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Quayson Writes : Coronavirus Is Inevitable On African Continent


Africa and Ghana will by all means be heavily hit by the coronavirus considering the magnitude of Chinese presence in our continent. China has made Africa a fatherless continent because they are impregnating African women and leaving them here. Go to all the galamsey sites, we have half cast Chinese children there. China is a great partner to Africa’s development, but shall we accept their loans and help without their disease? China patrols Africa like a walk in the park.

The most attractive continent to China by way of investment now is Africa so there is no way we will escape their virus too. Cote D’voire has recorded a case already and I pray the two cases in Korle-bu now should not come out tested positive for the virus. Besides what has become of the vaccine KNUST students claim to have developed against the virus or it’s just a hoax? Today I saw a footage where China was buring their favourite pork so many of them alive.

Obviously their eating habits caused this virus to come up and I believe this phenomenon should make them realise that not everything must be eaten. China will eat everything including dead babies, dogs, bats, wall gecko, insects etc whether live or dead. You see beautiful Chinese women enjoying such meals and I sometimes wonder what at all are this people looking for? Is it a shortage of protein in their country because of population or what?

God in His wisdom has taught us to avoid certain kind of beast as meat because he knows the effect but I guess most Chinese are not Christians but Buddhists so can be excused. God says we should not eat anything that is unclean including pork, bats, snakes, vultures etc but China will eat these things. I heard this virus came from vampire bats and snakes. Why will you eat an animal that feeds on blood. If vampire bats don’t drink blood in 48 hours they will die, their main food like mosquitoes is blood. Why will you eat such a thing?

China eats everything including maggots and miscarriage or aborted babies from hospitals, why will such a virus not spread to them. Even cockroaches China will make a nice meal out of it. We need to watch this virus because there is Chinese presence in every country in the world. The tendency of this virus killing alot cannot be underestimated. This virus might spread further than Ebola because of the magnitude of Chinese population and concentration in most parts of the world.

What are the animal rights activist also saying about the massive destruction of piggery in China at the moment? Already we have had about 500 million spieces of animals destroyed in Australia with the bush fire that attacked their forests. Animals sometimes have to suffer for the mistakes humans make. I mean vampire bats and snakes did not ask themselves to be consumed by humans neither did pigs?

And what about all the Chinese imports of food stuffs and consumables to Africa? Are they safe now? What is Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) doing about this virus? Are we prepared at our ports, are we ready for this virus? What measures have we put in place to mitigate it’s arrival or we await for it to hit us before we think of what to do?

My prayer is that we will not be entirely religious in handling this disease if it should hit us as we always do as Ghanaians. Let us take practical steps to address this issue if it should rear it ugly head massively on African continent.

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