Quayson The Writer : Most Ghanaian Businesses Lack Consistency

See why I always bash some Ghanaian businesses, some are just not serious. One very common thing they all lack is CONSISTENCY. Most Ghanaian businesses and organisation, churches, soceities are not consistent. You cannot use them to plan anything, they will disappoint you when you need them most.

I have noticed this traits with countless businesses in Ghana and by my experience there is almost no Company I have not dealt with or know their head office. Trust me, I was once a Credit Control Officer for a multinational Company that almost dealt with all the major companies in Ghana and in most of their transactions I fronted for them so don’t doubt me. So I know what I am saying not by hearsay but by living physical and tangible experience.

You this meat pie seller, I just discovered your stands just last week and infact her pastries are very unique in taste so at times I will divert my course since last week to buy from your stands. Even if I would normally not ply that route because of your unique product, I pass by. The whole of the day I have banked my hope on her pastries as midmorning breakfast just to come and meet her absence. I am like how? Only one week of doing business with you and I cannot rely on you? Now I am disappointed and don’t know what to eat.

Imagine a competitor offers me something tastier or better and she looses me as a customer and I don’t buy from her again and also looses other customers, her sales will start fallen and then the next thing you know she has gone looking for Prophet Kumchacha. Basic application of wisdom and common sense, we lack in business and we blame it on spirituality. This is completely absurd.

Someone will tell me may be you don’t know the reason, she might be sick or something but that is not an excuse because in business you must train and delegate in your absence. There is no day a customer must be served with an excuse instead of product or service. You will never find a Lebanese or an Indian who will vacate his business for another person, they get involved themselves so their business grows.

Go and do and deep check and it is either she has gone for a funeral or may be a boyfriend somewhere has captured her so she decides not to sell today. This might look like a minute example but I amplify it to the business world in Ghana generally.

Many people in Ghana are just not serious with their business so foreigners will come and make profits and go leaving us with our chaffs. Oh yes! They will marry and impregnate our beautiful women too because we are not serious. If you must be in your country for somebody to leave his land to come and employ you then there is a problem somewhere.

We are all victims of this lackadaisical attitude towards business and jobs and it does not make us progress. You are a manager or a director of a foreigner Company, that should not make you happy? We work for some but I for one I am not so enthused about that situation. All this your big tie and suit you have been employed by a foreigner in your own country. You are not a big man or woman as you think.

As for me I am yet to be a big man because mostly I work for people but I have it in mind to be established on my own one day. We need our own businesses and Ghanaian companies so our money and prosperity can stay here. Just some few thoughts I thought I should toss to whom it may concern.

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