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Quayson The Writer : The Minister Who Broke The Confidence Of An Intern

minister tells off intern

The Minister of Sanitation, Mrs Cecilia Abena Dapaah is reported to have “rudely” turned down an interview from an intern, Ms Rahinatu Abdul Bach of Adom FM when she called her for an interview on the basis that she was an intern. The Minister of State is totally wrong for abusing the intern of Adom Fm 106.3 Fm that way.

Why will she want to dumpen the spirit of someone being nurtured to practice her trade? Did she just become a Minister at a go? Was she never at the same age as this young intern? Clearly the Minister has displayed she is heartless and not ready to assist young people to climb the ladder of success. We don’t need such people as Ministers of State in our dear country.

Oh! So the intern should call who? The Minister must tell us. The Constitution must spell out who is fit or credible to call a Minister. She rather does not respect Ghanaians and the people that put her there and not the intern who doesn’t respect. She should look for the dictionary meaning of a Minister. She is displaying her ignorance at the highest order . A Minister is a servant to the people, not the other way round. Does she not have interns working at her ministry who she interacts with on daily basis?

Is she not a Minister for Ghanaians including the said intern? It’s sad and it’s pride. What is wrong if an intern under the supervision of a chief editor calls you a Minister of State to ask you questions about a country she is part of? The Minister is not deep enough and she must not be allowed to continue in her post because she is in to serve herself not the people. If you can’t answer just a phone call from an intern, a tax payer whose money is used to pay you, then what kind of Minister are you?

We expect the government to chastise her for her rather unpleasant behaviour. Were we not in this country when a DCE asked someone, ‘are you my co-equal, who said tweaaa? ‘ and was sacked? The Minister of State is totally wrong to say those things to the intern. Did the intern abuse her in anyway or act unprofessionally towards her? She the Minister, must henceforth not eat, sleep or buy fuel as a Minister of State because those farmers, Masons and fuel attendants are way below her level as a Minister for her to enjoy their products or services. She should also not visit the saloon because the hairdressers there are not graduates or low below her standards.

If you use MTN or any mobile network as a Minister of State, the voice record that tells you, the number you are calling is switched off or out of coverage area, do you know the status of that voice? You can listen to an automated recorded voice of telecommunication networks but you can’t contain the interview of an intern? Was the intern speaking gibberish or English that she could not comprehend and answer her? She should go to Awudome Cemetary and Korle lying there, that will teach her a lesson to drop her pride henceforth. The Minister must understand that her school qualifications are her personal property but her office as a minister is for all Ghanaians including the foetus in the womb impregnated yet to be born.

You see why sometimes, soceity doesn’t want to give power to some women? ‘Too known’ will kill them. So you are a Minister so what? If you conduct and respect yourself people will respect you, you don’t demand respect by force. Is she better than the woman at Makola who sells wares for her household to buy, cook and eat? We are tired of people looking down on others in this country. We are all Ghanaians and voters for that matter. No one has ten thumbs but one and we demand equal rights, justice and respect accross board.

Are you more than every other Ghanaian who voted and put your government into power? You are a minister in your office and we follow protocol when it comes to documents and approaching your office in government matters but not when a trainee under instruction calls you. This thing you have done to your fellow woman can break her confidence for life. She is a very bad minister and pressure groups must call on her to resign.

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