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Quayson Writes : Age Corruption in Ghana- Call for an Age Audit


It buffles me honestly, I don’t see why workers in the civil service and many private jobs in Ghana are constitutionally mandated to retire at the age of 60 years yet we allow people to contest for presidency and public offices beyond the age of 60 years? I consider it unfair and unjust to the youth of Ghana and a social manace. It becomes an age corruption when people have to fake their ages to occupy certain positions in this country.

The president of Ghana is a worker like everyone else so I don’t see why they can maintain their office at 60 but many in public, civil and private service are to retire at that same age. The late UN Secretary General -Kofi Annan and Mo Ibrahim recently called on African youth to stop voting for old men and women above 60 years into power and I consider this a very just call.


In the public and civil service especially because people want to escape early retirement are using their “football ages”. You can see clearly that the person is too old and dying but he or she claims to be below 60 years.

It is very easy to get a birth certificate at Birth and Death Registrar so many people are faking their ages on their birth certificates. Recently a staff in an institution had his twin brother die and when the obituary of his brother was published, it was realised that his brother was 72 years meanwhile on record in the company, this staff member is 52 years. How can twins have different ages?

This situation has resulted in a choke in the public and civil service because people don’t present their rightful age. But we know that no man can cheat nature so most of them have weaknesses, diseases associated with old age etc and the company must foot the medical bills of these individuals including their families too. I consider this one too to be age corruption.

This is also another cause of unemployment in the system because the old men and women in the ministries and public services are refusing to retire so the young graduate come out of school and there is no job for them to do.

Productivity also comes with age and youthfulness is a company or national asset. The future leaders of this nation deserve to have the needed experience in the working field so they can manage the country when our elders are no more, but if many are refusing to retire, where will the young people get the needed experience for national development?

I call for an age audit in all public and civil services by the Ghana Audit Service to rid ourselves of old men and women who are refusing to retire thereby blocking the chances of the youth.


Recently a relative of mine had to retire at the age of 54 years because he claims in those days you don’t get certain travel opportunities when you are above a certain age so he added 6 years to his age, that makes him 60 years now although 54 years. Now he has been forced to retire and regrets he had to fake his age as a youth.

This is what is happening in Ghana today, people don’t use their correct age for work, passport, marriage, sports etc and I consider that to be also a social menace. Most of these players who play football outside are far above their ages but have faked their ages so they can be bought by clubs and play in the national team. When they get injured, the medicine prescribed for their ages doesn’t work well for them and they end up with so many health repucurssions.

I Know a certain man in a certain institution in Ghana that looks way above his age but on paper he is 55 years left with 5 years for retirement and when you come and see how he is molesting and frustrating the youth and their initiatives in the company, it is quite sad. They are old and due for retirement but will not leave neither will they allow the youth to thrive.

Many of them are so called “Sugar Mummies” and “Sugar Daddies” to people’s potential husbands and wives because they refuse to grow. The young girls and boys also give themselves to them at will because of money. Most old men use Viagra to service our young ladies from the monies they make from their positions they hold in public services which they refuse to retire. This certainly is a social menace. The young men and women enter into marriages without being satisfied by their partners because of the treatment they get from these oldies.

All things being equal, wisdom comes with age and we the youth of Ghana want to depend on the wisdom of the older generation to run this country but not when they compete with us for positions and stifle our initiatives, this is not fair to mother Ghana and it’s development.

I employ the youth of Ghana not to vote for anyone whether president, parliamentarian, assemblyman etc above the age of 60 years. The Constitution should be revised to allow only people between the ages of 30 to 60 years or lower to contest for public service and reject those above that age. If I can be allowed to vote at age 18 years I don’t see why I should not be allowed to hold a public office at that same age if I have what it takes?