Quayson The Writer : Opposition & Incumbent Parties In Africa – A Tale Of Sadness

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Incumbent Government In Africa

An incumbent government in Africa is a political party that won power decisively through an election mostly rigged though. So they now have control over resources which they will by all means mismanage with massive corruption and get the country nowhere in 4 to 8 years time.

They only come to power to correct some of the mistakes the opposition party did when they were in power so the people will think they are doing something but actually they are doing nothing. They share the juiciest positions and contracts among family and friends and only depend on figures from IMF and World bank to hail themselves but they have no clue as to where the economy is going.

They create massive unemployment because of their bad policies just for the sake of change but impact is zero anyway. The people continue to suffer under their term but encourage themselves because they enjoy fat pays, allowances and per diems.

They travel all over the world and remind themselves how they suffered during times in opposition and tell themselves, let the people cry, they will stop when they are tired, election time we go and give them some roads, water and electricity, they will vote for us. We will even given them ‘b3ntua’ for their votes.

An incumbent government in Africa is one that will supress the media for them not to voice out and create meaningless jobs for the people because those jobs cannot take the people home with their take home pays.

For businesses, you can only benefit from their term if you ever sponsored them during campaign else forget it, they will close you down or your business will suffer. An Incumbent government in Africa is one that will send their children to school abroad because opposition did the same when they were in power.

An incumbent government in Africa is one that brutalises the people with military power because they want those in opposition to fear. An incumbent is one that makes a ‘chop bar’ operator a minister of state and a military man a health or agriculture minister. An incumbent government is one that will find ways and means to print new currencies so they can steal a chunk of it for election purposes.

An incumbent is one that targets the stronghold of the opposition party, especially their chiefs and try to sort them out, the moment they come to power so they can win some favour and support from them. An incumbent government in Africa is one that tries to woo the ‘top guns’ in the opposition party with contracts, benefits and positions to weaken oppositional impact in the next election.

An incumbent government in Africa is one that mostly betrays it’s foot soldiers once they get to power so they also start looking fo ways and means to stifle the initiatives of government or make it unpopular among the masses so they can all fall back to square one in the next election.

An Opposition Party In Africa

An Opposition party in Africa however is one that is foolishly realising it’s mistake when it was in power. They created, looted and shared. They thought to themselves, we own the thumbs of the voters so they will vote for us by all means.

An opposition party in Africa is one that has been given an ‘upper cut’ by voters because they were overly corrupt and did not think about the people. An opposition party is one that inflated prices of government procurements and over invoiced their ministries, departments, agencies, municipalities and districts because they said to themselves, to hell with the taxpayer, we suffered before getting here, let us ‘chop chop tomorrow we die’.

An opposition party in Africa is one that is biting it’s fingures at the reserve bench because they know how much incumbent will be ‘chopping’ in power but they cannot make it public because they themselves were using that same strategy to steal. Opposition parties in Africa usually knows all the strategies in stealing the taxpayers money because they were once in power so their complains must be taken serious by the voter.

Opposition parties in Africa have now become ‘by force’ refrees especially on government spending not because they care about the people but because it pains them of all the commissions, kickbacks, monies that will be going to people’s pockets in government. An opposition party in Africa is an irresponsible party that has lost an election because of over complacency.

An opposition party is a party that will come to power in the next 4 to 8 years after incumbent to continue with the lies and ‘chop chop’ because by all means the voters will get tired of incumbent and will want a change if they are not only stampeded by military power who are tired of chewing raw corn and gari in the jungle whiles the big men drive in their V8s.

When the military strikes those who suffers most are the taxpayers whose monies were used in buying this same military weapons. An opposition party in Africa is one that has stolen enough money that should last it for the next 8 years because they know that is when they will come to power.

The African Voter

Where do you stand as an African voter now? Is it with the incumbent or with the opposition party? In the end you can see especially that both the incumbent and opposition has no good plan for the taxpayer. It is my belief that if both the incumbent and opposition are made to work towards a 50 or 100 years development plan for the country, it will be going somewhere. Not those who will waste every precious time to correct the mistakes of a past government instead of continuing on the developmental agenda the first government left off.

Until we can get to this level in our African democratic pursuit, the continent will just be going in circles and at every turn we will have ‘thieves and liars’ in suit and tie who will come and take power in turn after every 4 to 8 years if we are not blessed with a Coupe d’etat or war.

Let’s be wise as a people and know that both opposition and incumbent parties are not in our interest as they have evidently shown us over the years. Let’s call them to order and seek our interest first as voters with pressure groups, the media, international bodies and every means we can adopt to ensure they don’t continue to dupe the continent at the expense of the voter’s suffering.

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