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Quayson Writes : False Prophecies By False Men Of God.


We thank the Almighty Allah that the National Chief Imam has made it passed 2019 healthily and is still alive. I believe he is above 100 years now. So then I ask myself that the prophecy that was given by one Prophet that he was going to die in the year 2019 which led certain Muslim youth to vandalize his church properties, what has happened to that prophesy?

During the year it was the assistant to the National Chief Imam that rather died so probably we can say it was a close call and may be the vision was not too clear. For God sake let’s stop these kind of prophecies in the country in the name of becoming popular and getting more members to your church.

This same year two different Prophets in the name of the Lord has prophesied victory for NDC by 52.1% and another for NPP with no percent. The prophet even claimed that in the history of prophecies no one has prophesied with accurate percentage win but he has.

I remember one Sheikh who came on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana and prophesied the accurate percentage loss for Manama in the 2016 elections so please he should not say that. The Muslim fraternity have done it once in Ghana and I am a witness. That said, is this necessary at all? Same God, same spirit, giving two different prophecies to two different men of God. Will God leave matters of the church and be prophesying about worldly things? Your church members need the prophecies, focus on them and prophesy to them and leave Ghana alone for by all means one party must win, if it’s not NDC it will be NPP.

Let’s stop these gimmicks in the name of prophesy and not allow the world to ridicule God. Just because of plenty new members you want, offerings and tithe and enriching yourselves as men of God so you give by force prophecies, something God has not commissioned you to.

Why is there so much competition among churches that everyone wants to prophesy? Why does everyone want to speak in the name of God when they have not been sent by God to deliver any message for him. I call this ‘lotto’ prophecies and none of them is right. Whether NDC or NPP wins does not make one a true Prophet and the other a false one.

Both of them are false Prophets. God will not prophesy about who will be president in Ghana if it will cause division. Over spirituality is stifling the creative thinking capacity of industrious Ghanaians. America is not what it is by prophesy but by their trust in God. Let us not allow our ‘stomach’ Prophets to lead us into temptations of wars and fighting amongst ourselves.

God said, God said, God has said nothing, it is just mind games. Let’s us fully rely on the word of God and trust in him. That is the only way we can become great as a nation.

One Prophet also said Akuffo-Addo should step down and rest else he will die in 2020. What is death, death, death? And who will not die even as a prophet or a common man? Is this prophesy, it’s all lies. When a man above 70 years and does not rest but he is out and about, what do you think will happen to him? Death of course so don’t come and lie to us man of God.

A prophet told me I will have accident and it happened and this same Prophet told me again that I will be very rich, up till now I am waiting for that to happen. Why is that the evil prophecies happen very fast but their good prophecies takes forever. I know I will be very rich, I don’t need a prophecy to know that because I have prepared myself very well so don’t come and lie to me. Some of them use powers so the moment they give you an evil prophesy they send their demons to execute their will for them so you believe them more. Liars! But because demons cannot do what is good the good prophecies they give you takes forever. They will tell you, you don’t have faith that is why it has delayed or you need to pray about it. Did I pray about the evil one or have faith in it before it happened? Liars! So be careful the kind of church you enter to receive prophecies. Spend time with God yourself, pray and fast and he will answer you.

Shatta Wale is still still alive after a man of God prophesied that he was to die in 2018. Let’s get serious as Ghanaians and let’s go to school to acquire knowledge and skills that can be used to transform our economy and lives and stop being over spiritual or relying on prophecies.

Let God be true and every man a liar. God bless you as you read.

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