spiritually died and she had results from her prayer. She was then looking for the fruit of the womb but anytime she conceives an image in a form of a beast like a cow will headbutt her tummy. The following day she gets miscarriage. This was going on for years and she had pressure from her husband’s family until she prayed the prayer the man of God gave her. The word manifested as a rock because she called on the rock of ages that destroyed the head of that beast. She conceived and bear children. This is a clear example of how the word spoken and prayed metarmophosised in her dream to become an actual rock.


The word you speak is fire and it is hammer. Hope you have watched the movie “Thor”. The hammer the heroe wields and what he uses the hammer for is exactly what the word does in your life. The word of God crushes the enemy’s estate as hammer and consumes all the works of darkness like fire. This same hammer breaks curses and spiritual convenants, certain traditions, rituals and culture that our lives have been enslaved under, the word destroys all of it.

You now know the power in the word so from today don’t just pray amidst but pray by the word and imagine yourself to be using fire and hammer for fighting in the spirit and you will conquer. You will win in every situation of your life.

God bless you immensely as you read, pray and meditate upon his word.