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Quayson Writes : Closing Down Villagio Vista Unnecessary

Ghana Tourism Authority has begun an exercise to as they put it “weed out” those facilities in the hospitality industry they believe are operating without licenses. The exercise is slated to affect all the various regions of Ghana in turns.

One of the facilities that has been affected by this exercise on Monday is the exquisite Villagio Vista homes located at East Airport. This act I consider to be very unnecessary. If I am not mistaken this facility happens to be the most beautiful facility in Ghana by way of homes.

Why will Akuffo-Addo government target such a facility and close it down. Occupants of that facility have been given 24 hours to relocate. I don’t see any seriousness in this fruitless exercise than just to frustrate enterpreneurs and create further massive unemployment in the system as was done for seven major banks and three hundred and eighty six (386) microfinance companies in Ghana.

We believe the right thing needs to be done but it’s as if all the decisions of this government is to create unemployment yet they don’t have alternative solution to this menace. You would expect the government to rather create jobs but all it’s decisions are rather in the opposite direction.

It saddens my heart and my heart goes out to all these enterpreneurs. If I am not mistaken, has Villagio Vista not being there during NPP, Kuffour time? Why is Akuffo-Addo’s government closing it down now? May be he also needs to look at the African Regeant Hotel (Hotel De WaWa) which we all know is a property of the Kuffuors.

Anyway in life you just can’t tell what motivates people to do things so let me give the Ghana Tourism Authority the benefit of the doubt that they now know they have to work and instead of focusing on attracting tourists to Ghana and developing tourist sites, they are busy closing down luxurious homes. What a pity!

I hear drinking spots, hotels and various guest houses will be affected who don’t have licenses to operate. I know very well very bad issues will crop up with this move as the task force will face fierce opposition on the field which may result in other things like violence because some enterpreneurs will not just allow them to close their facilities down like that. Just mark my words and observe the turn of events soon.

What I believe should have been done was to call these operators, given grace period to regularise their operations but no, this wasn’t done. Like a dictatorship government you just go around closing people’s businesses. Ghanaians are watching and they will pay this government back for their insensitivities.

I wish Ghana Tourism Authority good luck in their fruitless exercise which will only degenerate hate for the government and create massive unemployment we know this government for. The government should tally the number of jobs it has created to those destroyed and mark itself whether it is a good or bad government.

I heard Airport View Hotel has also been closed down. What a shame! Does the minister of tourism even have a house she has built herself which she has offered for rent? Yet under her watch this enterpreneurial injustice is taking place in the hospitality industry.

You see what power can do? You are destroying something that even in a million years you couldn’t afford to put up yourself but just because of power from government. We are all in Ghana and we live to see the end of this matter.

Very soon I know this government will come and close down this website too and tell us we don’t have license to operate. Mr. Akuffo-Addo kindly focus on development, what your ‘zombies’ are doing in this country is totally unnecessary.

Let’s watch it, the way somethings are being done in this country. The precedence we set and the traces we leave will come back and bite us one day because certainly one party cannot maintain power forever.

Ghanaians will get tired of your government at a point whether you are doing well or not just for change sake nothing else. This is what has being dragging development in this country. Our focus is always on things that are irrelevant.

I want government to tell me how harmful is Villagio Vista or what threat does it pose to Ghanaians to warrant it’s closure? It’s a shame! If they have not met requirements just regularise them. Period! You don’t close them down. What sort of dictatorship is this? Somethings are just not necessary.

Jesus having come on earth could have decided to kill all sinners at once but did not. What this administration is doing is uncalled for in certain areas. I see it running in circles and attacking businesses and people instead of focusing on development. Develop the country and stop attacking people and their businesses.

Food for thought; when you throw a ball to the wall it bounces back at you. Current government should consider what this saying means and make amends. I have said mine and I have landed in good faith. It is well for Mother Ghana.

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