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Paul Kagame exposes hypocritical US and Europe – “They didn’t care when millions were being killed and Rwanda was poor” [Watch]


Rwandan president, Paul Kagame has taken a dig at the United States and Europe who have been calling him a dictator for allegedly stifling political opposition in Rwanda.

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President Paul Kagame who was being interviewed on France24’s talking Europe program said the United states and Europe were responsible and/or associated with acts of genocide in his country in 1992 but have relegated their complicity which amounts to the severest form of human rights abuse.

In response to a question by the interviewer on the purported jailing of opposition politicians, and human rights abuse allegations, Kagame said:

“.….Infact it is like even the tragic situation of 1994 isn’t even considered a violation of human rights. It has now gone into the background, those who were responsible for it, those who were associated with it are now talking about something else.

According to them, the situation in Rwanda is that of human rights violation, even more than that tragic situation

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He went on to say ” These are human rights, development, schools, education, health and food security. The level of poverty [in Rwanda] has reduced by almost 60%….”

He further accused Europe of abusing human rights in the migrant situation in the Mediterranean sea.

Rwanda has become the model of a fast growing economy and rapid development in Africa and the world at large under the leadership of Paul Kagame.


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