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Quayson Writes : Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum – The Man That Won My Political Heart


Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum, an austure man with very good educational background and a sound understanding of economic issues. A man that has undoubtedly kept his home and business well. A man that has tasted both politics and business and to me has succeeded in both. A man that has employed thousands in Ghana and even bought a bank in the USA. A business man so great that he enters a whole USA to buy himself a bank which he has now named GN bank. Who has ever achieved this feat in Ghana before? I believe apart from Kofi Annan, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum remains one of Ghana’s best export to the world.

A little boy from Elmina rises up to such great heights when “Fantes” are usually labelled to be only learners but not achievers. This man has broken the myth associated with Fantes and has proven himself indeed to be not just learned but a great achiever.

From no where PPP is the 3rd largest party in Ghana even superceeds the great Nkrumahist party – CPP which he once headed. What a man? To break away from a party he believed in that was formed by the “Father” of Ghana and in no space and time beat the Nkrumah party to place 3rd in political ranking in Ghana.

If this man is not a presidential material then I guess majority of Ghanaians are either being hypocritical or we just cannot see a fine gem of great leadership accumen. I just love this man to a fault.

In all this banking fiasco this man has sole handedly championed the course to educate people to desist from panic withdrawals because he understands the impact on commercial banks, business and the economy generally.

The Ghana Banking Association has not even championed this course but we see this great honourable man moving from market to market interacting with traders and people to stop the panic withdrawal. What level of selflessness from a noble man.

His bank GN bank has one of the largest presence in Ghana apart from Ghana Commercial Bank. You would find GN bank in every little corner in Ghana. I remember visiting a very remote place in Ghana and still found GN bank branch there. I was really suprised indeed.

A man that has built his own family church in Elmina because he is God centered. A man that has built a private university in Elmina something Nkrumah never did to develop the Nzema land. I travelled that stretch of road and was amazed by the structure. What is even more commendable is the university is for Business and Technology because that is what is developing the world today. Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum has seen it and established a University in that direction. What great visionary leader is this? He used his own money not Ghana money like Nkrumah did to establish KNUST. I even consider this man greater than Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in every sense of the word if you study history carefully.

This man has not forgotten where he came from and he is developing his hometown. He owns the Elmina Sharks-a football team and Coconut Groove Hotel also in Elmina. This man is too great who does not forget his humble beginnings and where he came from.

He is the first politician who was willing to declare his properties publicly before seeking for public office, something that African politicians dread because most of them are thieves. He was willing to declare his properties before and after political office. Clearly such a person has no intention of looting public coffers. A soft spoken gentleman and a great business achiever.

Gold Coast Securities is one of the best investment firms in Ghana which also belongs to him. Before people even began to grasp the idea of investment, this man had established his own Investment Company which has stood the test of time till date rubbing shoulders with the Databanks and Co.

As a Managing Partner of Deloitte and Touche this man understands Accountancy, Audit, Regulatory Framework, Compliance, Economics etc which makes him a very sound business and a nation’s leader.

He served as a Minister of State under the Kuffour all inclusive government and performed creditably. CPP found it expedient to make such a great man their party leader until their own internal wranglings fell out with the man leading him to establish his own political party and have a following now which superceeds CPP.

Everything Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum touches turns to success because he is a man of great understanding in terms of Business and Governance. His beautiful wife and well educated children even makes this fine gentleman more attractive.

I am wondering how many of our presidential aspirants, previous presidents and even current president have such credentials and have been able to achieve what Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum have achieved?

If anyone can be the president of Ghana then I vouch for Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum and I pray that Ghanaians will see this great man and give him the presidential slot especially when the NDC, CPP and NPP have all been tried and tested. PPP remains the best alternative to manage the economy of Ghana when all the other parties have failed us and fighting each other left and right.

Dr. Papa Ndoum remains the best and obvious choice to become President of Ghana because of his enviable proven track record of achievement which superceeds all other presidents that has ever been in Ghana.

My take.

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