Quayson Writes : Nyantakyi is a free man- double standards

My law lecturer once told me that in law when we can all see an image to be black yet a good lawyer can argue with good evidences that it is white, the Judge might actually rule in his favour. Sometimes in Law, it’s not what everybody thinks or see but what the evidences points at. In that spirit, I solely agree with the Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo that Kwesi Nyantakyi cannot be prosecuted now for lack of evidence against him although investigations is still undergoing.

Personally I am not a fan of Anas Aremeyaw Anas as I have a bit of a problem with his modus operandi. I have been a number one critick of his methods of investigations and won myself quite some enemies but honestly I careless because every man is entitled to his opinion.

I believe every human being has his privacy and it is not right for whatever reason to film people with secret cameras even if you want to expose a crime especially when you entrap them yourselves.

I have stood with MP for Assin North, Kennedy Agyapong against some of the exposures of Anas Aremeyaw Anas especially when evidences submitted by the honourable MP which we have all seen is that the man himself is not so clean after all. He entraps people and then try to negotiate with you for some amount in order to kill the story. If you don’t agree then the story is leaked out. To me personally I think it is bad journalism and needs to be condemned at any level.

Some of his works have helped to expose many rots in the system which himself calls “Name and Shame”. We saw what he did in the prisons, orphanage, CELPS, DVLA etc which exposed some officials who were corrupt. Well, as much as I have my reservations about those investigative piece I do applaud the effort yet not too settled about whether it is right or wrong.

In as much as his works and international collaboration has helped to expose a lot of vices, it becomes a nine day wonder if systems are not put in place to prevent future occurrences.

In the case of Kwesi Nyantakyi, GFA President, I always knew at the back of my mind that this case was going no where. Yes Nyantakyi himself is implicated in most of his speeches, mentioning the name of the president of Ghana and vice relating them to some bribery scandal. I condemn this thing Nyantakyi did to try to tarnish the image of the president and the vice of the republic in that manner in Dubai but I also have issues with Anas’s entrapment.

My question is why Nyantakyi in particular seeing the great feat he has chocked for Ghana football, FIFA and CAF? I perceive someone just wanted to bring Nyantakyi down because of the level he has got to in football and paid Anas to do that dirty job because he was rising very fast in the football chain and someone wanted him down.

Yes, Ghana football has it own challenges like any other football country in the world but Nyantakyi is the only GFA boss that has taken us thrice to the world cup. He is the only Ghanaian GFA boss that has risen to the rank he got to in FIFA and CAF. FIFA and CAF are global organisation and to have Ghanaian reach that far, I believe he is a shining example and a motivation to all of us as Ghanaians. For whatever reason, why should someone pay Anas to track the man to bring him down from that level he got to?

Now look at the hullabaloo in our football, is it something we want for ourselves as a nation knowing very well that this game employ alot of our youth in this country. Now we have to sit here for FIFA to put in place a normalisation committee for our football. It’s quite sad and I am not happy our football game have to go through this reformation and bad publicity. Why should FIFA be writing letters to our government to be directing them on the affairs of football? I consider it to be very undermining to us as a country.

Anyway I know this article will definitely be one of my controversial ones and will get some bashing for it but I stick to my opinion any day and time regardless. There is something fishy about the investigation done on Nyantakyi in particular and that is my belief. Something doesn’t just seem right and I have always felt in my heart that it will go no where.

The Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo is a respected lawyer and deals with facts and evidences and not what the public is saying. Showing a video that claims someone took $65,000 is not enough evidence to prosecute someone. In the video was every bill counted to ascertain the amount involved truly? If someone is filmed putting money in a polythene bag, does it show bribery in anyway? Who are the witnesses to this bribery apart from the video that can testify in court? Or Anas is the complainant and the video is the witness? It’s just doesn’t add up.

It is not surprising that the whole CID headquarters has not been able to come out with any docket to give to AG for prosecution. I really doubt if they ever will. As to whether the government was right in disbanding certain members of the GFA caught in the video or putting a halt to the organogram of GFA is another thing altogether.

I feel very sorry for Kwesi Nyantakyi and all members that were affected in the footage for the public ridicule and humiliation but will also congratulate Anas if he acted in good spirit without any influence from the enemies of Nyantakyi. I also think that Kwesi Nyantakyi did well by resigning and writing a letter to apologise to the president, vice and Ghanaians generally.

I am of the view also that what Kennedy Agyapong has also revealed about Anas Aremeyaw Anas is also damaging enough and if this is what he does for a living by betraying the innocent for fame and fortune then the law of karma will not let him off easily because I have heard that many judges have been dismissed unfairly and many people have committed suicide because of his works. Recently in Malawi he and his team were almost lynched for this same kind of work.

Investigative Journalism is good if it is meant to correct social rot and expose corrupt officials but not when it meant to ruin people’s families as Anas himself enriches himself out of that same bribery and corruption.

I don’t know anybody affected by Anas work neither am I a football fan, mine is boxing and hockey but I am a concerned citizen of Ghana. The work Anas is doing has the tendency of wrecking the whole nation if not properly controlled by the State.

I as a person for one believe that in order not for him to be so influenced or used as a tool by people’s enemy, he should be institutionalised. That is he should be attached to Ghana Police, EOCO, SFO, BNI or any of the state investigative bodies as I think somewhat his works undermine many of these institutions yet as Kennedy has put it for greedy gains.

Let watch as a country what we accept and embrace as normal because it could be the same tool our enemy can use to destroy us. Rwanda was destroyed by radio journalism and thank God it is being built up but let’s watch it. From what I heard, if the president of Ghana, Akuffo Addo by escape of the wind had not missed Anas twice, he would have bribed him also on camera and we don’t just know yet how the President would have reacted.

Let’s watch it as a country the things we support. Something that is generally accepted and applauded by the majority doesn’t make it right per say. We are in this country when CIA agents paid certain people underground to over throw Nkrumah and today Ghana is like a widow looking for new husband. This Anas as a person can be bought with money to come up with a damaging report about anybody and we cannot tell how the whole nation will respond. If we want to encourage, lets encourage what is good and right as a country.

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