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Peter Awuku Writes: DCOP Dampare – A good policeman who deserves his accolades. Here’s why

Let me give some accolades to my good friend, mentor and brother, COP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare (Ph.D) of Ghana Police Service. This fine, dedicated and disciplined police officer needs to be celebrated. In fact, the Ghana Police Service needs to be celebrated because there are still good police officers in the service doing wonders with “Service with Integrity.” While we condemn the bad and rotten nuts, we shouldn’t forget about the good ones, no matter how few they are, and bundle them with the judases of the service.

The first time I met him was during President Kufuor days when we both were part of the Inter-Ministerial Task force to assess the flooding in the 3 Regions caused by torrential rain and worsened by the opening of the Bagry Dam by Burkina Faso. I was with the media and he was with the Ministry of the Interior team. I didn’t know who he was because he was in mufti, simply dressed with a cute jacket. I thought he was one of the technocrats at the ministry but, one striking thing about him, was that, his demeanour was completely different. I could see this was a man who could not easily be pushed aside. He was not looking like “yes sir master” type of ‘civil servant’.

My first impression was that this man looked different. I ended up labelling him “too known” man in my head. It was later I got to know he was a police officer. He was then a Superintendent of Police and a PhD holder. Back from the assignment, I was asked to handle the Tema Region and office the Daily Guide. On my way to the office driving on the motorway, I saw a police team in an operation on the motorway.

As a newsman, I quickly stopped only to discover Dr. Dampare in the tick of affairs arresting indisciplined motorists who were flouting the traffic laws. He was assigned by his superiors to do that and his scope of work was to arrest indisciplined motorists. Indiscipline on our roads has no political party colours and social stata. He arrested ordinary trotro drivers to business tycoons to Members of Parliament.

The commotion on the motorway was fantastic. Of course, I scoped all the media houses. I was so impressed with this man. All those arrested were booked for the immediately. Discipline on the motorway was restored. Unfortunately, the exercise could not be continued because the man assigned to do that job refused to continue. His decision to stop was because of one of Ghana’s problems, “whom you know.” There was so much pressure on him to leave out MPs, politicians and big men and just concentrate on poor trotro drivers. He said “arrest all and prosecute all” or “if set one free, you set all free.” I devoted my weekly column in Daily Guide “On My Agenda” to this bold officer, non-nonsense man.

This is a man who would not succumb to any political pressure. Within a very short period as a Supol, he has risen to the highest office in the police service. As a Commissioner, he’s like a full General in the army. That’s the wish of every police officer or soldier.

He has been moved around in many musical chair kind of police reshuffle but wherever he’s sent, he’s like the proverbial Biblical candle, whose light cannot be hidden. These are the men who needs to be celebrated. Happy Easter to you all, drive safe.

Source: Written by Wisdom Peter Awuku/For nsemwoha.com