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Quayson The Writer : Delayers, Wasters And Observers

Emmanuel Quayson

One group of people you must detach yourself from if you want to make an impact on earth is the above mentioned group of people.


Delayers are people that will not foster, promote or be part of your vision but they will hold on to the means or resources of you achieving your vision in life. They delay everything in your life yet they themselves are getting nowhere. Delayers are very strong people in your life that if you don’t take care it will be impossible for you to detach yourself from them.

Dalayers may come with very strong relationship or affiliation in your life that it might be actually impossible to separate yourself from them. Some may actually be family and friends. Delayers are people that could also hold a superior position over you or people you rely on.

Delayers can also be your surbordinates. When they are your superiors, they make sure you don’t get promoted or what is best for you or in your interest. Delayers are those that stifle your initiatives and sit on your promotion. They discourage you alot and are the first to accuse you in anything. If they are your subordinates, they usually sabotage you and do not give you the necessary support.

They delay all your projects and are usually full of excuses. They search through your documents, files, computers, phone record etc just to look for something to use against you. Among the three groups, delayers are the most dangerous of them all. They usually form alliance with outsiders to get you out of your position.

Delayers have a very bad mind about you and can cause your downfall easily if you give them the chance. You find them reporting to to your superiors and sending office matters to them just to secure their favour. Delayers are also the most insecured among the three groups and usually not good with their jobs or positions. In an organization they use more of relationships to maintain their positions than performance.

Delayers intermeddle in black magic alot and are very poisnous. Delayers are the snakes around you who can bite you at any least chance they get. When delayers are females in an organization, they will normally sleep with most of the big men at the top to maintain their position and the top men use them to sideline your position as a superior.

Delayers if they are females will tempt you with if you are not strong you fall to them and they use you. Delayers don’t care if they are married or not they will sleep with you. Delayers are those who can even pay an assassin to eliminate you. Delayers don’t like you at all and in most cases are jealous of you.

Delayers can poison your food or water. You must be very careful with delayers. Delayers can frame a case or trouble for you that can lead to your sack or end you in jail. You usually pick fights with delayers more often than not because their intention is to get you out.

Delayers never see any good thing about you if you even cut your head for them, all they want is for you to fail or even die. Delayers can abort your mission or destiny on earth if you don’t deal with them wisely.


Wasters are people that their interest lies in scattering your opportunities and resources including your time, energy, connections and investments. Wasters are the same as destroyers. They represent Satan in your life, their agenda is to destroy all you have laboured for in life and make sure you go nowhere.

They usually come as friends in your life too. A waster can also be your child or even a spouse. Wasters are also people that are very close to you and most often than not they are in your life based on your own permission or legal grounds.

Wasters are normally those who will ill-advice you just to waste your substance. They will lead you into decisions and places to waste your money and opportunity. A waster will never allow you to make good use of your time and are usually people that have not achieved much in life themselves.

A waster’s main agenda is to get you to the level they are or worse. Wasters are those who maintain the ‘Pull Him Down’ attitude. They don’t like to see good in you, they will influence you with women, drinks, parties, bad investments etc for you to waste your substance.

The prodigal son in the Bible found himself among wasters. Kiki Gyan of former Osibisa band also found himself among wasters and you could see their end. Wasters are people that never give you an advice that will help improve your life. They normally tag along your life for only the fun moments. They are nowhere to be found when trouble emerges.

Wasters are the first group of people to desert you when there is trouble and they are the people we joke with alot. A waster knows most of your secrets and almost follows you everywhere. They may even be known to most of your friends and family.

Wasters are people you consider not to be harmful at all but directly or indirectly they are the one behind your woes. When a waster has a spiritual diabolic power against your life, you will need to be extremely prayerful. A waster can be your own mother, wife, son, daughter, mother-in-law, friend, sibling etc and you will never know they are the ones fighting your life spiritually. A waster will make you face life like someone fetching water with a basket, you will gain nothing if you don’t stand and fight in prayer hard.


Observers are people that will sit on the fence, not help you but normally have a negative mindset towards what you are doing that you should fail. These group of people actually show you they don’t care much about what goes on in your life but inside of them they pray for you to fail.

Observers are usually gossips and don’t usually see any good thing about you. When a waster teams up with an observer in your life your issues will be out there through gossip and they can easily finish you. An observer are usually not your best of friends or family but you cannot avoid relating with them too.

Observers can be your not too distant relatives like Aunties and Uncles, neighbours, class mates and school mates, church mate, friend of your friends, in a different department in the same company from yours etc. Observers can easily be avoided but because they look harmless we often try to be nice to them.

You will be very suprised the depth of information an observer has about you. If a stranger seeks information about you, pray he doesn’t encounter your observer, you are finished. An observer will tarnish your image and say things about you as if they are close to you.


In all this Christ has come to set us free from this group of people and the way to deal with them is separation and prayer. You need to be more prayerful when you discover this type of people in your life and you must also take practical steps to separate yourself from them else when they get you, they will undo your whole life.

Do a self audit of your life and identify these three categories of people in your life and do what is needful, prayers and separation. One common thing among these set of people in your life is they operate with envy and jealousy and all they want for you is to see you fail. Nothing in the world cures envy or jealousy not even prayer so the best way is to separate yourself from them. Do not hate them but keep them at an arm’s length and don’t let them know your secrets.

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