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“Police killing of four, similar to the brutal killing of Major Mahama” – Mustapha Hameed

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Recent killings by the police of 7 people purported by the police to be armed robbers at Anwiankwanta near Kumasi has caused public outrage over the manner in which the police gunned down the suspected robbers. One of such views is by Mustapha Hameed, a popular politician, a member of the ruling NPP and a well known figure on social media.

Mustapha Writes;

“The death, or the murder of the four gentlemen has all the trappings similar to the brutal killing of Major Mahama.

In the case of Major Mahama, the people of Deniyira Obuase had complained of incessant robbery attacks, so when a village folk spotted the slain soldier, he alerted the entire village that he’s seen someone whom he believed took part in one of the robberies. The mob gathered, and the innocent soldier was lynched to his unfortunate death.

Similarly as it may seem, some five days ago, a gang of robbers, attacked this town and in the ensuing confrontation, two policemen were shot, one died unfortunately, and the other sustained serious gunshot wounds. The police anti-robbery squad from the regional police command was deployed to the area. The inhabitants of the town were on high alert, everyone was a suspect.

So when a village folk saw these gentlemen in their car, he was so convinced that they were robbers and even more sure that they were the same gang that had some few days earlier attacked the bus, killing the policeman in the process.

So what did this village folk do? He quickly alerted the anti-robbery squad, gave them a full description of the vehicle the young men were driving so no sooner had they (the police anti-robbery squad) sighted them, than they opened live fire killing all of them instantly, all based on the bogus intelligence from this village folk.

Situation is so similar, same story line just different actors. In place of Major Adams Mahama are these innocent young men and the mob that did the lynching here are the police themselves. The only missing element here is the national outrage. These are Zongo boys, their lives don’t seem to matter. Nobody seems to care even though there are 7 of them. Who’d have cared anyways even if they numbered a thousand all slain and slaughtered in flash. These are just some Zongo boys, they do not identify with the elite, they do not dine with the high and mighty, their lives do not matter, their death in the eyes of the public is as irrelevant as their lives. Who then cares if they’re slaughtered like chicken? Who expects a public outrage? Whence the uproar cometh?

The narrative from the police is as denigrating on the souls of these young men as it is on our collective conscience and remains indelible scar on the general conscience of the nation.

The narrative makes the killings retributive murders, one that was executed with the greatest of spite and malice. Nothing, absolutely nothing of that narrative makes sense:

1. That the young men robbed the town last week, killing a policeman in the process and with the police and the nation on high alert, would even think of going back in less than a week.

2. That they had those sophisticated weapons on them, engaged the police in open fire exchanges, yet, not a single police officer sustained a bruise.

Even more evil, outrageously heinous and turgidly flagitious is the act of planting those weapons on them as weapons they carried. Even in their death, they could still desecrate their bodies with such despicable lies and wanton disrespect.

Not that there’s ever gonna be any justice, they’re Zongo boys of course, they weren’t lunched by a mob, they’re murdered by the police. The very people that are paid to protect them.

These young men were our brothers, they were never armed robbers. They were murdered by the police based on a wrong tip-off and it’ll be honorable on the part of the police to admit they acted based on wrong information just like the mob that lynched Major Mahama. They must admit the were wrong, take steps to do what is right and the leadership ensure the families and the Zongo community in its entirety is served justice.”

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