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Quayson Writes : Add Conscience To Journalism


It saddens my heart how the new signee to Ruff Town record, Fantana has been brought to media limelight as having been incacerated for theft in USA before. I believe this is unnecessary at this moment of her life when she is about to become a music star in Ghana and the world.

We all know that the CEO of Rufftown records has an impeccable talent of turning artist to become stars with hits upon hits. He did same for Ebony (Late), still doing for Wendy Shay and about to do for Fantana.

This a good opportunity for Ghana media to use it to promote participation of female artist in the music business but instead what are we seeing in the media, her past has been publicised as having been arrested for theft in the USA. This will definitely register in the minds of her many fans and the damaging effect no one can estimate.

I think this pull him down syndrome in our Ghanaian media landscape needs to be eschewed. The African is always accussed of this syndrome and it seems we cannot do away with it. We cannot build a sustainable soceity based on people referring to your past to pull you down when clearly God has given you the opportunity to rise, we will be fighting against God. Who does not have a bad past in the world? We all do, but it is no yardstick for anyone to use to measure your future progress or what God wants to do in your life. You find this same attitude everywhere, in our work places, churches, families, social clubs and everywhere the African gathers.

We need to rid ourselves of this mentality and push ourselves forward. We cannot hand over a legacy, a culture, a culture and a tradition of destruction to our children to come. What will this continent be like? The problem of Africa is not a resource problem because we have every resource you can think about, the problem of Africa is our attitude. The richest place in Africa is our cemeteries as many have died with their talents and gifts because they were destroyed by their fellow African of what they could become in future.

In our families it is there, we practice witchcraft without conscience and kill those who will become great to save the family. In our offices that attitude is there, we frame troubles, termination of appointments for our colleagues in offices. In politics we have that attitude there where political parties will lie about their opponents and paint damaging pictures about them. In our schools it is there, some group of students fight against their fellows because he or she is better than them. In our various houses it is there, you see neighbour’s spreading evil rumours about people just to soil their image. In our churches it is there, you see people trying to soul somebody’s name to the pastor or members of the church.

This sort of attitude will not help us to get anywhere as a continent and we need to change from that. Let us be each other’s keeper and encourage ourselves to become great in all our individual fields of endeavours. Let’s not have an evil eye for our brother’s or sister’s achievement in life but let us help push each other forward and support each other. If you will not help to champion a person’s course to success, do not destroy the person also.

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