Quayson Wites : Laugh At The Devil – He Is Scared Of Your Future

I know there are good people out there who have a very good heart and good mind towards life and the world but the system of the world is denying them their successes but worry not and be strong in Christ Jesus. People of the world are denying good people their successes and opportunities because they are chosen of Satan and he works through them.

The study of witchcraft will let you know that there are blind witches. The are people the devil is using but they are not aware, a typical example is Judas and Peter. That is why God said love your enemies and pray for them. It is your prayer that will save them. The Bible says and the devil entered Judas. It also says the devil desired to sift Peter as wheat but Jesus said I have prayed for you already.

The devil is the one that made Peter deny Jesus three times. Someone could have fallen from this experience and not rise again but prayer sustained Peter. May I submit to you that the reason you are suffering or struggling in life is because you are chosen by God. Look, let me tell you this, believe it or not but if you were a child of Satan, the world will make it so easy for you to succeed and you will easily become acceptable everywhere you go.

Doors, opportunities and favour will just be opening for you everywhere just like that. But because you are a candidate of heaven, I tell you for sure that you will not have it easy in this world we are living because God has placed a mark on your life and the devil has seen it so he will make life unbearable for you to an extent you might even think you are cursed or there is something wrong you have done or because of the kind of family you come from or your past sins, the country you were born into etc.

The devil does not cause your suffering and struggle alone but he will give you good tangible reasons why you are suffering in life. I know there are people are out there who have actually done no wrong to anybody and you have actually prepared yourself for life and for success but the world is not allowing. At times the world will use your past against your life, the world will convict you of your past deeds, the world will stigmatize you with a deformity, a sickness or a disease, the world will accuse you and flag your past records to you and give you a thousand and one reasons why you don’t deserve to succeed.

Look my brother, my sister just relax in God and take a cruise. Just rest in the Lord and trust in him completely, He knows what he is doing in your life. Infact if I want to tell you the maltreatments and mistreatments I have been subjected to in this world, this message will not end today. The world has indeed been very cruel to some of us but because we have understanding in God, we just keep on enjoying the experience and laughing at the devil all the time. Look, I have reduced the devil to the most nonsense degree and insignificant personality in my in my life that, I don’t respect by all his moves.

To me the devil belongs to only one place in my life, which is under my feet. Infact I am always thanking Satan for leading me to Christ because his afflictions and denial in my life led to Jesus and I have never regretted the experience. The same foolish led him to crucify Christ and as a result millions and billions of people have been saved to God’s kingdom. I cannot finish recounting all the experiences I have had with Satan but I always come out victorious in Christ Jesus. I am always laughing at the devil.

The devil has tried several times to make me so uncomfortable in this world and has tried to take my life away from me not less than ten to twenty times in my existence on this Earth but has always failed. I have had so many countless accidents, had my right leg broken before and then the left one too broken before. He tries this and I ask him provoking questions, I ask him so how many times do professional footballers have their legs broken? Devil you can’t stop me with broken legs, I will move on in life.The devil has tried stigmatising me, disgracing me, spoiling my name and everything but I am still solid as gold in my faith towards God.

Look, I can lose everything but I can never lose my faith in God. Some of us have been called mad in Christ because we experienced his presence in our life and still do but we keep on moving, nothing will stop us from reaching our goal. The devil tried to arrest us and jail us in life but it amounted to nothing. Everytime I keep laughing at Satan and asking him, Mr. Devil what next? Is that all you can do? Shame to you Devil.

I never knew I had a great future until he started tormenting my life and I said to myself I will serve God the more and God too started opening my eyes to my future and I am so thankful to Satan. Anytime something evil happens to my life, the first thing I check for is my faith. I check if my faith is intact. If my faith is only intact, I just laugh at the troubles or problems and I tell myself that this one too will come to pass.

I have gotten to a point in my life where I am always asking the devil, what next? Because I have survived all his attacks and I keep getting stronger and stronger in faith. There are certain things that when they happen in my life, I just sit down and be laughing and I tell myself am I that important that the devil keep on tormenting me so? Then I become more curious about my future, it turns me rather to Christ and I stay focus because I know there is something great coming.

Just a few weeks ago after surviving a major accident in my village in 2017, I was preparing a message in the back seat of the vehicle I was sitting and a trailer with 40 feeter container, two of them from nowhere just came to hit only my side. There was a very loud explosion like that of a dynamite or a knockout or a bomb explosion, but could you believe I was so much into my typing it did not even tickle me. I just turned my head look at the trailer that has just hit my side with this huge container on it and I just turned back to my typing. I did not care and was not worried at all. Infact it was the noise of the other passengers that deeply arose my curiosity. Everybody was just shouting, the mate, the driver and the passengers. A huge crowd was drawn to the scene and I was just typing, I didn’t bother and was not scared. I got down from the vehicle took another vehicle and left all of them there with their shouts and scuffles. I sat in the next vehicle and continued typing my message. Mind you the truck hit my side only. Why am I telling you this? The fear is the master of fear, he can see my future in the Lord and in ministry and has been doing everything from my infancy till date to put fear in me or to cause me to give up on God but with every temptation, I keep getting stronger and stronger everyday.

So my question to the devil is, what next? What next because I have already conquered this world which is not yours by the way originally but was delivered to you by the sin of man. What next because God has settled in my heart that until I finish my purpose in life, I have a permanent agreement with God that I cannot die. Am I just saying this? No, I actually live this faith. In most of write-ups I end by saying, ‘Quayson Never Dies’. It is not pride, it is an open declaration that I have eternal life in Christ Jesus. Even if I die, my works will live on and my spirit and soul will be alive in Christ till eternity.

May be when you see me in town you can also call me ‘Quayson Never Dies’. We have pass the level of Satan trying to scare us or play gimmicks with our lives. We don’t count poverty, we don’t count shame, we don’t count troubles, problems or tptations, we don’t count rejections, accidents and failures, we don’t count anything and nothing will discourage us because we have Christ Jesus.

The devil is the most poorest creature on this Earth if you don’t know let me tell you. Let me prove it to you, apart from sin just pin point one thing around you that Satan created? I tell you, you will find none. The devil did not every create a mango leave, everything was created by God including the brains used to create all the artificial things and technology you see.

Satan is not a creator and has created nothing in this world so how can he promise you of wealth? It’s impossible and complete deceit, he wants your soul in hell with him. Look, let me tell you that if Satan gets the chance he will repent and follow Jesus because he knows the lake of fire and sulfur ahead of him but the thing is, he has been condemned but you have life in Christ Jesus and a chance to be saved to he is envious of you and wants to destroy your life.

I know I am an enemy of Satan and anyone possessed of the devil will never like me because I carry the spirit and the light of God. So I easily get to know those who have a bad spirit from the good ones when I enter a place because I have God’s presence and anointing in my life. You will usually find those having a bad spirit very uncomfortable around me and some will come out to oppose you, it is then I separate the wheat from the chaffs.

We are mighty men and we have God’s presence with us so we intimidate Lucifer and all his disciples. I am an ambassador of Christ and I will use the medium of preaching and writing to expose how useless the devil is in this world everyday so don’t serve him with your spirit, soul and body.God can make you rich and very prosperous in the world that it will beat human imaginations and dazzle Satan and all your enemies.

I have said several times that in this world if I don’t become the richest, I will either be the second or the third. You might laugh at me but that is my faith and I have been declaring this for God knows how long. I am yet to meet a man I want to be like because I know what I am pregnant with so I find it difficult to envy anybody because my dream is bigger than anything I have seen any man possess.

So why you mock me and make fun of me in my situation, I just laugh at you in my head and I tell myself tomorrow we shall all see. The Bible says the just shall live by faith, I have nothing on this Earth, all I have is my faith and my faith is enough for me in everything and in every situation. God is enough for me, Jesus is enough for me.

Some little hunger and thirst, difficulty, pain, struggle, suffering and rejection in life are too small to keep us away from Christ and it can never make us think we have failed in life. Never! We are Financial Giants, we are kingdom fighters, we are warriors and soldiers in life, we are strong, we are bold and we are powerful, we are too confident in Christ Jesus. The devil is scared of us and our future, what we will become but we are all sorted in Christ. I use this opportunity to invite you to Christ and into my future and you will see how useless the devil is on this Earth in your life.

God bless you as you read. The Devil is a liar. Quayson never dies.

Quayson The Writer

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