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“Protect the humans and you’re now killing them” – Wounded Man Cries out on Lockdown brutality

Nsemwoha have spotted a video of a man crying out after he purportedly suffered brutality under the hands of security personnel deployed to enforce a lockdown order.

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The man, who was obvious wounded and shaken cried out to government, saying the security operatives were brought in to protect human life but they have turned around to kill instead.

“Government, he didn’t say this. Government said you can go out to buy food and come back home. He said you can go to the bank, withdraw money, buy food and come back home, he didn’t say this…Protect the human and you are now killing them” he said pointing to his injuries.

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The president of the republic of Ghana imposed a restriction of Movement order on Accra, Tema, Kasoa and greater Kumasi in an effort to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in Ghana.

But since the order came unto force, there have been videos of security personnel deployed physically abusing people who have been spotted outside the major cities the restriction has been imposed.


Watch the video below