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Pastors who preach on the streets at dawn are simply stupid – Sister Debby fires

Ghanaian female celebrity, Deborah Vanessa has branded pastors who make it their duty to spread the gospel with megaphones at dawn in the neighborhoods as beign plainly stupid.


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The songstress made this remark when she was reacting to a tweet by one of Ghana’s finest spoken word artists, Mutombo Da Poet on a similar issue. Mutombo, in his tweet, wondered why someone would wake up at 4:00 AM to share the word of God with people who are still sleeping.

He tweeted: “I don’t know why someone will carry a megaphone at 4am, put it on blast and say they are sharing the word of god when people are sleeping. It really does NOT make sense to me. At all!”

Replying to the tweet, the “Uncle Obama” hit maker also wondered why someone would claim to be preaching good whiles doing bad by disturbing other people’s peace. The only answer she could lay a hand on was that, these pastors are simply stupid.


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She wrote: “How can one be preaching ‘good’ while doing bad; disturbing people’s peace. They are stupid.”

In the last couple of years, Africans have been waking up from their long religious slumber. People now openly criticize religion and its followers without fear of victimization.

The likes of King Tornado, Yvonne Nelson, Efia Odo, Mzbel, Mutombo Da Poet, Wanluv, Fuse ODG who burnt the Jesus portrait last week, among a host of other celebrities have been manning up against religious manipulations lately.