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Quayson Interviews Moxkito

Felix Asadu popularly known in showbiz as Moxkito is a great record producer under the record label Moxflex Entertainment, has over the years being soothing our ears with great melodious tunes and bangers which has caught up with lots of music lovers and given him quite an admirable number of fan base.

Nsemwoha caught up with this great artiste some few days ago in his studios in Awoshie to find out the way forward for his music brand since it has been quite a while since his followers and music lovers heard some new tracks from him although his old songs are enjoying massive air play on radio and itunes etc. The “Can I buy you a drink” hit maker had a lot to say to the Nsemwoha Team (NT), that visited his studios and we feel we should let the world out there hear his message.

NT : Why have we not heard from you for quite a while now?

Mox: Well, I have been around trying to put some parts of my life together by way of business and producing other artists I want to help to come to the limelight. I really love helping people, that has actually being my passion as a young chap. I believe in life you are not the only one with talent so when you identify others you need to help them out too so for now that is what I am doing.

NT : Does it mean you consider yourself an established brand so now you step out to help others?

Mox : Oh, well not exactly so but I believe in life you don’t have to entirely make it completely before you help others. Everywhere you get too as a musician you have others below so you just have to pull them along.

NT : So what are some of the artistes you currently working with?

Mox : Well, I have Tito Lana on my label and producing others like Fishkell, Paddi Biribisey etc, they are quite a lot especially on the production side but on the record label for now its Tito Lana.

NT : That means you are a powerhouse in the entertainment industry?

Mox : Yea, gradually we are getting there.

NT : But how come we have not heard of any of these artistes under your label apart from yourself?

Mox : Tito Lana is on itunes and quite a number of radio stations play his songs but you know Ghana, you have to grease a lot of palms sometimes to get your music played but honestly he is not doing bad with some few singles we have dropped. Tito Lana was supposed to release his album last year but school schedules didn’t make it possible. He schools at KNUST and must come to Accra during vaccation and that’s the only time he gets to record. The others have also done a lot of features even on my tracks. For now I would describe them as underground but don’t worry we will take the country by storm very soon, fingers crossed. Last year I recorded Kwame Angelo’s – “Wobaa Wo Bier“, meaning we sleep here in Ga language. This is a very big song in lighthouse Chapel and was used by Dag Heward-Mills and all lighthouse church branches across the world. So you see we have being working underground.

NT : Are you making money from music?

Mox : Well, God is blessing us. To me music is my passion. I am a rapper, a producer and a beat maker. God gives me what I deserve in all these areas but for now I don’t entirely depend on music. I have other businesses I am running. I recently launched my own delivery service company and pure water production and distribution company called Cherish mineral water which is doing quite well on the market and has infact taken a lot of my time that is why you don’t hear from me much. You know the begining of everything you have to put in your very best that is why. Once it stands firm then you can have time for other stuffs. That is why, not as if I have abandoned music but I am doing this on the side as business to supplement my income so I can invest more into music.

NT : So now can we call you, Musician and businessman or enterpreneur?

Mox : Oh yea sure because that is exactly what I am doing. You know in Ghana today many musicians have made names but it does not tally to their level of success because they depended entirely on music but I don’t just want to depend solely o music for now because I have not fully gotten to that level yet like the already established “A” list artistes like the Sarkodies, Stonebwoys and Shatta Wales and stuff although we will get there soon but I want to do some businesses in addition to the music which I am currently doing.

NT : Its like you are a visionary?

Mox : Oh yea my parents instilled that discipline in me not to put all your eggs in one basket. Although I am succeeding musically, my children cannot inherit my talent tomorrow so I want to build a business empire for them as well.

NT : In terms of music are you working on anything new or now its all about business?

Mox : Oh no, its not all about business. My studio is open everyday as I produce beats and record other artists. I am also coming out with a new hot banger that will take the country by storm called, “Champion baako per” meaning only one champion. It features Fishkell, another great rapper.

NT : That is great, what inspired the song?

Mox : Well, you should know by now that indeed I am a champion from all that I have told you. I am a champion in everything in life, at work, music, in the bedroom (laughing), I mean every area of my life I believe I am a champion. But on a more serious note the concept for my new song “Champion Baako Per” came about when I realised in life some people won’t believe in you but with time they realize that you are the one with the master plan. That is basically what it is about.

NT : The concept for your new song is great, so when is it dropping precisely?

Mox : God willing by the end of this month.

NT : We wish you well though, but any final message to your fans out there?

Mox : Tell my fans to keep on supporting me in prayers and I promise to release one or two songs every month till year ends so the fans should watch out. I thank them so much for the support over the years. I won’t let them down at all. Thank you Nsemwoha for granting me this interview also. God bless us all.

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