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Quayson Writes : Fightings And Competitions Among Men Of God.

I have been following keenly the utterances of certain so called men of God about certain prophecies that was given on the 31st December 2019 night for the year 2020. As much as I am so disappointed that men of God will reduce themselves to this level of mockery, it goes without saying that those who usually cause the division among these men of God are the church goers.

They hop from one church to the other like kangaroos or like the way prostitutes hop from one man to another in search for miracles, signs and wonders especially the women. They narrate their encounter with men of God with the next man of God so most of these pastors know the deep bad secrets of each other.

Those who try sleeping with ladies who come for consultation are all out there. Those who sleep with people’s wives and impregnate some church members are all known by these men of God. It is alleged that some men of God even beg female hotel attendants to sleep with them in various hotels.

It’s a very big shame in the body of Christ. One pastor calling the other foolish and that he is not a man of God and that his prophecies did not come from God etc. This whole thing started when some pastors prophesied victory for some political parties in the country.

According to Pastor Kofi Oduro, all the prophets who gave such prophecies are liars and that God is not concerned about political parties in Ghana. He said these pastors prophecy for political favours and not that they have been sent by God. He called them foolish, liars and crazy.

He said why did God not prophesy about other smaller parties like CPP, APC, PNC etc. ? He said why did God not open their eyes to the rot and corruption of these politicians but rather prophesied about which party will win power? He said they were mocking God and making fun of Jesus.

Reverend Owusu Bempa and Bishop Salifu Amoako have not taken it easy with Pastor Oduro at all as they have come out to insult the man of God. According to Owusu Bempah, Prophet Oduro’s wife was his church member so if he is not a true man of God, how did he come to marry a woman from his church? Salifu Amoako has called Pastor Oduro useless and foolish. He said the man of God is not his size in anything so he should shut up.

Rev. Bempah claims Pastor Oduro sleeps and impregnates his church members and dared him to vow by breaking a bottle of anointing oil on his altar. He said Oduro is a fake prophet who prophesied to a woman, now in his church, wrongly in his church that she will never deliver though by then the woman was pregnant with twins.

I point accusing fingers not only to these pastors but to the hopping church goers and spies who carry one church matters to another man of God to defame him. Yes! Some churches plant spies in other churches so they can have information to expose other men of God. All this is not necessary and Christian council must do something about this.

To the church goers I say, the temptations will come but woe to him through which the temptations will manifest, thus sayest the Lord God of host. And to these pastors who are suppose to be ambassadors of Christ, I tell them this is not the way of God and that they should repent of making Christianity a mockery to the outside world and focus on preaching the gospel.

Too many pastors and prophets, too many churches and prophecies but very few teachings on the ‘Word of God’ do we hear from this men of God apart from they rebuking and fighting themselves. Is that what Christ stands for or did he come to tell us to judge ourselves or leave judgement to God? This our pastors must heed the heavenly mandate of soul winning and stop all these prophecies and fighting among themselves so they are counted true men of God or powerful.

Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them. Any man who seeks his own glory has rejected God and does not come from God and that is what these pastors are doing. It’s a shame! You can’t mount a pulpit without insulting your fellow man of God. We don’t want this in the body of Christ. Those of other faith are watching us and laughing at our faith. This is not good and we must stop it immediately.

I remain Emmanuel Quayson, a fellow soldier for Christ Jesus.

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