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“Prophecy alone cannot win an election” – Sammy Awuku urges NPP to work towards victory 2020


The National organizer of the New Patriotic party NPP, Sammy Awuku has cautioned his fellow Patriots to not be complacent about the 2020 election because of prophecies pronouncing victory for the NPP.

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Following contradicting prophecies from 4 or more different supposed prophets of God on 31st night regarding who would win the 2020 presidential election, much fuss has been made of the issue.

Both online and offline, some party folks of both NDC and NPP have started singing victory songs based on what the prophets said and which other they believed.

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But Sammy Awuku, Commenting on the developments said as a Christian, he believed firmly that God is never a confused God to reveal contradicting revelations of the future to his prophets.

He further admonished the NPP to focus on working hard towards the victory of 2020 because he was certain that “prophecy alone will not win any political party or candidate an election anywhere in the world especially if the public refrains from the entire electoral process.”.

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He wrote “Over the past 48 hours, I have had the opportunity of watching and listening to several prophecies that were proclaimed on the altar of God during the 31st Watch Night Service of 2019. Some in favour of the NPP and some against the NPP, as far as the outcome of the 2020 General Elections is concerned. 

This has generated alot of debate within the media circle and particularly on social media. As a firm believer of the Christan faith, I very much recognize Prophecies as the eye of the CHURCH, I have learnt over time that, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Daniel has never been a confused God and will NOT blow hot and cold at the same time. This same God will NOT deliver victory and defeat at the same time! 

As National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party, I am certain that prophecy alone will not win any political party or candidate an election anywhere in the world especially if the public refrains from the entire electoral process.

Admittedly, prophecy must be backed by hardwork, determination, discipline and dedication to achieve the needed results, and this is amplified in the Holy Quran 13:11 and Zechariah 4:9. 

Basically, these verses urge us to take the first step in everything and the Good Lord will bless our efforts to achieve the desired results.

To my NPP Patriots, let us not get too swayed and complacent with the many prophecies that predicted an emphatic victory for the NPP in 2020 but instead let it serve as a motivation to move beyond our comfort zone to support the Party and Government to communicate the extraordinary achievements of President Nana Akufo-Addo led administration within the past 3yrs of being in charge of the destiny of our beloved Country. With a Solemn promise, we will do more when given another four(4) year term.

Again, let’s not be infuriated by the few Prophecies that predicted an unexpected outcome for the President and our would be Flagbearer for 2020. It is only meant to test our resolve and determination to achieve another feat. 

As National Organiser and together with my colleagues from National to the Polling Stations, we are prepared to do our part to work hard to rally round our President and provide our government with the needed support to trumpet our significant achievements to the electorates to ensure another BIG VICTORY in 2020. 

As Mr.President recently said, the Best Polls will be on the day of Election. Let’s not give things to chance. 

Let’s be actively involved from the time of registration (if there will be any) through to exhibition, voting , counting and declaration of results. 

We simply cannot trust the alternative especially when he has nothing to fight for in the unlikely event he wins. 

For when he had a second term to fight for as President, he completely dissipated our coffers and offered us no HOPE for the future. How much more when he has no second term to fight for. 

Let’s wake up people ! It is a wake up call to separate; Hope from Hopelessness , Jobs from Joblessness , Joy from Misery, and Competence from Incompetence. 

Let’s make History together and Let’s Maintain to Retain.

I am Sammi Awuku, National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party and I pledge to do my part to achieve the #4MoreToDoMore And #4More4Nana.”

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