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Quayson The Writer : Check Your Foundations – Destroyed Foundations

laying bulding foundation

Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

This question begs for divine answers. Infact one group of people that suffer most in the world is righteous people. There are many reasons to that, the chief of which is because we don’t belong to this world but to a promised heaven we are waiting for. This is a general cross every righteous person must carry on earth.

I the writer have experienced my fair share of suffering and hate in this world because I am a follower of Christ Jesus. If I was to be of this world, the world will love me and give me the best of everything but because we are not of the world, the world will deny you so many things and you have to suffer.

But we understand the road we have taken and prepared to die for it so whatever the world is giving us is too small compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. Apostle Paul said, our sufferings today is not worthy to be compared to the glory to come. So I personally love to suffer for the sake of Christ, so if you sit there and judge my life, guess how I see you? I spare you my words.

Anyway that is just an account for readers to know that suffering is part of the kingdom we are to enter. You can’t enter God’s kingdom if you are not a rugged Christian with crude unbreakable faith. I always laugh at people who think I am in a corner because to me I actually enjoy it and I know I am fulfilling scripture. Suffering is part of the entry requirements to enter God’s kingdom. Let’s stop preaching ‘ice cream’ gospel to our congregants because we want money. Suffering for God is righteousness.

Let me not veer from my main subject. However some righteous people suffer wrongly and it is only prayer that can bring them out especially in Africa. In Africa there is a problem with our foundations. Our forefathers and mothers did abominable acts and polluted our foundations. They sacrificed to idols even human blood and killed so many missionaries in Africa. These acts brought curses upon alot of families in Africa. This is why David is asking that if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?

You have noticed how hard you have worked and fought in life but things are just not going through for you, check your foundations. You loose jobs suddenly, check your foundations. You have been married several times, check your foundations. Opportunities slip through your fingers, check your foundations. Misfortunes affect your life, check your foundations. You are plaqued with certain sicknesses and diseases, check your foundations etc. Check your foundations as a righteous man or woman. Do a self audit or family assessment.

In this world things don’t just happen for happening sake if not for the sake of Christ. If you are suffering because of the Gospel you know but if you know your suffering does not come because of the work of the Gospel as a righteous man, your foundations is responsible. What foundations have you laid yourself, your family and friends, business wise etc?

That could be the cause of your problem. Have you been engaged in secret sin, abortion, blood convenants, consulted with farmiliar spirits, witchcraft, Mallams, juju men and women etc? That is your source of problems in life. Your foundation has been polluted and nothing good can be built on it unless you destroy the old foundations and build a new one.

Your new foundation must be Jesus. Jesus is the answer to all your life’s problems. Jesus is able to destroy the old waste and the place of desolation and lay for you the right foundation for ministry, business, work, marriage, children, opportunities etc. Jesus Christ is the foundation, the pillar and strength of our salvation.

You need to run to Jesus today and he will destroy the satanic foundations which is causing your suffering today. You are a righteous man because your deeds are good, your heart and your mind is clean but your foundations has been destroyed so what can you do in life? If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? The way to destroy your wasted and evil foundation is prayer.

Pray and send fire and the blood of Jesus into your foundation every time. Prayer is not an event or destination, you must pray everyday at least five times, at least I said, five times. Morning, afternoon, evening, night and dawn. Your whole life must be full of prayer. Let others judge you that you prayer too much but continue praying, in the end the results will be clear. Continue to pray. I have been ridiculed because of prayer. The people of the world because they belong to Satan will have issues when you are prayerful but continue to pray and focus on Jesus.

Let nobody judge you of your prayer just pray. Pray in your closet and pray aloud depending on when you find yourself. You can understand the attitude of prayer when you study, David, Daniel, Jesus and the Apostles. Daniel prayed three times a day. David cried aloud unto God in prayer. Jesus said don’t repeat words in prayer and avoid standing at street corners but enter your closet. He also prayed that his sweat turned blood. The Apostles be went to the Synagogue to pray at the hours of prayer. Follow these great men in prayer and destroy your destroyed foundations to build a new one in Christ Jesus.

God bless you as you read.

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