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Quayson Writes : 31st December Night Prophecies By Fake Men Of God In Ghana

New Prophetic Craze In Ghana Today

There is this new craze in Ghana whereby every 31st December Night, we have men of God who have not finished solving their family problems and alleviating their families from poverty but come to prophesy doom for the nation. Prophesying people’s death on national television or publicly is not godly and sensible enough. Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah who in particularly I like referring to who made prophecies, were to the whole nation of Israel and how they should turn from their evil ways and seek God but today in Ghana, unless you don’t rise to the limelight then pastors will be chasing you with death prophecies.

As a “prophet” don’t you think about people’s spouses, children, family members, friends and even enemies when you are prophesying their death? What kind of nonsense and crap is this, to publicly come out and prophesying somebody’s death and Ghana Police is just looking at them? What more evidence is needed to arrest a person for threat. When someone privately threatens a person, he gets arrested in Ghana, then a whole prophet will come and prophesy somebody’s death and Ghana Police is watching with no action.

Jesus On Prophesy

Did Jesus ask Christians to be giving death prophecies or saving people’s souls to heaven? Supposing after your death prophecies someone decided to take it up to murder the people you have prophesied about because they themselves wanted to already just to fulfil your prophesy or how sure are we that you yourself did not send assassins to make sure your death prophesies come to pass?

Prophecies are to edify the church and the people of God not the world. Any prophesy about anyone not found in the sheepfold of God is a LIE. God doesn’t waste time on the devil’s own. God will not prophesy about Kuffour because he is an illuminati neither will he prophesy about Imam and Bawumia.

All those God prophesied to that are not in his house, talking about Kings is to warn them to change their ways to come to him God. Were we not in this country when a Sheikh prophesied 44% for Mahama in the general election? Who said prophecies alone can come from Christians that we have made so much trade out of it. I even consider the prophesy by the Muslim man to be more specific and credible than any Christian prophesy in Ghana.

Liars and thieves, you go and consult your oracles and come and talk this nonsense to people’s hearing. Jeremiah, Isaiah and many prophets prophesied about Israel because Israel is God’s child and was warning them to desist from their evil ways.

Prophesy – Food For God’s Children

God will not prophesy about Kwami Eugene, Kidi or Kwesi Arthur because they don’t do songs that glorify him. God prophesies to save his children and warn them. Prophesy is food for God’s children not for worldly people. You remember when Jesus told the Samarian woman that healing was food for the Jews and that he cannot give it to dogs, yet the woman insisted that dogs can eat from the crumbs that fall from their master’s table. Jesus was amazed at her response and recommended her for her faith so he healed her son for her. Infact Jesus said I have not seen such great faith not in Israel.

Those who did not belong to God had to even exhibit great faith to benefit from the things of the Kingdom of God. And you come and tell me as a man of God that Shatta Wale will die on 24th December 2018 through an accident because you know he has crowd and a good bait to come to your church for help so you can have members. What faith did Shatta Wale exhibit in God that he deserved prophesy about his death from God?

Sons Of Belzeebub

Owusu Bempah and Nigel Gaisie you are all liars. You see that I did not add prophet to your names because you don’t come from God. You speak lies and your own mind to deceive the nation. The devil can also prophesy and do miracles, read book of Revelation. The Pharisees accused Jesus of working with the Prince of devils, Belzeebub because the devil also can cast out demons and do miracles. Where there is original, we can have counterfeit too. I say this without fear or favour because I am also a child of God and I know the word of God. No one is the sole custodian of the word of God and his power but us all. Jesus told us by their fruits you shall know them. Liars!

Always using Hezekiah episode to threaten Ghanaians with death prophecies. Death prophecies are not new testament Christianity. Who did Jesus prophesy was going to die? Check the Apostles, who did they prophesy their death? They rather ressurrected dead people. Liars! And Owusu Bempah says that the prophecies are not confirmed in the realms but prayers can avert it. Such great lies, how can God speak his own words and not confirm it. Liar and a devil!

Owusu Bempah I put it to you that you are lying to Ghanaians, these prophecies did not come from God. It is a big lie. We all know Kuffour and Chief Imam are old so they can die at any moment. We know people want Bawumia and Mahama to die because every man has enemies and they are in the limelight. Even me people want me to die.

Owusu Bempah you are a big liar. God has not sent you to give these prophesies. Pastor that like women with big buttocks and has married and divorced four times with women accussing him of sleeping with them. How can such a person be a man of God deceiving those who are even educated in this country, such an illiterate. Lies Lies Lies. We need Paul Kagame to come and tackle some of these fake men of God. I remember being in his church one time and giving a member spiritual direction to use powder after bathing. I was there myself not somebody said but what I saw and heard.

Seeking “By Force” Popularity

Any prophet that seeks popularity is not from God. Let popularity seek for you. Let God himself make you popular, your members will make you popular, your works will make you popular not yourself with all kinds of stupid prophesies to cause fear and panic.

You people want to be National and International prophets by force meanwhile God has not appointed you. I heard they said Badu Kobi too says Buhari will rig the election. Just look at such nonsense! You read current affairs and you find loop holes and you want to come and play with our minds. Go and prophesy to your family members and alleviate them from poverty because you can’t come and disturb us with these your foolish prophecies in anyway.

Nigel Gaisie you said Electoral Commission is bringing a new order and that Ghanaians should reject it because if we accept it, it will bring chaos and anarchy. May I put it to you that you are thief and a liar from the devil himself. What you are rather doing is you are inciting the masses to rebel against state order which is not from God. Ghana Police must arrest Nigel Gaisies because he is inciting rebellion.

Which man of God advices a nation to rebel against state order? Did the Bible not tell us to respect state orders and pray rather for government and it’s officials? Nigel Gaisie you are a big liar from hell. Personally, I don’t think you even have the personality of a man of God. You look like a crook to me, with all this your punk and beard. Liar!

Itching Ears Of Most Ghanaians

I blame Ghanaians who have itching ears but will never learn the truth about the word of God but will troop into these churches to listen to their fake prophecies. Some of these prophets consults with other gods. Have we not seen and heard most of them exposed? Some of them sleeping with people’s wives. Kweku Bonsam walked into a church to take his idol he gave to a preacher to do God’s work. Such shame! And we follow these devils to wreck our families and nations. God punish them big time and may the curse of God follow they and their families forever and ever.

Most Ghanaian Christian are very lazy and will not learn the word of God so easily fall victims to these fake people especially the women. Some also end up sleeping with them. If you are a woman who has slept with a so called man of God you will never escape the punishment of God because you slept with a man in his name. Take the Bible, read it yourself and follow what it says. God does not listen to sinners. If you receive a miracle from a man of God and you know you are a sinner, I put it to you that it did not come from God but from the devil.

It’s not a good year for Kwami Eugene, Kwesi Arthur and Kidi- Nigel Gaisie I put it to you, you are lying. You did not prophesy about any gospel musician but wordly musician, you are a liar. You just want them to come to your church so you can have more crowd. It’s a lie from the pit of hell. Liar! I dare you. You are lying Nigel Gaisie. Me too I prophesy that infact this year will be their biggest year than ever. Liar! We don’t want prophesy we want the word of God. God does not live the church to prophesy to the people of the world. What has light got to do with darkness? Liar!

Owusu Bempah’s Death Prophecies

Take a look at some of the prophecies of Owusu Bempah and let’s assess the level of evonomic development this will bring to Ghana ;

Prophecies of Owusu Bempah for 2019

1. J. A. Kufour to die
2. Theresa Kufour to die
3. Dr. Bawumia to die
4. Mahama to be killed by an arrow.
5. Nana Addo would not die if he build the cathedral.
6. There would be development in Ghana
7. Many people would go to jail
8. Peace FM staff to die basabasa
9. Chief Imam to die
10. King of kings to die
11. Head of Nigeria to die
12. Head of Cote d’voire
13. Head of Liberia to die.

You can see that these prophecies have no bearing on economic development in any way in this country but just to create fear and panic among the populace. You can see that clearly this so called man of God was not prophesying in the name of God but himself because the God we know would have prophesied about the prosperity of Ghana but all the prophecies we are reading is all about death.

This person is not from God but directly from the devil. Anyone that is excited or prophesying about people dying is not from God but from satan because god does not want people to die like that but rather bring them a message of salvation. I therefore conclude that this so called man of god is actually an antichrist and not a prophet of God.

Remember that in the days of Elijah we had prophets of Baal who challenged Elijah to command fire from heaven and they were all killed by the servants of the most high God. This tells you that it is not only God that produces prophets but the devil can also produce prophets.

I wonder why they don’t prophesy the death of J.J Rawlings or because he is a “no nonsense” man so they are afraid to prophesy about him. The rest are soft and can easily be manipulated. They should go and prophesy to the members of Ghana Army or the Police service. Cowards who take advantage of innocent souls to seek popularity. No prophet in Ghana saw the death of Kofi Annan. Liars and thieves.

Freedom Of Speech

These prophets who prophesy death, will they not die or do they not attend funerals in their families? I don’t think Ghanaians should take them serious. The Ghana Media Commission, National Communication Authority, Ghana Journalism Association, Ghana News Agencies and the Ghana government must join forces to do away with these fake men of God who are given air time on radio to propagate lies about God.

Freedom of speech does not mean people can go on radio and spew everything that comes to their mind on national television and radio. Ghanaian Journalists should also be serious for once and bring us news that edifies the citizenry and the nation not from these miscreants calling themselves prophets. Who made them prophets? Liars!

The war in Rwanda started because of radio activities and announcements. Let’s not under estimate the activities of these men of God because with their fake prophesies they can turn the nation upside down.

Noisemaking Christians

Supposing our Muslim brothers and sisters should get offended by the prophesies given by Owusu Bempah and decide to turn against Christians or attack his church, what do you think will happen in this country?

Is it only Christians we have in this country? Why should they use their prophesies to disturb other religions in this nation? Christians don’t have more right than any other religion in this country so must learn to shut up with their prophesies and messages. They can preach to the world and society but must apply wisdom not this kind of messages in the name of God to cause fear and panic in this country.

Let’s keep bashing these last days liars, they will stop eventually. When they realise we don’t take the prophesies serious they will stop and very soon they will be out of business. Ghana is not the only country that has Christians in it but you hardly hear people prophesying rubbish in developed countries like America, USA, Germany, Canada etc but it is only in African countries where the people are lazy with knowledge that these fake prophesies thrive.

Who has seen God before? Absolutely no one in the world, neither can anyone claim to have seen the devil. Your neighbour is the God or the devil . How you treat your neighbour is what God will use to judge us when the end comes so these so called prophets should stop disturbing us with their fake prophesies and teach us how to treat our neighbours so we can make heaven.

Some More Lies In The Name Of God

Badu Kobi also prophesied on UTV in 2018 that Mugabe will die and that he saw him laid in state and it never happened. We are in 2019 now, such lies in the name of God. If you say God said and it doesn’t happen, you make God a liar and you mislead the followers.

T.B Joshua prophesied that Hillary Clinton will win American election but Donald Trump rather wonnit, that is also another fake prophesy and can only come from a fake man of God. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams prophesied that the city of Israel will shift to Jerusalem and after there will be a rebuilding of the temple of God. Has the city moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem yet under Trump and has there being a rebuilding of any temple? Such lies from the pit of hell in the name of God. Do you have to speak when God has not asked you or we consider God to be dumb so we always have to lie on his behalf?

Men of Devil – Convenient Lies

A so called man of God prophesied to me that something evil was about to happen to me, gave me date and time. The truth is I really didn’t believe him but once a while I prayed about it. The truth is it happened at the said time but the factors he prophesied about didn’t really happen that way. So after everything I went back to him and this time he prophesied good to me and gave me also a said time. The good thing he prophesied has not happened up till now but the evil he prophesied did. In the end they will tell you it is your faith. I didn’t have faith in your evil prophesy too but it happened anyway at the exact time you gave me but the good prophesies which has not come through you want me to believe it’s my faith or perhaps I am not praying enough.

These are not men of God but men of Devil. I am not suprised because devils cast out devils by the power of devils ( Belzeebub) so let’s beware. Infact that church, I was invited by someone and came out with troubles the moment I stepped there. Someone analysed that Daddy Lumba Junior (Anokye Supremo) had his eye problem because he went to Obinim’s church and I am not suprised. A pastor prophesies that Ebony will die through an accident and she did. Another prophesied that Shatta Wale will die through an accident on a said date and it didn’t happen yet people will still go to his church in the face of this convenient lies.

Let’s wise up in Christ Jesus.

Football League

Someone sent me some prophesies in 2019 via WhatsApp and in it, there was which team was going to win Champions league, Europa Cap, Spanish La Liga and English Premier league. I was suprised how God will leave the church and be prophesying about premier leagues? This does not come from God. I even consider the works of astrologers and palm readers more effective than so called prophecies from men of God.

Death of Mugabe

In the list of prophecies was the death of Mugabe also mentioned. We all know that Mugabe is above 90 years of age and certainly nearing his death bed but it’s as if these prophets want to use his death to gain popularity in this African continent. Every year prophets prophesy that Mugabe is going to die.

Why are we pushing the former president of Zimbabwe to die suddenly? Is that a pleasant thing that while somebody is alive you calling yourself a man of God publicly come out and prophesy of his death? This is very senseless, childish and immatured. And by the way, will these men of God turn into stones and never die on this earth as they’re prophesying death for other people?

I think it’s just getting too much and there must be a deliberate effort on every part and on every Ghanaian to shun these. I even urge Ghanaians to mount a protest on the streets to fight against this so called men of God so that the government can intervene and close down there churches or put them into order. They are reckless, thieves and are as corrupt as most government officials.

Terrorist attacks

Another prophecy that made the list is also terrorist attack around the world. My question is, is this not happening already in the world? Why should a man of God come to prophesy to us that the year 2019 there going to be terrorist attack when it is already happening is this a prophecy? I am of the view that United Nations, USA and world bodies that fight against terrorism should clamp down on some of these churches because they are causing fear and panic and rather instigating terrorist attacks in the world.

Kindly take a look at these prophecies someone sent me and judge by yourselves whether they are credible or not and perhaps you can monitor whether it will happen in 2019 or not;


Let us pray for the manifestations of the positive ones and pray as well to avert the negative ones.

Note: Every prophetic word is a prayer topic.

General Prophecies:

1. In the calendar of God, 2019 is a year of massive revival for the church(body of Christ).
2. 2019 is also a year of new beginnings for certain “nations of God.”
3. 2019 is a year that is “tough and rough” but those who know their God they shall be strong and do exploits.
4. 09/09/19 and 19/09/19 are two mysterious dates that must be decoded and observed.
5. Divine empowerment of special apostolic mantles upon some servants of God to replace certain servants of God who have compromised and disappointed God, and to bring revival into the nations.
6. Divine wealth empowerment on the part of God’s faithful ones for Kingdom building.
7. Manifestation of end time signs and warnings in relation to biblical prophecies.
8. Eclipse of the sun and moon in certain parts of our world – a sign to world leaders.
9. A tail of a great dragon in the sky will crash many aircrafts.
10. Persuasion and enforcement of economic policies and strategies by a superior world organisation and leaders for the implementation of the one world order.
11. Establishment of democracy in Arab countries by the Pope and top world leaders in order for the one world order agenda to be fulfilled.
12. The world will loose and mourn the death of former and current leaders of nations, and these include presidents, kings, queens ,prime ministers national diplomats, etc.

13. A new national Imam for the Islamic community.
14. Evil conspiracies by some pastors and politicians for the prosecution and imprisonment of one prominent pastor.
15. Home Call of one veteran pentecostal evangelist.
16. Massive ministerial and state appointees reshuffle.
17. Prosecution and imprisonment of corrupt individuals in both the past and current government.
18. The Flag of the NDC party will be ‘lifted up’ again but will not come to power.
19. The 2020 election is a repetition of the 2012 election
20. If the “Sun” fails to rise on the 30th August as the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces then the “Moon” will graciously take its position.
21. Great sacrifice has been made by some prophets and politicians to overturn the misfortunes that have befallen the economy, but still it will take five years more for the economy to become the ‘good’ they desire and expect.
22. Completion and fulfilment of many governmental projects and promises.
23. Central Region will lose and mourn the death of a former minister and M.P. of the late president Atta Mills’ regime.
24. Death of a former popular supreme court judge.
25. Workers reshuffle in the Electricity Company of Ghana, which will lead to electricity crisis but for a short time.
26. Witchcraft meeting in Kumasi by the West African Witchcraft Association (WAWA) which has its head quarters in Benin to decide next African country that can be enslaved for satan.
27. Serious health problem on the part of the Speaker of Parliament which can lead to tragedy.
28. Demise of a popular C.O.P who has his eyes on the I.G.P position.
29. Demonic agenda of occultic pastors and politicians for a total takeover in the country.
30. Humiliation on the part of fake pastors who uses the name of God in vain.
31. Evil conspiracy by some veteran politicians in N.P.P against Bawumiah to avert his chances of becoming president in the future.
32. National mourning of a great leader in Ghana
33. Media manipulation against the N.P.P government.
34. Ghana Boxing Association will mourn the death of a legend.
35. Ghana music industry will mourn again the death of a popular singer (highlife legend).
36. Disappointment on the faces of the Black Star players leading to the sack of the head coach .
37. Discovery of a new mineral resource in Ghana.
38. Certain deities and powers are angry and determined to continue the innocent bloodshed through accidents due to unfulfilled vows by politicians, made to them during the 2016 election.
39. Until the “Lion” in the N.D.C party is tamed, Mahama will continue to be an ex-president.
40. An assassin has been hired from a foreign country by “a victim” to gun down Anas Aremeyaw Anas. If his “gods” fail to protect him, he will be assassinated in April, 2019.
41. Evil desire and agenda to forcefully overthrow the king and takeover the Ashanti throne by a nephew of the king who has been empowered by certain powers.
42. More and heavy rain falls especially in the Northern and Southern parts of Ghana.
43. Very hot temperature conditions as well as very cold conditions.
44. Demonic Altars have been established on the roads of Ghana by occultic pastors to collect blood for their demonic ambitions
45. Missing of children and babies, especially in the hospitals

46. National mourning of a former leader in Zimbabwe.
47. President Akuffo Addo of Ghana to be honoured as the Chairman of ECOWAS.
48. An African president will be assassinated but his assassins will never be found.
49. Civil war in two (2) African countries.
50. The African Cup is in the hands of the Senegalese coach. if all things being equal he will lift up the cup.
51. Health problems on the part of the former CAF president which can lead to tragedy.
52. Mohamed Salah of Egypt will win the best African player of the year.
53. Presidential election in Togo which will be manipulated in favour of the president.
54. Confusion and blood shed in the Nigerian election, which will bring many Nigerians to Ghana.

The Rest Of The World
55. Transfer of power in the British monarchy
56. President Donald Trump of USA, Buhari of Nigeria and Akuffo Addo of Ghana are all destined for one term presidency. Any means and manipulation to go for a second term will lead to chaos and anarchy .
57. One Brazilian football legend will kick the bucket.
58. Another terrorists attack against America.
59. A disaster in California.
60. A great funeral for the Roman Catholic Church.
61. Juventus will retain the Italian league title.
62. PSG will retain the French league title.
63. Borussia Dortmund will set a record for the first time in the German league.
64. Liverpool will outshine Man City for the English premier league title.
65. Chelsea will see the Europa cup but cannot lift it.
66. The Europa cup is in the hands of Arsenal and Sevilla.
67. The champions league cup is in the hands of Lionel Messi and will lift it for the last time for Barcelona if he get the needed support from his team mate.
Note: We see in part and we prophecy in part. all negative prophecies can be averted if one seeks the face of God.
Delivered on the 27th of December by Dr. E.K.A

Does these qualify as prophecies or they are just predictions by any smart mind? Notice how it ended with the initials of the so called man of God and not his full name. These are just lies, predictions and not prophesies. They should stop lying to us and it is you and I that must rise up and speak against such practices especially in Charismatic churches.

We have so many church denomination in the world but it’s only charismatics that are disturbing us with prophecies. We have Roman Catholic, Methodist Church, Anglican, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Church of Latter Days Saints etc. Why always the Charismatic churches? Or God does not live in this other denominations? It is a question that begs for an answer.

Court Action

Someone should just take one of these fake prophets to court and these fake death prophecies will stop one time. I believe that prophesying of somebody’s death is display of intent enough of which can be prosecuted at the law court. How can you tell someone who is healthy and walking that you will die this year? If this is not threat then I don’t know what threat is in our laws?

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