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Prophet Badu Kobi must render an Unqualified Apology to Ghanaian Women – WOFAS

Prophet Badu Kobi

When men of God and preachers mount the pulpit, very much often, they sermonize about salvation and on any other matters that would help congregants to better fit into the communities in which they live.


What we have seen, however, in a video which has since gone viral from Rev. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, founder and leader of Glorious Wave Ministries International, departs sharply from what men of God are known for.

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The man of God, in his preaching, took women of Ashanti origin to the cleaners, describing them as trouble makers, excessively materialistic, self-centred, property-grabbing and greedy. Prophet Badu Kobi, without stretching the imagination, makes the point that Ashanti ladies are not marriage materials and advised his church members, especially the men, against getting involved with them.

“For me to marry an Ashanti woman, lalai! Do you know that when you marry an Ashanti lady, eh, you have imported problems. I have said it. I tell you the truth, I have done a research over the years, an Ashanti woman? No way!”* the prophet said.


As if that was not enough, he went on to insult Fante and Ewe women saying that “Fante ladies are sometimes foolish, but Ashantis, no. Ayigbe (Ewes) women are too much of doormats. But Ashantis, their eyes red (greedy), looking for property, looking for things to carry back”

He also said that he has advised his daughter over the attitude of Ashanti women saying if she is going to marry, she should not act like an Ashanti lady lest she would be driven back home.

Prophet Badu Kobi also asserted that Ashanti women are so disrespectful to their husbands, and we find this to be the height of irresponsibility on his part to be saying this.

We are extremely appalled by a man of God preaching such a stereotypical nomenclature in this era instead of using the pulpit to preach against same.

WOFAS would like to call on the clergy to call this wayward man of God to order.


We also urge gender advocates and activists in the country to rise up against this loathsome conduct of Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

We call on the Nana Oye-Lithurs, Gifty Antis, Naana Opoku Agyemangs, Lydia Forsons and the others in that category to come out and condemn this man in the same manner they dealt with others who made comments tending to dwarf the relevance of women to the background.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, one can safely conclude, has failed, in this instance, to lead the flock of God to safety.

Such misogynistic comments should not be entertained in this country, let alone come from someone who claims to be a man of God.

We demand an unequivocal apology from Badu Kobi to Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women and all Ghanaian women.

Thank you.


Jennifer Oforiwaah Queen (Member)

Annie Akomeah (Member)

Afia Akoto (Member)

Amma Frimpomaa (Member)

Gifty Oware-Aboagye

Nana Afia (Member)