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Prankster hospitalized after man beat him to pulp for pranking him


Popular Naswa prankster Nickson Andere, aka Nick Big Fish, has been hospitalized when some angry Kenyans beat him up in a prank gone wrong on Tuesday.

Odds were stacked against him during the filming of his unscripted pranks on unsuspecting Nairobi residents on the streets. Nickson approached a group of well-built men walking by and made fun of their physique.

“I approached them and made a joke to the camera that contrary to public expectations, those guys might not be muscular, but rather fat. I also joked that they were not as strong as they pretended to be Nickson Andere”

To his surprise, the men didn’t take his remarks kindly and pounced on him. His cameraman was forced to flee the scene when he realized things got heated.

Nickson was later taken to hospital where he was attended to by some doctors. He reported that the injuries were not serious and that he was discharged on the same day.

“The injuries were not too serious so they administered first aid and discharged me, but I am set to conduct another hospital visit today on doctor’s orders.”

The prankster has revealed that he would not press any charges against the attackers as that was the risk that came with his job. He also revealed that he received some text messages and calls from people believed to be the attackers apologizing over the incident.

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