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Quayson Writes : Anas Is Being Made A ‘Scape Goat’ Here


I for one do not endorse the approach that Anas uses at times to implicate people but there is something we are missing here which is, why has Anas Aremeyaw Anas suddenly become a doubtful evil figure in the public eye only during Akuffo-Addo’s government? I won’t say NPP government because Anas operated during Kuffour time too and no one had problems with him. I also partly think my disapproval for Anas, this government is partly responsible for convincing me so well that Anas is evil especially Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

I think Ghanaians need to pause a bit and ask themselves some few intelligent and sensible questions about the kind of leadership and government we have now? How did Anas become a public darling in all previous governments including previous NPP government but has suddenly become an evil figure under Akuffo-Addo government ‘overnight’ to the extent his team mate had to lose his life?

Yes! Anas may not be fautless as a human being but there are writings on the wall as to who the real culprit is and who is responsible for the killing of Ahmed Suale. Unless all of us Ghanaians are refusing to see this fact by turning a blind eye to it because Anas has well being marketed by this government as being evil which is led by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong. I personally don’t think Ghanaians are being fair to Anas although he has his flaws.

Everything Anas has done in this government have come with fierce criticisms and attacks on himself as a person and his team. Anas is being intimidated by this government not to perform or expose their rots. This government is projecting itself to Ghanaians that it is faultless and sancrosanct which is rather making me think it’s the opposite. If this government is not a tyrant and oppressive, there is no way Ahmed Suale should have died and there is no way Anas should be projected as being evil when they have relied on Anas work in the past to criticize the then ruling government, NDC by then.

The President of Ghana himself is quoted saying he will use Anas strategy when he comes to power so how then does the astute Journalist become so evil overnight? The writings are on the wall and Ghanaians must open their eyes and see clearly what is happening. This is a very corrupt and lying government and Anas is exposing them and they have launched out to destroy him. It is a very simple analogy here that a Kingdergatten child should understand upon explanation but Ghanaians will choose to side with lies instead of truth. There is no doubt that Anas is being made a scape goat to protect the image of this government.

As for Hon. Kennedy Agyapong I believe his time will come and God himself will deal with his issues. If because you are rich and own media channels so you use that to fight a journalist who is doing his job and to paint him black to the public, by all means NPP will leave power one day and this same Anas will operate at that time. How will this government react to his works by then? Will they come out in support or condemnation?

Anas is not perfect but must be allowed to do his job. If he has exposed NPP people to be corrupt also let us accept it in good faith and work on it. Even a man that has ten Children, can he control all of them to be good? By all means some will be bad so why is this government acting as if all it’s appointees are without faults? It shows a hypocritical and abusive government in power. I will hail the government in it’s right track and condemn it in it’s wrong tracks.

I think Hon. Kennedy thinks of himself too highly in this country and has been given too much space to operate because the government enjoys all the things he is doing, attacking and exposing Journalists and putting them in harm’s way because of money. Don’t sit on the truth please speak it. If Hon. Kennedy has money he doesn’t feed the whole of Ghana but only his family and the few people he will help so why is everyone acting afraid of him as though he is God in this country?

Why are the media houses not condemning his actions in the media? Because they are afraid of him. Poor Journalists cannot condemn a rich politician because of his money and loud mouth in this country. Well, to me Kennedy is not God and I don’t disrespect him but what he is doing in this country is wrong. He is too annoying, arrogant and loud, disturbing everybody in this country. I don’t benefit from his money so I am not afraid to talk about him.

Where is the source of his wealth coming from? Many have linked him in the past to so many evil dealings even the president now was accused sometime ago of dealing drugs or we have forgotten so soon? I am not saying it is true or not but this is a fact sometime ago. I always maintain that if you dig very deep you will realise that there is no gentleman on earth. Today he is president and we respect that but as our local proverb says, ” an adult that sits unconcern as children eats a python meat is equally an eater of it”. What am I saying? The refusal of the presidency to criticize the edics of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong shows that all the unhonourable things this man is doing the government is part of it.

In this whole Anas degrading, the worst people are Journalists who have joined politicians to criticize Anas but not rather shielding and protecting him from these wolf politicians. You Journalists give up your own in the interest of some few greedy and insensitive politicians who cannot even behave and talk gently as public figures but in your poverties you join the wagon with these corrupt and stomach led politicians to crucify Anas.

I was once against Anas especially in the Nyantakyi expose’ because I felt too bad for the man, I mean the level he reached but now I think I have changed my mind about him because of the constant effort by this government to discredit him. The people that must discredit Anas is the ordinary citizen not politicians, it shows they have something to hide and they are protecting their interest.

Every NPP person I know has now turned against Anas. Ghanaians let’s open our eyes, the real evil ones are these people not Anas. Whether his expose’ led to Judges dying or custom officers dying etc but he himself may be corrupt as Hon. Kennedy Agyapong will have us believe is neither here nor there as nobody works for ‘stones’. If you stop being corrupt yourselves Anas will also not enrich himself by exposing your evil deeds. So let’s stop the ranting because whether Anas is good or not it is your evil deeds that makes him who he is and the issue is not whether he enriches himself or not.

Let’s be wise and focus on more important things here, Politicians are trying to divert our attention to the corrupt practices here by attacking Anas. Nyantakyi was caught on tape taking money and even his own words gave him out. FIFA being an unbiased entity banned him for life because they are principled but you want to do politics with it in Ghana. The man is corrupt and a thief and Anas has exposed him, simple. If Charles Bissiw too has been exposed and all those who deserved to be exposed have being exposed then so be it. Let us leave Anas alone.

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