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Quayson Writes : African Slavery Versus White Supremacy


“The independence of Ghana is meaningless until it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent” – Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana’s first president)

For those of us who understand the ideals of Nkrumahism, he meant Africans needed to break the shackles of the white supremacy over the continent of Africa not just in governance but in traditions, culture, economics, social, religious education, healthcare, media, psychological, physiological and everything related to our mindset as Africans.


Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourself can free our minds”-Bob Nester Marley (Jamaican Reggae Musician)

The late musician Bob Marley also knew that the African mind is still struggling with mental slavery and subject to white supremacy even after the slave trade had been abolished.

When you put a basket on a fowl for too long, it still refuses to move even after you have removed the basket and kicked it to move because mentally it has the basket covering notion. Is that the state of the African mindset? Well, undoubtedly so from all givings.

It is never too wrong to copy the good ways of others but not when you forget yourself.

Let’s not under estimate white people and their cunning methodical way of trying to have global dominance over the black race especially the African. Look at how they managed to colonise us as Africans, changed our traditions and cultures into their own that now we wilfully follow theirs without force or coersion from them anymore.

Our beliefs and practices are based on white norms and principles. We have abandoned ourselves and everything we do or we are today is the path the white man has created for us even our way of governance – called democracy.


Before the white advent on African soil, what was our system of governance? And what proof is there to show that white governance is above that of the African? What is the source of corruption in Africa especially? I dare say that democracy is the ultimate source of corruption in Africa. We have witnessed African leaders loot and share economic resources even in this country called Ghana but have escaped by the whimps of democracy because it looks like no one can touch them. You must follow so many rigourous and complex processes to prove a case and reclaim the stolen monies that belongs to the struggling and suffering tax payers. A case in recall is the Woyome case, where one man by dubios means obtained so much benefit from the state but has taken forever to clamp him down due to plenty legal processes promulgated by this thing called democracy.

I believe governance cannot be a straight jacket but tailor made. The African man has perculiar issues and characteristics and needs a suitable government for its nature. We as Africans practice the chieftaincy system and that is what we inherited from our ancestors. It was not marked by corruption and greed in society but decency and order of governance. If anything at all the African should weave its system of governance around chieftaincy.

The white man gave us mirror and took our gold because we failed wisdom. They took our ancestors away in slave ships and forced us to build their cities, now we call them developed countries whiles we remain a third world country. What a demeaning classification? Who gave the white man the right to put the countries of the world into category? Do they have more resources than we do?

Jomo Kinyata (First president of Kenya) said, “When the missionaries arrived, the missionaries had the Bible and the Africans had the land. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible”

Our leaders refuse to think and apply wisdom in their dealings with the whites thereby selling the liberty of our continent for a chicken change. Unwise and corrupt leaders who school abroad but cannot think properly when they arrive on the African soil, whether due to our scorching sun I cannot tell. They sat is classroom with these whites abroad but cannot rule with the same wisdom their compatriots rule outside.

African leaders mortguage our destinies to these white slave masters by collecting huge loans with high interest rates coupled with unfavourable terms and conditions. Our corrupt leaders send their children abroad for education but will not allow our educational curricula to thrive. What courses do we teach in school these days? People come out of school still as empty barrels with no tangible knowledge that is in touch with reality. We learn the queen’s language and are enslaved by it, without English you cannot get a white collar job.

“English is a language and not a measure of intelligence” – Morgan Freeman (American black actor)

Our African languages and culture are abandoned in our schools so that the African child grows up still seeing the white man as his master.

These are people that kept our ancestors in a zoo as animals for public view, raped our mothers, caused civil war in places where there are natural resources which they have interest in. They sow discord among political leaders and cause us Africans to knock our heads against each other like goats in a street bout.

In medicine the herbal and traditional medicine is seen as second class to the white man’s scientific medicines which later have adverse effect. The government has never invested in herbal and traditional medicine research, we import all our drugs and force our children to learn chemistry in our universities to understand the white man’s composite formula of manufacturing drugs. Why don’t we invest as a government into our plants and herbs that have healing properties and allocate a national budget for that?

Our arts and entertainment industries are dominated by white precepts. Our beautiful melodious songs are now infiltrated with dirty and vulgar words as the white do theirs. Our movies do not showcase our rich traditions but open kisses and scenes as a sign of civilisation. Now a child cannot sit and watch television with parents because there is bound to be kissing and from these imported TV contents called telenovelas. Most children don’t learn because they are in a rush home to watch dirty scenes on our TVs and the media houses have also seen it as a cash cow and selling this content to companies.

White technology has brought a lot of radiation and accompanying cancerous diseases. Our agric sector is infected with many poisonous weedicides and pesticides. Seeds for planting are genetically modified so are our livestock breeds. We are forced to live a life of “altered nature”. The white man believes he is greater and wiser than our God so has introduced lots of birth control pills and methods controlling the population of the world and we Africans have bought into this idealogy.

A world system has been created where everything depends on the white man. I paced in my house and it struck me that everything I have was imported and made by the white man. I walked by the streets and every car I see was not made in Ghana but imported. Imagine how we enrich these folks and we say there is no money in Ghana. Africans make white people rich because we import everything they make into our economy but export less.

Our educational curricula is structured around the white man’s idealogy so our children in our own land grow up with white mentality. The names we give our children are white names, the food we eat are white menu and the cloth we wear is white fashion even the job we do is white collar job. Look at how white culture has crept into our lives, our homes, our family system, our religion, our food, everything is the white man’s world so I ask myself, where are we blacks? What is our identity? Why have we sold our liberties to people who consider us to be low lives and monkeys?

The white man is not our God and can never be the God of the black man but we have given ourselves to willful subjection of their rulership. Many white people don’t believe in God and many blacks have fallen victims to this belief. The same people that introduced the bible to us are the same people introducing the theory of evolution. Let’s look for our identity as blacks and seek the truth about the supreme power that be.

I personally believe in God and his son Jesus Christ because of my personal encounter with the ministration of his spirit. God hardly reveals himself to people that have a stubborn heart and a stiff neck towards his works. The white man wants to prove the existence of God in a laboratory but cannot find the cure for diseases such as AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, authism etc thereby labelling it as an “incurable disease”. Could it be they are as ignorant to certain cure as they are to the existence of God? I feel sorry for my fellow blacks who have travelled abroad and have taken on the white mentality of saying there is no God. There is no God? Are you sure there is no God? Just because the white man cannot prove God to you? Blacks, let’s arise from this shackles of white mentality for even our forefathers and foremothers knew there is God, “Otwediampong Nyankopong”.

Let’s break away from the economic, religious, cultural and social prison of the white man and seek our true identity as blacks. Let’s teach our children the culture and traditions of the African. Our strength lies in our culture and tradition for that is our identity. Jesus said, a servant is not greater than his master. If we want to be greater, we must stop the willful service of slavery to the whites and live our African identity.