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Quayson Writes : ‘A Parliament Of Baboons’-Chamber ‘Pot’ Theory

gorillas in a british parliamentary chamber

Its okay we have bashed Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu enough, next time he won’t play with the sentiments of Ghanaians again. Just because he wants space in parliament we should spend $200 million? Is he considering laying his mattress to sleep in parliament or what? Next time he will not come up with such issues in a very long time I am sure.

What suprises me is the state of some of the roads to the constitunencies and villages of some of these parliamentarians, infact almost all of them and they cannot push for funds to repair their roads but want their comfort in parliament. We have children sitting under trees and on cement blocks to attend school and our priority is a new chamber for parliament?

I will not be suprised it’s not his original idea, it’s very similar to National Cathedral idealogy. Once again someone wants a name and a legacy not the interest of Ghanaians by just putting up unnecessary buildings so he can be remembered in history and nothing else. I don’t have a problem with this posture whatsoever if it the personal resources of those in power. But you don’t leave important issues, even your unfulfilled manifesto promises to venture into this kind of luxurious projects when majority of your people are suffering and complaining. It means you have no heart for those who voted you into power.

When a blind man threatens to stone you, his leg is set on a stone already. Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu will not be proudly sticking out his neck and be defending this frivolous dream chamber ‘pot’ if he does not have superior backing. Once they get up there, they forget about those who are down and God himself will bring them down. What is wrong with the present parliament house? And all the reasons given to push for a new one does not simply make sense.

Someone nicely suggested we should let them build the house and then vote all of them out in 2020 so they don’t occupy that building. May be it’s not such a bad idea after all.

UK parliament is even more compact than ours and we are here crying, new ‘Chamber Pot’ because of space and comfort. I think some parliamentarians have over stayed their welcome in parliament and must be voted out by their constituencies, the chief of which is the Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu. Some of them have the mentality that parliament is their family property and will be there forever. I urge their constituency voters to show them the red card.

I heard the constituency people of Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu have asked him to fight for a factory for them and not be there and rather advocating for a chamber pot. I consider this irresponsible if your own constituents will come out to say this to you. It means you are not in touch with the needs of your people. You have misplaced priorities. You can likely it to a father that does not provide for his home but seeking for a luxurious project outside.

Suddenly the lying Minister for Information, Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has has been admitted at the school for the deaf and dumb at Akropong and we have not heard any of his fabricated lies in defense of the government. It’s partly because really they have nothing to say to convince Ghanaians anymore. 2020 is coming and they must create avenues to rape the public purse and this fictitious project is certainly one of them.

I heard the president saying there will be massive infrastructure development by way if roads especially in 2020 and staright away you can read between the lines, there is a plot to steal tax payers money for elections. What prevent government from embarking on these projects now or before but in 2020, an election year?

Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu will not be ranting like this if he has no support from above. It’s saddens my heart how this government is showing class and becoming divisive instead of uniting the whole of Ghana. Because it’s their turn in power they are just doing things, not considering the interest of Ghanaians.

Every project Mahama did was people centered but it’s almost as if everything this government wants to undertake is for personal glory and family legacy. We don’t consider the ordinary Ghanaian. We see every Ghanaian as second class and the government in power and it’s faithfuls as first class.

Now they are beginning to arrest and molest protestors. The writings are on the wall, it’s very obvious Ghanaians are not happy about the way this country is being governed and the government needs to do a U turn on some of it’s decisions. Kwame Nkrumah once advised the West not to take Ghanaians for granted because we are slow to anger but once we mobilise, nothing can stop us from striking. This is an advice government should heed to and I suspect if the government does not change some it’s stands, it will face a very stiff opposition from Ghanaians.

You cannot manage a country’s resources as if it is your family resources and expect all of us to be quiet like that and suffer when you don’t pay for a thing in this country. We the masses are the one suffering and you want to build a new parliament house for parliamentarians? This will not happen in Ghana. Both the National Cathedral and this parliament building idea should all be shelved.

I heard the same architect that designed the National Cathedral is the same person that designed this one. Creating, looting and sharing among the party. Ghanaians are watching and you claim the tender process is clean and you have taken the likes of businessman Seidu Agongo and Dr. Opuni to court because you have issues with their tender process? What a hypocritical government. You don’t do the same thing you accuse others of.

Money has already been committed by government to this project as the design had already been made and I am sure paid for or will be paid for using taxpayers money. You debate everything in parliament, why did you not debate this one first before commencing with the designs but you rubbish all Ghanaians and come and slap it in our face, a by force building project for parliament. It will not happen today or tomorrow in Ghana.

The impudence of suggesting a parliamentary chamber when there are pressing needs in Ghana and then you come out to say we built stadia in 2008 when we had problems so we should go ahead and build a parliamentary chamber. Should we rather have hosted the CAN 2008 in the parliamentary building?

Mr. Majority leader, next time please talk your age and be apologetic if you have erred and stop all the unnecessary argument and damage control. It doesn’t fit you. He should just humbly come out and apologise to Ghanaians for his wishful thinking than raising childish defense.

POT stands for Parliamentary Office Tower. If you don’t agree that is up to you but the writer reserves the right to his own coinage of term to suit his article. A parliament of baboons is rightly an English expression. The queen of England can be contacted for further clarification on this expression.

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