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Quaden Bayles, boy with dwarfism is a known trouble maker in his school – Mother of Quaden’s schoolmate reveals [Screenshot]


The debate on whether the viral story of Quaden Bayles, the Australian boy/man suffering from dwarfism whose mum went online with a video of him complaining of Bullying at school just got hotter.

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While the debate is still ongoing as far as questions about his actual age are concerned, a mother who purportedly has a kid attending same school as Quaden Bayles in Australian State of New Queensland has come out with a shocking revelation.

Per her comment under a Facebook post concerning the issue, she disclosed that Quaden Bayles is not as innocent as he and his mother are making the world believe.

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Going into the details she said he and his mother are known trouble makers in the school but plays the victim to get public support.

This kid goes to my kid’s school. He and his mother are well known throughout the school, not for good reasons.

The kid has a bad attitude and constantly teases other kids then cries when the kids give it back to him.

I don’t condone bullying but this kid incites it then has the audacity to b*tch about.

Don’t believe the story.” she wrote

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