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Politicians to swear by NOGOKPO and ANTOA gods before taking office?

Ghana officially recognizes three religions, Christianity, Islam and Traditional religions. State officials and other politicians are made to swear by either the Bible or the Quran depending on the religion he/she belongs to.

Some members of the public have raised concerns on the inability of the Christian God and the Muslim God (Allah) to stop these politicians from going ahead to embezzle and squander public funds. They argue that the judgement of God and Allah is not swift or they are too forgiving which has given the politicians the impetus and leeway to connive, loot and share state funds with impunity. Funds which are more than enough to support social intervention programs, help alleviate poverty and improve the living standards of millions of Ghanaians end up in the pockets of few corrupt officials.

They (public) are therefore calling for politicians and other public officials to be sworn into office by priests of NOGOKPO and ANTOA, gods known locally to apply swift and sure justice to perpetrators of deeds deemed to be unfair or contradict agreements when complaints are lodged at their shrines. The practice they say may be the only way to curb corruption in the country which will consequently ensure that resources meant for projects are put to use in that regard.

Find below some of the comments people are making

Source: Nsemwoha.com

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